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Titanic compensations

"Missionaries often overlook verse 34 and emphasize only 31:31-33 when quoting Jeremiah's declaration of a new covenant. This oversight has proved to be devastating to their understanding of this prophecy..."
The crazines of our Ubermenschens has reached a top today with announcment to pay a commpensations to 'families of victims'. It is long Free Masonry tradition that effects of thier Teutonic crusades are presented to the public in litte artistic way, as a transport catastrophes. It is a case of Smolensk flight but also lighter one likes yesterday in Moscow. What is new however, is the astronomical ammount of compensation that some of the rulers are going to pay from public money. Pay, for something that in past was just punishable. For a direct atcs of antisemitism. Nowdays, thanks to our Aryan State leaded by monsters of Herman Goering faces, you can enrich your family going on such Horst Wesel March. March that continues since frist moment of my life. No, Vladimir it is not good idea to enrich these people from public money, while i know why you has said it...
Anyway they are marching so and will be marching, through centauries. Americans, if would be still existing would say that it is 'streaming', that they know since beginning of United States, if not mankind. Whatever it will be world with or without God, this eugenic Monsters and thier followers will be using same Teutonic tactics to kill everybody that is obstacle to thier plans. Jewish Messiash is strongest one because of 6000 years of Judaism and this single Verse in Bible that in practice can wipe Israel from the map. But also others weaker has been and will be in future put, as targets in something that can be named 'Auschwitz fencing'.
They, as for instance fromer Prime Minister of Israel Menachemn Begin was, will do not have any chance for survival. Moreover, they probably will not be even aware about what is going on around them, until thier 'defenders' will kill them or change into sperm, as Nazi has used to do. In difference to Jewish Messiash they will not have any chance. Messiash indeed is like a rocky mountain. Very solid rocky mountain, that on Podhale older highlanders call Rysy. Such Bilibcal power that has been established through Thora,  is the reason why Khoran says that Mahdi, arabic name of Messiash, is the only one on whole planet, that can establish justice of God on the Earth. Because nobody else is able to survive such thing.
If you will look at what has happened in my country, if you will look on faces of thier leaders you will discover that there is nobody except Aryan politicians. You will see only faces of Herman Goering with his infamous mole, Adolf Hitler, Albert Speer or even Jozef Stalin (his mole is moved from right to left side of face) . They are all there but nobody normal. Poland after losing her essence in places like Auschwitz Birkenauen, Majdanek or Katyn is now ruled in pracitice exclusivly by thie Eugenic creatures.
Every normal homo sapiens, that has not been produced in laboratory test tube, need to cooperate, as Volksdeutch or die. Same is going to happen in Israel, once jewish state. Look on faces of Beniamin Nethanyahu, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, Mr. Cabel and Ron, major of Tel Aviv., Gabi Ashkenazi commander of IDF or his successor. They have same face of Herman Goering. Same face, methods and philosophy.
But left our pigs and lets go back to main topic of this post. To the Titanic. Well, actualy our pigs are booked on it. Sinking with all jewish nation on board...
One of basic mysteries of Titanic catstrophe that has happened almost 100 years ago was a fact that the ice mountain was inhabited. Like then some homeless jew was living on it. He was also Jewish Messiash. And his name... Well, history know him under name Witkacy. He was my grandfather and, as i was a cause of Smolensk and other similar flight he was in the center of this famous journey. He was extremly talented one. They say that he has wroten his first theatral play at age of 7 years. I did it also, at same age. With difference that instead of theater i had choosen computers. It was a program, very swedish one, named Olof Palme.
Well, to be honest it was not first one, as they has sturmed my family since i was embryon. But let go back to 1912 and our compensations. When Radziwill Palace, as i call Presidential Palace has announced that they are going to pay astronomical compensations to 'families of victims' of thier Smolensk crusade i was litte bit shoked. The ammount, that instantly this familes has named 'too low' has been proposed to 250 000 PLN. It is something like 100 000 dollars.
I ask them then why they are going to pay a compensation from public money, to somebody that in reality did not died in any catastrophe but was just going to make bigest possible crime on jewish nation or even on humanity in general? For a bigest crime against the mainknid. A crime that could have consequences for whole religious life and millions of true belivers. I ask then, for what this Horst Wessel 'marches' are going to be paid. Paid from the public money?
When in times of youth of my grandfather, in simillar maner, they was sturming him and his foster-parents. They also like in Dante Inferno has meet thier destination in the half of the way. It was called Titanic. The families of 'victims' was also demanding compensations but in difference, at least not from the public money but from private company. The ammount that they has at the end paid to them, was not millions but just 50 pounds. Or if they was still insisting for more, 100 pounds. In freemasonry slang it means: straight into muzzle.

Titanic families

The Mansion House Fund paid £50 to Juha and £50 to Maria's mother. In addition 2527.07 Fmk ($483/£100) was paid to Juha in compensation for the loss of his entire family. This sum was later divided between him and Maria's mother, who had declined a legacy but not compensation. Juha Panula protested because, according to him, he had paid all the tickets and his mother in law had paid nothing. But according to documents £100 was paid and had to be shared equally.

Source: Encyclopedia Titanica
After almost 100 years, the history has fully clarified who was this crusaders and what they was representing. The lesson that III Reich has provided is just undeniable, as undeniable, as faces of organisers of such. But families of so called victims are not interested in the truth. They are affraid of it, also because of scandal of Jean Paul II crucifixation. They will be continuing such crusade  in tunes of Horst Wessel Lied through ages. Crusade for Christ crucifixation. They will never turn against thier real opressors that has tamped them into bottle.
Why? If you will look at thier leaders faces, you will find out that it is same face. Face of Herman Goering. And for thier Aryan masters they are only cattle. And while dreaming of thier millions, they does not behave anyhow different. While Americans, if they would be still there, observing this could only say: they 'gave a proof that our flag was still there'. Pointing thier finger on Sandomir and huming thier anthem. Silently under nose, so nobody in Red House could hear it, as they sign but completly different one...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Congratulations to Mubarak. The riot of colonels is progressing and i see WRON again. Just like in December 1980.

First mistake: He has fired goverment and has been left only with Military.

Second mistake: He has instaled one of Clonoles as Prime Minister. So, Aryan State has frotified.

Instead of changes that you asked. You will see now deeper Hermanisation of Egypt. Hermanisation that will be expanding in region, just like cancer. Straight second Poland...

I see that our Blosheviks and rioting colonels has fortified Shah in Egypt futher and people again has been fooled by our Ubermenschen.

Congratulations to Iranians. Make Shah stronger and stronger and wait for his return. Very wise, you fools...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

When i was entering caffe to make some flash. Mher of Brussels has captured yet another Kremliner.

If you wonder why people in Finnlad has stoped to come to once Protestant chapells, here is the answer. What Luthernas in particural has did to this prince is just unbelivable.

Once protestant community is nowdays leaded by Jesuit clones (Merkel, Wulff, Rausmussen) that like thier partners in Israels are claiming that they are jews, they are claiming to be Protestnats, or even Lutherans.

Kremlin has stated:
Russian Military Loses Control of New Satellite
Russia has lost contact with a recently launched GEO-IK-2 Reshetnev military satellite, the latest in a string of failures.

More: Short News

No, Dimitri, Xi and Ali Akbar. I am still there. Behind your back, on the Coat of Arms. Yes, God is living man. He is for real, as withouth him there would be no jews (Jeremiah 31:35-37). Just look into my face, you see it so often in television. On worthless dehumanized clones.

Iran hangs man who claimed to be God: report

TEHRAN — Iran has executed a man who claimed he was God, after he was found guilty of heresy and corruption, the official Fars news agency reported on Monday.

Abdulreza Gharabat -- who was hanged last Wednesday in Ahvaz, southwest Iran -- was the 67th person to be executed since January 1, according to an AFP tally based on Iranian media reports.

"He had long claimed to be God and had succeeded in gathering around him young Arabs from Khuzestan province," which has a large Arab minority, Fars reported.

More: Toronto Sun

Congratulations for all of our Ubermenshens at East and West...

Indeed, as older russian military has stated it was yet another test of thier faith, that i had saw so many. Yet another failed. Bravo Letreme and Holland (or maybe Poland). Great way forward. Very wise and faithfull. Pray to DajJal. Ali Akbar...