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Triumph des Gillens

"Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just"

U.S. National Anthem
While in Free City Brussels our Prime Minister is experiencing true Warsaw like uprising, our legendary Radiostation Blyskawica (Thunderbolt) has warmed hearts in neighboring Hamburg. The Merkel drvien CDU has felt it yesterday when they has scored worst elections result in post war history. The Germans, as others nations also have enough of our Ubermenschens and has preffered to choose more humane leaders, awaiting true Mickiewicz like Spring of the Peoples. Thus eugenic CDU has scored just 20%.

However, thier electorat could be shocked by French arms of Socialist Party and my ‘sister’ Israeli Tzipin Livini, when they could just discover that it is Merkel that was going to triumph. Yes, it is mirracle of eugeny: Merkel has lost but our Parisian Angela was triumphing. In old style of Triumph des Willes. Or rather Triumph des GILles. What for sure, was not for what people of Hamburg was counting when casting their votes on SPD party.

When on Twitter i was informing you about Tusk opening Reichbhann in Estonia, i was even not thinking that again they will use childrens for thier insane antisemitic campaign. But just today, you was informed about fire in Estonian house that has claimed life of 10 childrens. The problem is that our observes has spoted something completly different. Yes, it was again Benedictus Hitler Jugend with thier children sacrificing. And again Tusk has almost, received flowers from childrens.

Estonia calls for nationwide mourning

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves announced a nationwide day of mourning following the tragic fire incident at western city of Haapsalu on Sunday.

Some 10 disabled children were killed when a fire started in a one-story wooden building in the western town Haapsalu in Estonia, prompting the government to call an emergency meeting on Monday.

Hitler Youth Rally - Triumph of the Will
envoyé par brharrow. - Les dernières bandes annonces en ligne.

Read more lies:

Yes, again Hitler Jugend. Moreover, thanks to thier usual Teutonic pride, i meet thier executioners personaly.  They was sure that they will triumph today and they has just come on the bulwark in an usual trio. Every of them having this same mark of the beast. This models was mix of Herman Goering and also Rudy. Same that Prime Minsiter Yves Letreme. This one done from my brother Prince Michal Radziwill 'Rudy'. With the characterisitcal mole not in the middle of the eye, as Goering models have but moved more to the edge of face.

After exchanging usual greetings, they has passed and soon the ambulance has come,  but thanks God did not stoped, so i did not shared fate of Michal beign turned into Ivory Soap. Soap that would then be used to wash hands of this bastards and soaping your eyes. What was interesting is that they did not had usual Wermaht uniforms of 12th Panzer Division, while they has marched just like on one of stage of Triumph des Willens, to the nute of Nibelungenmarsch with  thier Rudy SS Haupsturmfurher carring Blutfahne, but that they was Polish Army soldiers that i meet on the bullwark.

Yes, it is Civic Platform that is executing kids at night in the heart of Brussels. Then they are claiming, as Tusk grandfather was doing, that i am  louring kids by giving candies. In usual to Nazi way, defaming me and true belivers while it is just Nazi Arbeit, done by them to produce number of bodies. Worst of kind, as with the children's beign sacrificed. I was writing about this issue many times, in both Benedictus liturgy and description of Dante Inferno but i see i need to do it again. This units does not have anything common with true faith, they are just Nazi arbeiters that are defaming me and other true belivers.

I must say, that in times of my grandfather, in II Commonwealth of Poland, Adolf Hitler and Jozef Stalin was also trying to use childrens against us. But in difference to Letreme Belgium  during Sanation reign, instead of shooting to young kids, the police force was  intervening. Why it is not happening here? I do not know, maybe Leterme has found some answer inside of one of 95 Thesis of Martin Luther that i did not found? If so, i must say that we saw his Protestant Pastors in concentration camps wher they was converting my people from judaism. But is this realy true? I think that Bernard Nathanson could help me answer on this question, if he would not join our Uncle to talk about his 'pro-life' activities.

Anyway, how they, Protestants and Lutherans in general, has degenerated through thier Jean Paul II sin. How much they need Reformation these days. Even if most of people are still afraid of becoming "Witkacy readers", they, the people, see, hear and understand my broadcast and the situation. In Hamburg and elsewhere. You must face this sin, Jessuitan clones. You must clean up and return to orginal spirit of Reformation. Otherwise, people will left you, as it is Counter Reformation that they see in faces and acts of your leaders...

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