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Letreme Egyptian diarrhoea

"The Lord has come on the brink of river,
Looking for a humans..."

While public opinion is focused on Egypt and its Germanization, i will wait litte bit more to give my comment on this pseudo revolution. In my eyes it is quite similar to partitioning of II Commonwealth, when both Nazi and Bolshevik revolutionists has removed it from the map. Even faces of Medvedv grandfather and his Nazi counterpart are same. I wonder from what our Xisonists in Iran are happy and what they has won on supporting this artifical rebelion of eugenic colonels from Egyptian Army. If things will be progressing like now, soon they will blow them from inside, just as they did with Soviet Union.

Thanks to such insanity, our common, eternal enemy, Shah is made stronger and stronger in region and is preparing for a return. While our Great Isral - Aryan State is now looking forward, towards Tigris and Euphrat. Yes, Great Israel but without jews. The looser are, as usual people, that has been fooled and instead of changes for better they will be facing simmilar process through what my coutnry has come. Total monopolisation of politics by Ubermenschens. Yes, they are on both sides. In Mubarak new cabinet and the opposition. leaded by Egyptian Walesa, also eugenic, El Bardei It is sad for me personaly, as I wanted to visit this ancient country, as my grandfather did. Yes, Allah was there just before I World War. Now, it seems to be impossible. If it ever was, in this Aryan world...

While i think, it is still far from saying that jewish nation has been again put into 'Egyptian slavery', as there are still possibility that homo sapiens will overcome this Teutonic maddness. This 'revolution' has for sure, overthrowed humans and would put Mubarak in quite similar situation to which other leaders has been trapped.  It could be similar situation to this one that for instance we have in China. Where President of once People Republic of China, homo sapiens has been surronded by our Eugenic monsters. Yes, also China that on this Friday will be participating in yet another Munich talks, is now on same crossroad and like others at West, also Hu is surronded by this Xientological innovations, mainly Prime Minister Wen-Jiabao and Xi Jinping, somebody that some at West are pointing, as his successor.And Mubarak? He would be in same situation, if not some detail on his face...

All they are constantly wishpering thier 'soviet adivce' into ears of our homo sapiens. Exterminate him, claim your millions. Yes, while today Netanyahu has said that 'Israel must prepare for any Egypt outcome', he had extermination of true belivers, literary repeat of Shoah, on his litte bird mind. They, Beniamin and his father, know very well this short verse and consequences it have, not only for jewry but for the mankind in general.

Moreover, it is thier lifetime target to achieve another Hollocaust and destruction of jewry. Sigmunt Freud would say that it is just Oedipus complex, as both are not jews but just Ubermenschen. They want to hidde this by killing Messiash and all that know the truth about God. Litteraly, millions of people that hear and understand my military radio broadcast. It is something for what in past, another adept of Ben Zion red school, Adolf Hitler was also aiming. Realising it, but only partialy. As Witkacy is still alive and meddling.
While on the streets you can find many people inspired by Sigmunt Freud studies on our Ubermenschens. Nobody conscicous woud like to repeat his fate, so they are rejecting such insane attempts. Well, maybe except Letreme that has caught diarrhoea and some time ago has started to slack. No Letreme, it is wrong way, do not listen to your jessuit clones: Merkel, Wullf and Raussmusen. People see and understand what you want to achieve. That is why you are loosing faithfulls. Protestants are rejecting this Teutonisation. It is not thier forefathers faith, it is just Counter Reformation. Better, change your objectives, as by crucifixing Christ, you will end your faith, forever. It would be end of monoteism and return to heathenism. It will Undo You. Forever...

PS. On next day Letremist has made another assasination attempt.  You could hear that Denmark has 'sentenced cartonist attacker to 9 years', while Dutch Goverment has stated that seeks for return of hanged woman body from Iran. Sturrming me, like they did with my grandfather, with the bottle. Thanks God and ture belivers, the attack has been  halted, this time by Wallony regional police. If this Jessuits clones would be not a pigs i would invite them to theater. On my grandfather play: "The Country House". Because this Country House in Poraj at Warta, has also wintessed same murder of Stahu 'gilfriend'. Murder done in same way, by bottle. And he also, has heard same false accusations and the Nazi lies. That is why, on many of his photos, you can spot this bottle attribute.

It is interesting that at time of yet another Letreme randevous, we has heard loudly fleer from Vatican. Benedict has thanked God for having Emannuel Community. Indeed, if it comes to humbilng Protestant faith and the Reformation, thier jessuitan clones are doing it just perfectly. For instance, on the hearsay of Letreme plot, polish Parliament has stoped thier processing and announced that is comming on pilgrimage to the Mountain Clari. Well, after bestialy martyring Mother of God, they will see her but in Ostrobramska version.  Therefore, Protestants that in silent collusion with Kremliners, would not repay Prussian homage, what is needed, as never before, but will just martyr this Lutheran Prince, it would be greatest rescue for Benedictians (in spite of Revelation 14 it is hard to call them Catholics or even Christians). And indeed Benedict XVI have a reason to thank a God for his Emmanuelans, for his pigeons. But does he have rely a reason to be happy? Every of Abrahamic faiths would be affected. In the world without God, they will simply lose a sense...

If you, in Letreme camp, does not understand how dangerous for you are this jessuitan clones, there is no hope for you. If you, people, homo sapiens, does not yet understand why you was marginalised by Letrem group. Look into thier faces, and think what has happend in my country. Aryans will always keep together. Throwing mainkind on the margin of events. It is you, dear Protestants that need Reformation so much. You pray in your chappels, your Churches, your Mosques, your Syngagoes but to who? Is not this just Bavarian Moloch?

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