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After nine months of negotiating with the  leaders of the state of Israel - the Lord has decided to renew his work on online plebiscite to disolve the nation of Israel. The new thing - Internet - has made possible to further democratize this process through giving final decision into hands of global community.

In the coming days a voting system will be launched and everybody having access to Internet will be able to participate in this free and democratic process of dissolving the nation of Israel.

The final act that is going to be issued and delivered during course of this plebiscite have many serious consequences not only for Israeli but for whole Jewish community. Including, but not limited, to political, military and economical ones. Also Judaic Foundations will be affected, as they will lose protection of the Lord.

The state of Israel is not able to block this plebiscite through assasination attemps or imprisonment, as both would make this ordeal to depart - in even worse terms - forever, without right to return one day.

The internet sabotage of this plebiscite would only bring immediately dissolvement and delivery of the Final Act. It is only mercy of the Lord that he want to consult his decision with the people.

Truly yours,
the Lord

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