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After nine months of negotiating with the  leaders of the state of Israel - the Lord has decided to renew his work on online plebiscite to disolve the nation of Israel. The new thing - Internet - has made possible to further democratize this process through giving final decision into hands of global community.

In the coming days a voting system will be launched and everybody having access to Internet will be able to participate in this free and democratic process of dissolving the nation of Israel.

The final act that is going to be issued and delivered during course of this plebiscite have many serious consequences not only for Israeli but for whole Jewish community. Including, but not limited, to political, military and economical ones. Also Judaic Foundations will be affected, as they will lose protection of the Lord.

The state of Israel is not able to block this plebiscite through assasination attemps or imprisonment, as both would make this ordeal to depart - in even worse terms - forever, without right to return one day.

The internet sabotage of this plebiscite would only bring immediately dissolvement and delivery of the Final Act. It is only mercy of the Lord that he want to consult his decision with the people.

Truly yours,
the Lord

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Menachem heart failure

„Nation, that loses memory, stop to beign the Nation - it becomes only a congregation of persons that temporarly are occuping given territory."
Józef Klemens Piłsudski,
the Uncle
While I was walking on our shrine to light symbolic candle on the occassion of 20th anniversary of Menachem Begin heart failure, i was thinking of this old words that my uncle made just few years before the Holocaust. For God Chosen People, for nation of Israel, it is maybe yet not so bad, as the memory is still alive but is it well? What to say about the nation that does not remember of their own foundingh fathers? Is not such a nation just like a human that has completely forgotten letters of alphabet?

While walking and thinking i has spoted two russian soldiers talking, hidden in bush near neighboring school. When they spoted me, one has said 'Duma'; what translated means 'He is thinking'. Yes, i was thinking if they was not maybe like my grandfather colleagues Eisenhower and Kennedy. For sure they did not wanted to be NKVD machines. I passed them...

When i come to the place, to the shrine, i meet nobody there. Looking at closed gates I was thinking about this emptiness that surrounded me. In silence i had lighted my lite candle just under closed gate. You could not guess who was holding a key to it.

There was nobody, nethier from Israel, nor from Likud, that Mietek Biegun has founded. Admittedly they has sent some party's delegation but thanks God they did not arrived. They was meet by sounds of sirens. With such idea to commemorate this 20'th anniversary and with such unusual guide, i could not wonder.

We was alone. I, uncle Mietek and souls of more that 45 000 Belgian Jews exterminated by Nazi during the Shoah. Closed into emerald case. Isolated and distilled. In complete separation from the behemoth that Israel has changed. Surrounded by void and silence, was giving very sad but honest picture of the state of Israel itself. Vaguely enlightened by flame of my lite candle. 

I was not surprised. Menachem Begin was different from most of his Likud comrades. Was shielding my father when i had come on this earth, in hardest years of Soviet occupation. And while, under border line pressure, he has finally gave up his chess game with Zbigniew Brzezinski, I could understand him. The Soviet Union has realy colapsed because of this cause...

He was fundamentally different, understanding how flawed Theodore Herzl teachings was and looking for another way. He like others of my apostles was sharing different that Topaz dream. Wojtyla dream of national resurrection. Truly Tolkien's dream of Return of the King. A dream that some force has shattered so deeply...

And so nobody should be shoked that 20 years after this turning point in history, terrible truth of him and cause of his death, together with attitiude and bearing of his comrades is frozing hearths not only in Israel but all over the world. Observing and listening to our radio transmission, on next day people of Slovakia has decided to turn back to the socialist party. Will they be anyhow better? Living in socialist Belgium since almost year, I realy doubt...


Witkacy Birthday

"Sport of record will not reborn anything, will only make stupid this ones, that dancing, cinema and mechanical work did not made stupid yet."
While I am spending yet another year in same barrel of fun that my grandfather did, I am like he not happy from the reality that surrounded us. I have no reason to laugh. On 24 February it will be more that hundred anniversary of his birthday but i think this day was never celebrated, as it shall be. Whatever in II Commonwealth of Poland, communist occupation or now, this day is just on the margin of events. Far from the mainstream, hidden just, as I am. Hidden in the barrel of fun.

The national Resurrection of which our Uncle Karol Wojtyla has craved has never come and instead of our Saski Palace we can enjoy JP2 cross standing there. Standing like knife that some invisible hand has put there forever. Like famous V that Nazi has put exactly in same place when they was ruling in Warschau.

Together with our Uncle departure, the earth has been enveloped by darkness and the memory of this great Jewish Artist, that was like Star of David illuminating tragedy of his people, seems to be fading off. But who cares in this Aryan world? No, do not look at Israel, they are only shadows of his companions. Shadows that does not dream of anything else but to bury he and his works and plays. Bury this scaring ghost of the past, forever.

Still I do not lose hope, that this national Resurrection will one day became the reality and that is why I call on you all, that for whatever reasons, respect to his works, his and his people tragedy or just true faith, whatever Christian, Judaic or Islamic, to not forget to mark the Creator birthday. Even in symbolic way, through Internet, a force that was supposed to change this world.

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