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4 armored au mort

"Well, then," he said, "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God."

When my father, Janek, was blustering, as for state criminal and nobleman befitted, in the PRL, in same time Soviet Television was broadcasting famous '4 armored and dog' series. Now, 20 years after fall of Berlin Wall, life has writen a sequel to this famous war story. This time the role of 4 armored is played by our 'Black Russians', namely Archibishop Kirill, Tzar Medvedev, Colonel Putin and shadow figure on Russian political stage, speaker of Federal Russian Asembly Sergie Mironov. Twin brother of our Eastern Anti-Christ

I? I am this time playing role of dog. Just like mankind, downtronded, beaten by 'political-educative' officers of Polish Army and howling under the fence of our Isreali prince's. Well, such treatment, while can be shocking for people, is nothing new for me, as Bolshevik propaganda was painting me like a dog, since Miracle at Vistual River in 1920. This time however, everybody in Russia see their original Coat of Arms. With two headed eagle, like brothers Romanov and Radziwill. It is so visible, that it is quite impossible to eradicate God's truth from the people minds and hearts. Something for what also Jozef Stalin and Mao Tzetung was aiming. Something for what Russian elite seems to be dreaming, again.
Thus, this tank 'Rudy 102' is same one in which mankind was taking their quest to liberate Berlin. And, as in times of my father, this tank was and is remaining maybe most signifant symbol for Non Aligned Movement. A noble intiative that has been created to counter Bolshevik ideology and save mankind from another Holocaust. Kind of bastion of mankind placed in very heart of Soviet Empire, at Jewish Judah. This has also not changed and both Bolshevik and NATO forces has felt it. On the last night of February, when in our ghetto mankind was defending their insane sturm, through whole night. Maybe, as intensive, as never before. For locals, it has reminiscent of Champ de Mars, as again our united Ubermenschen was trying to bring us to the Mars. Well, almost united, as Sigmund Freud seems to be breaking their ranks...

On the next day, Kremling has announced a new name for police forces. Thanks God and the people, the product has not been delivered. Otherwise, this new Russian police, so much in the spirit of Stalin NKVD would then start a new wave of Shoah. Trying to remove the truth, to replace it by fakes. By the usual teutonic irony, in same time Polish Television has started to broadcast new tv serie. The '1920. Milosc i Wojna' ('Love and War'), a story of three brave polish officers 'Wronek, Vladimir and ... Jozef Rausmussen' fighting against Bolsheviks. Well, Pilsudski has survived thier plot, so will be commenting each week of progress in thier fight for 'independence'...
It would be nice gesture, that polish authorities has decided to make such a rare tv series, as through 70 years Pilsudski name has almost not appeared in public medias. Soviet autherities, especialy during Stalin reign, was always fighting with the memory of our family, trying to eradicate it completly. And even after fall of Berlin Wall, Pilsudski was still absent in the media, with the only exception of dark propaganda 'Coup de etat' made in 1981. Therefore "Milosz i wojna' would be great gesture, if polish authorities would not first martyred Pilsudski family, then was counting and undertaken Teutonic crusade for his crucifixation. Legendary heriter has survived however and this TV Serie has thus changed in real suicidal missile for Civic Platform (former Militia Obywatelska). Launched just before elections, or rather electoral pharsa made in style of Soviet'85.

1920. War and love

"1920. War and love" is new historical thirrel made by Polich Television. It is first tv series that is describing one of most important periods in the history of Poland.

Action starts in 1918 in chaos overtaken Russia, where we meet main characters - Bronek, Władek i Józef.

In rare moments on polish screen, from time to time, appears Marshal Piłsudski. While our patriotic trio have one common enemy: Russian Aleksander Sribielnikow, Bolshevik Commisioner. His father is since decades a station master at Dabrówka, that after 1918 is included into Commowealth of Poland. Ambiguity of Sribielnikow, our balck character is strenghtened by sacares on his eyebrown and right ear.

Why then Russian Federation is undertaking such suicidal moves, repeating old W.R.N tactics that has lead them two times to crash (during Nicolaus II rein and later Soviet Union) ? In old times we was saying that Poles are wise after harm, while observing the situation it is much more correct to say nowdays that Poles are before and after harm stupid. When i was yesterday listening to Gorbachev hardly criticising both Putin and Medvedev, i could say, look it is Russians that are wiser after harm.

Gorbachev czech bond has leaded them to crash, so painfull one for me personaly but this time it is he that is criticising our Russian leaders and he is right like hell. After fall of soviet union, it is our 'improved' Aryans that has gained, not only in sphere of politics, creating dangerous 'rotting monopoly' but also in field that was once forbriden for them. In Russian Orthodox Church.Therefore, with Anglicanism overtaking Protestant faith and his brother on top of Catholic Church they has also monopolised Christian faith turning it against the God, therefore poisoning by blashemy that was knew also in Biblical times, as cult of Ball or cult of Moloch. And the people see this, turning back maybe not from faiths of thier fathers but from the religion in general. From Christianity in particural. Revelation!!!

It is something that also in past Tzar Nicolaus II has tried to induce on Russian Orthodox Church. And while Medvedv in his pride has rebuffed Gorbachev warning about repeat of Egyptian scenario in Russia, the history teaches us that it is real possibility. Russians are Slavic and such Teutonic heresy is and will be heating thier souls and minds, as once bastard Stalin was doing. And while our rulers see, as once Tzar, me and the truth of God, as the source of thier falling popularity and are correctly again pointing at Ural, the truth is that this Spring of the People is something that they are not able to stop. It will come to Old Continent, it will change it and it will come also to Russia. It is only matter of time. And whatever they do, they will be not able to stop this process. They was joking that it is Islamic Aweking. It was suposed to be mockery from faithfulls. But it truned to be real awaking. People see and understand situation. Things needs to change, not only in Poland...

If peoples of Russian Federation will not see humans in power, at priori in once Orthodox Church but also at Kremlin, they will be fading away from regime, as they was doing during Nicolaus II and in last years of the Soviet Union. As also there mankind has been throwed back on the maring of spiritual and political life And what thier rulers are doing is just pure madness. Signing Russian Anthem and looking on the emblem, we all on both sides of Bug was dreaming about noble and foremost slavic Russia from distant past. Not aroggant Teutonic monster that they are these days. Monster on feet of clay...

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