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Through Stanislaw eyes

"Bolshevism is a disease which is peculiar to Russia. It will never grow deep roots in any countries which are not entirely Russian.

The whole base of its teaching is class vengeance. The ideal of Socialism is complete equality in rights and in laws, but Bolshevism aims at something else. It aims at overthrowing the old regime; its principal plan is the rule of the proletariat, and the oppression of those under whom it has lived hitherto..."
Jozef Klemens Pilsudski,
Stryj (The Uncle)
After painting you fundamental differences between Protestant Reformation and Jessuit heresy and similar one, between National Socialism and Social Democracy i want to invite you to take a look at Poland through my grandfather eyes. Eyes of polish nobleman that was leading Allied forces to final victory in May 1945, to later be sent to Stalin Poland.

His not so famous book 'The Rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet Agression' gives you unique oportunity to look on our land from unusual perspective. While doing so, you will discover that modern Poland is no different from this one he and mankind had enjoyed in time of worst opression. Under terror of Jozef Stalin. Maybe even worse, as thier standard products, are now left completly without supervision of humans.

It is so because polish political stage is just straight continuation of Patriotic Movement for National Rebirth. It is not only visible through thier words and acts but also on faces, as many of them are Stalinic versions of me = having same mole we have but like in mirror, thanks to eugenics, on opposite side of face. While such Jessuits creatures, are know to us, at least since partitioning of Commowelath of Both People, now something worse has happened to my country.

Country, that just like my family is already devastated one, as more that 4 000 000 of my people has been slain by our Ubermenschens in Shoah. We can say that what we have now in Poland is just almost complete realisation of Stalin vision of world without God. It means, that when it comes to political, religious and cultural elite, it is hard if not impossible, to find any homo sapiens there.

Only homo novis, so called "citizens"; are there. Orginal Poles, often noblish one, are on margin, serving thier Aryan masters. Poland nowdays is real Aryan aparthaid. It is just status quo that is very hard to deny.  And it is something that you can spot whatever looking at Right or Left side of Polish stage. On the top you will even see, same deformed faces, dehumanized completly keeping mainkaid under same Stalin or just Nazi terror, opression, using same methods and ideology.

Now, look at your Republican candidates, listen to their words. Do you see it, dear American people? It is PRON = 100% Aryan...


Pattern of Soviet Aggression

A raging question in Poland has become, "How long will it take them to communize us completely?"

To my mind, however, the question is badly framed. I am convinced that human beings cannot be converted to communism if that conversion is attempted while the country concerned is under Communist rule. Under Communist dictatorship the majority become slaves-- but men born in freedom, though they may be coerced, can never be convinced. Communism is an evil which is embraced only by fools and idealists not under the actual heel of such rule.

The question should be phrased: How long can a nation under Communist rule survive the erosion of its soul?

Never before in history has there been such an organized attempt to demoralize men and whole nations as has been made in Communist-dominated countries. People there are forced to lie in order to go on living; to hate instead of to love; to denounce their own patriots and natural leaders and their own ideas. The outside world is deceived by Communist misuse of the organs of true democracy, true patriotism--even, when necessary, true Christianity.

Who rules Poland today, and by what means? The answer is as complex as the nature of communism itself.

The pattern of Communist rule in Poland goes back to 1939, when Molotov and Ribbentrop agreed to partition my country. After stabbing Poland in the back while Hitler was engaging the Polish Army in the west, the Communists established their iron rule in the cast of Poland. This de facto rule was tacitly recognized in the conference rooms of Teheran and Yalta.

Therefore it is important to recognize the real aims of the Communist, his methods, the pattern of Soviet aggression.

By October, 1947, the month in which I began my flight to freedom, the Communists ruled Poland through secret groups, open groups, Security Police--including special Communist units called the Ormo, the military, the Army, Special Commissions, and Soviet-patterned National Councils. A million well-armed men were being used to subjugate 23,000,000.
Control of all top commands was--and remains--completely in the hands of Russians. Their orders, even some of the more savage ones, were and are now being carried out by Poles. These Poles are either Communists or men of essentially good heart whose spirit has at long last snapped. They are mainly chosen from among the 1,500,000 Poles transferred by Stalin to Russia in 1939. Stalin has "prepared" them thoroughly for their work.

The American reader who scans these words while sitting comfortably in a strong, free country may wonder at many aspects of Poland's debasement. He may wonder why the nation did not revolt against the Communistic minority which has enslaved it. On the other hand, he may wonder why Russia needed two and a half years to impose its rule. Or why Russia went to the trouble of camouflaging its aggression during much of that period.

But the Communist minority has gained absolute control simply because it alone possessed modern arms. History reveals instances where a mob of a hundred thousand, armed with little more than rocks and fists, has overcome despotic rule by one assault on a key city or sector. Today is another day.

If the despot owns several armored cars, or even a modest number of machine guns, he can rule. The technology of terror has risen far beyond the simple vehemence of a naked crowd.

We in Poland fell--for this reason and for many others. We fell even before the war had ended because we were sacrificed by our allies, the United States and Great Britain. We fell because we became isolated from the Western world, for the Russian zone of Germany lay to our west, and Russia leaned heavily on the door to the east. In the morbid suspicions of the Kremlin, the plains of Poland had become a smooth highway over which the armor of the west might someday roll.

Thus, much of our nation must be incorporated into the USSR, and the rest must be made to produce cannon fodder to resist such an advance. We fell because the Russians had permitted--indeed, they encouraged--the Germans to destroy Warsaw. In the average European country the capital remains heart, soul, and source of the nation's spirit. Our capital was murderously crushed; its wreckage became not alone the wreckage of a city but the debris of a nation.

We fell because while so many of our best youths were dying while fighting with the Allies, so many of the people who knew the dream of independence were slaughtered and so many who constituted the backbone of our economy were herded like cattle into Germany or Russia. We fell because Russia stripped us of our industrial and agricultural wealth, calling it "war booty."

We lasted two and a half years because we were the largest nation being ground down to fragments behind the Iron Curtain. We held out because we are a romantic people who can endure much if the prospect of liberty remains on the horizon. We lasted because the deeply ingrained religion of the country brought solace and hope. We existed because, through centuries of hardship, we have learned to fend, to recognize the tactics of terror and propaganda.

We held out because the Poles have loathed the concept of communism since it first showed its head, and because the strong-armed bands of communism--strong as they were--were still not huge enough to blanket all the scattered farm lands which make up so much of Poland. The sparks of freedom flicker and sparkle through the length and breadth of agricultural Poland, fanned by priests and members of the intelligentsia who hide with the simple peasants when the horrors of life in the cities become too great to bear.

Russia carefully camouflaged its actions in Poland for much of two and a half years, because it wished to make certain that the Americans and British would again disarm and drop back to their traditional torpor of peace. The Reds took into consideration Poland's status as an ally, not in any humane way, but with an eye to the possibility that if they raped us too abruptly, the West might remain armed and thus complicate the job of grabbing another country.

The Western mind may find it hard to comprehend rule by a fanatic handful. Yet such rule is a fact, both in Poland and elsewhere in eastern Europe.

After the fixed elections of January, 1947, the Communist Party was itself a party subjected to purge. Its size in Warsaw, for example, was cut from 40,000 to 24,000. This murderous group no longer had to wear the cloak of democracy, shielding itself as the "Polish Workers Party"; "window dressing" became superfluous, as well as the people who filled the windows.

The Western mind may find difficulty, too, in reconciling the facts about Poland's rule with the apparent enthusiasm of the vast mobs one sees at Communist rallies, grouped around the speaking platforms of tirading, frenzied leaders. It must be remembered, however, that these mobs have been commanded to gather. A worker who does not obey the command of the NKVD's "adviser" in each plant--to appear at a given place and time--is dismissed, and his dismissal means personal catastrophe.

For he and his family cannot find work, cannot have a food-ration card, and cannot have housing for himself and his loved ones, if he does not yield. The newsreel cameras, whose film reaches the free countries, never show the empty side streets, can never film--at close range--the gaunt faces in the marching mobs. "I have never seen so many thoroughly unhappy people marching," Cavendish Bentinck whispered to me the day the Warsaw people were commanded to file past the reviewing stand in honor of Tito's visit.

Will Communist control eventually spread itself thin and snap, as did the military rule of Adolf Hitler? I wondered about this, too, in the dark hours of my struggle before I left Poland. The answer appears to be an emphatic no. Hitler attempted both to rule and to administer with Germans; Stalin rules with key Russians in control positions and administers with traitorous, corrupt, or weak nationals of the country to be ruled.

In Russia today men and women of every nation are now being trained and schooled for the day when they will return to their native lands, which they know so intimately, to rule under direct command from Moscow. Stalin trains Frenchmen to rule France, Italians to rule Italy, Englishmen to rule England, Latins to rule the Latin countries, Japanese to rule Japan, Chinese to rule China, Indians to rule India, blacks to rule blacks, and Americans to rule America. . . .

For Stalin, an evil genius, is more grimly efficient than any other tyrant in history. And he intends to conquer the world.


When my gradnfather was writing this words, Eastern Hemisphere was fully in hands of most brutal Aryan's Jozef Stalin and Mao Tze Tung, thus ussing word 'communism' was realy in place. In meantime Non aligned movemed has been formed, to give a space for socialism with human face, while the opression stayed in place together with Iron Curtein, it only differated in scale and intesity. For a moment, East has been again in human hands, as both Stalin and Mao has come to Bet Horon for thier authographs. This book, kind of Comunism Bible, was and will be, our beast weapon again such tyrans and inspiration for many free thinkers.  Whatever at West or East. So, go to bookstore, and check it now. Take a look, deep look on Poland...

And if you will want an autograph, you can find me somwhere on streets of Brussels. But do not forget your copy, and please, first read it and think. People, think...

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