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Tusking the East

"My creatures will not come under any thatches,
because luckily there would be no thatches,
And in general there will be no fun at all,
only meanness that will equally creep everywhere"

After dimmission of our Iranian Hermman Goering i had a hope that at least East will definitivly turn out from the road of Nazi Eugenic. In the Mahomethan faith pork meat is strictly prohibited and there is indeed deep reason why it is so. However, thanks to Kremlin influence i was once again shoked by return to Bolshevic ideology, that has been so clearly iconized by another Ubermenshen Jozef Stalin. 

I see that new Iranian Foreign Minister will have realy hard work before returning this country to true faith, as even yesterday some of thier top clerics was praying another Dajjal, praising Iranians "for their success in arresting the terrorists who assassinated a renowned Iranian nuclear scientist last year". A nuclear scientis that has been taken to Doctor Sigmunt Freud. A nuclear scientist or rather scientologist that have same face, as I. As Motaki have. To who you pray then dear Iranian clerics? To Allah or Dajjal? How then you can scientist call yourself 'Islamic'? It is not Islam it is Bolshevism or rather Kaczyzm.A fundamentaly flawed ideology, what my father has already proved.

I had though for some time that the source of this heresy is exclusivly in Kremlin. At Kremlin that at this moment we have another Ubermenshen. Clone that looks like Tzar but inside, like in most of them, is encoded the soul, complexes and builded around them ideology of Jozef Stalin. I was thining that for Eastern hemisphere it will be better to cut off or marginalise Kremlin influence and instead turn to Chiness one.

Mr. Hu is one of wises Chiness Presidents that i had ever seen and many at West should learn from him. However, after recent nominations i am litte affraid of things that are happening there. There are more of them already installed and plotting behind Mr Hu backs but in particural i think about Mr. Xi Jinping from Central Military Commission that is seen by West, as successor of Mr. Hu.

For Chiness nation such a succession would be real catastrophe, as it would move them backward into era of Mao Tze Tung opression, backwardness and  darkness. With similar Revisionist ideology. Ideology that in face of at least 75 000 000 people, that are according to Catholic Church estimates, already aware of who is the YHWH and what a consequences his extermination will have.

In time of my grandfather youngess Adolf Hitler driven by similar ideology has exterminated 4 000 000 of jidish speaking persons that had such knowledge. Learned from the past,  through  my military radio broadcast i opened this Kabbalah knowledge, that was before knew only to top of Freemasonry; to the masses. Just as it was predicted in Thora. Therefore, to silence the truth you will need to take up 20 times more lifes that Nazi did. It is just unthinkable for any normal homo sapiens but for our improved Ubermenshen it is just a fun. That is why they has been created...

Such Masterrace succession would be also catasthropal from point of view of common Jhapaness, as this bloodthirsty clones, what has proven in the past, would soon create if not global then for sure regional conflict. Conflict that, looking at our modern arsenals, very quickly would take up mankind to the Mars. Again. Think. If you will look at my recent addition: Politics section in Witkacy Workshop, you will find much better patterns. I think not only about Sanation but mainly about a conflict between PPS Mlodzi (Young) and PPS Starzy (Oldies) fraction

Do not think 'ad hoc' start thinkg in long term perspective. Long term and global. Whatever you live, my dear politican. Look on my country, you will find there only old faces of III Reich leaders. Cloned ubermenshen that are real obstacle for any normal young people that is thinking about becoming politican. Look on real totalitarian state. Almost fulfilled dream of Adolf Hitler. Almost, because Christ is still alive. And meddling...

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

After publishing doted photo 'polish' media has replied:

There is dot under I, Komorowski talked with Medvedev

Exspert for ITAR TASS: Talk of presidents was like dot on I"

Both sides has once again asked for my extradition to gas chamber in POLAND....