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Air Force warning

"...the flames continued to crackle, in which heaps and heaps of collected Jewish poison-literature had been thrown. With this demonstration is the struggle against the Un-German spirit symbolically begun, a struggle that will now proceed. This struggle will not stop, until all Germans are again of the German spirit."
Joseph Goebbels, May 1933
It is not accident that together with Air Force warning, number of readers of my blog has dropped to almost zero. They know very well that WikiLeaks are just reflection in the mirror and the author of this warning had on mind a knowledge containted on this pages. Espcecialy this one that touches Genesis of our Uberleaders. While they has counted that Egyptian unrest will end my existence, the star sprangled banner is still waving and the Sphinx still stands off the beaten track.

Scraching on his nose and every day and night serving new puzzle on the twitter. With the hope that Colonels riot was just the Early Spring, that will bring true Mickiewicz Springtime of the Peoples. The Peoples, not Ubermenschens. As in Egypt this engineered colonels riot has at the moment bringed kind of WRON, made not from People representatives but just Aryans. The road to Egyptian independence is still long. Just like road for my country independence. Well, Egyptians are in fact in better position, as thier did not lost thier Avandgarde in Shoah...

It is quite symbolic and at same time ironical, that localy, in Belgium, we, the people are facing exacly same situation, as in 1848. A more or less greater threat is coming from France. They call it Presidential Debate, but both sides Sarkozy and French Socialist leader are Aryans and thus are propagating kind of  Nationale Revolution. De facto reversal of French Revolution, in which i play a traditional role of Sarkozy grandfather. The people of France are left withouth any real choice. 

And as in 1848, here the people of whatever party, were brought into a monstrual Belgian Legion, with the promise of a free ride home and money. Several smaller groups managed to infiltrate Belgium, but i hope, that, as then the reinforced Belgian bordertroops will be successful in splitting up the larger groups of the Legion, and the invasion eventually will came to nothing. While the situation in France will change with time and at the end we will have a Presidential Race between homo sapiens.Yes, again, Mickiewicz once again is making famous, old polish motto; "For our freedom and yours". Za wolność naszą i waszą". Dear homo sapiens...

And this is the reason why our Aryans are so affraid of the truth contained in my writings. But what they want to achieve by thier warning? The number of my readers, while growing every day, is relative small but the number of homo sapiens that hear and understand my military broadcast is just huge. Adam has once said: "My name is million because for millions i endure and love torments".

And indeed, according to Vatican estimnates it is at least 75 million of people affected. 75 millions of people that use thier mind and understands the truth about Ubermenschens and Shoah. Even if they was to affraid to read my blog, they hear my voice. So it is at least 20 times more that Adolf Hitler has exterminated. Exterminated to replace truth by false. What do you want to achieve then, my Ubermenschens. What next, we the people, ask you?

You are very aware, that after elimination of Jewish Messiash you will need to make another Shoah to hide truth about this single verse in the Holy Bible. This poison in jewish literauture. You will be forced to perform Shoah, because my end will be equal to elimination of jewry and at same time will be also end of monoteism. Abrahamic faiths will lose thier sense. You has lost minds, dear leaders, of whatever Democrats or Republicans, if you are going to allow for something like this, to happen. Never play jewish question in such a way. It is just national interest and it cannot lost in your pseudo political games.

You need to ressist you Aryan leaderships and with time replace it by homo sapiens. They realy should visit Sigmutn Freud, if not just flecher, as we call animals doctor. The fate of manking is at the stake. Literary. If Aryans will ever win, it will bring real holocaust to the peoples of whatever faith or political orientation they are. Only brainless, willless, slaves of Master Race will survive: kind of Homo Erectus.

Others, Homo Sapiens, will need to be exterminated. And by irony, the once jewish state will be forced to perfrom it. About what our Aryans dreams so much. This is a sense of Nethanyahu words that he said today at occassion of swering new head of IDF: "We are ready for all eventualities because we know that the foundation of our existence and our capacity to convince our neighbours to live in peace with us is based on the Israeli army.". That is why we say: never, again...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Inspired by Radio Blyskawica, our Jezuitan Klicha has this time dressed up, as Warsaw Uprisers that are sturming Belgian Police Headquaters. While, it is rather Gota PM palace that need to be conquered. Conquered but by who ? By Letreme cousin, Bart ? Or maybe Socialsit leader that so often fall to soap demands of our Parisan Merkel ?

When i was beging for money on the bulwark i had spoten one of Belgain cop. I see that he has been ordered to visit me tonight. It is very sad, as it should be rather Letreme that should walk this path. This officer is quite in type of Baczynski, that i noted some time ago. He is good in spirit but has been ordered to execute me. Therefore, he will rather meet a death in the middle of the path. This is a way, in which our Letremist are tyring to conquer Police Station and change it in Aryan Police Nationale.

I cannot do anything. If he will go, they will execute him. While he should never be ordered to go on this way. Older American soldiers, in particular Marines should know about what i think, as it was something that in past has happened also in United States.

When they was ordered by thier insane President to execute thier national emblem. To trample star splanged banner. To tear up constitution and the bible.

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

At some point, instead of executing this insane order, they has started rebelion.It was so called Port Chicago disaster, when eugenic clone Roosvelt has sent 320 american soldiers to execute my grandfather. Stachu, that in this time was Prime Minister of Polish goverment in exile in London, struggling aginst both Bolsheviks, Nazi occupant and traitors of the nation.

They has never successed and moreover, they has started rebelion against Roosvlet that at the end has gave them a priceless right to obey such an order.
I do not know, if Belgian police also have such a privilage. It is very sad to observe such situation. They are much better officers that should take such a walk on the Bulwark but i simply cannot do anything, besid writing this warning. The truth is that they are people in Letreme room, but also Merkel junionrs and IDF that should walk this path. They should do this long time ago, to be honest. It is deadly sin on them.

While the crisis we have in Beligum is longest in the history. It have two reasons: one is that Letreme is very affraid of leaving his palace. affraid mainly of his own people. The other is Aryan leaders, that want to keep up this Nazi occupation and change this country into another Eugenic colony.

The best way out, that i see, having in mind situation in Flandres is to have another elections. But they need to be elections without Letreme jesuitans. The Protestant community must clean up from this error, from this shamefull sin and heres. They need to clean up, as much as jewry and in particural IDF needs...

Yes, for lustration but not in the way they want to make it. Putting homo spaiens in Belgium on the even wider margin that we are now. Do not sent patriots on such bullwark, ther are other that should walk it...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

They has started rebelion against Roosvlet that at the end has gave them a priceless right to obey such an order.

of course: to disobey such an order...