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1/9/11 notice

"And I still see thier faces,
continuously looking into thier eyes -
they does not exsists - I think and dream,
i see them in the soul of theater. "

Stanislaw Wyspianski,
YHWH foster-father,
Few days after my first premiere: "Witkacy Workshop Inivitation", the domain has been removed.  Removed just like my announcments on 'jewish' culture and 'judaism' forums. However, you can still access Witkacy Workshop using old address to access Witkacy Workshop. Beside this removal, our Polish clafs like in worst time of Jozef Stalin or Adolf Hitler are literaly again massacring my tooth from thier military radio, so i will be not able to 'meddle into culture'. The truth is so dangerous for them. I am writing this words in great pain but it will not stop truth about Aryan clones from Likud and Kadima to reach the people. The truth that is so visible, as our royal mole on my face, nose and eyebrews.

Look, how Israel is fighting with Messiash. Look, who is Komorowski, Klich and Tusk and thier Reichmarshall Division. It is turth about "polish" gas chambers and "polish" concentration camps Look thier faces in my gallery, discover our polish patriots, it is preview of my next video clip Tusk's Forefathers. And you deformed mutants, continue to write your story of persecuting jewish nation.

Wipe yoursel from the map, from the history. Then slain millions to hide truth, as once your ideology did with millions of my brothers and sisters from Judha. You call yourself jews? You must be crazy, dear Aryan State. And if you ever will do this; then wait for Chinees Blue Ray. I will double your millions, as you read only Matrix. And you, my Aryan leaders, if you think that you will be able to keep jews in Bavarian darkness, you will be very disappointed. Our Prometheism is going to crush your heresy, lies and stadium pseduo-culture, once again. I hope that also with your help, my readers...

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I know that in some of countires accessing this blog, accessing knowledge and truth, can be dangerous.

That is why i started new project with easy to smuggle PDF files.

Help us, smuggle the knowledge