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Witkacy Birthday

"Sport of record will not reborn anything, will only make stupid this ones, that dancing, cinema and mechanical work did not made stupid yet."
While I am spending yet another year in same barrel of fun that my grandfather did, I am like he not happy from the reality that surrounded us. I have no reason to laugh. On 24 February it will be more that hundred anniversary of his birthday but i think this day was never celebrated, as it shall be. Whatever in II Commonwealth of Poland, communist occupation or now, this day is just on the margin of events. Far from the mainstream, hidden just, as I am. Hidden in the barrel of fun.

The national Resurrection of which our Uncle Karol Wojtyla has craved has never come and instead of our Saski Palace we can enjoy JP2 cross standing there. Standing like knife that some invisible hand has put there forever. Like famous V that Nazi has put exactly in same place when they was ruling in Warschau.

Together with our Uncle departure, the earth has been enveloped by darkness and the memory of this great Jewish Artist, that was like Star of David illuminating tragedy of his people, seems to be fading off. But who cares in this Aryan world? No, do not look at Israel, they are only shadows of his companions. Shadows that does not dream of anything else but to bury he and his works and plays. Bury this scaring ghost of the past, forever.

Still I do not lose hope, that this national Resurrection will one day became the reality and that is why I call on you all, that for whatever reasons, respect to his works, his and his people tragedy or just true faith, whatever Christian, Judaic or Islamic, to not forget to mark the Creator birthday. Even in symbolic way, through Internet, a force that was supposed to change this world.

Please visit Witkacy birthday page and join us on your favorite social network. If you have idea how we all can mark this unusual and special birthday, please share it with us and leave a comment. Please, do not forget to invite others. Do not miss Witkacy birthday, join us now and invite your friends...

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