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Le Juif et la France

"The atmosphere of libraries, lecture rooms and laboratories is dangerous to those who shut themselves up in them too long. It separates us from reality like a fog."
III Reich Eugenics specialist

They say in Kingdom of Bajdocja that it is maybe most misitcal blog ever writne by maybe most excentric jew that was walking on the planet. And indeed they are indeed right. For many of you reading this writings can be like walking through not so famous exposition "Le Juif et la France". It is especially true for this that claims to of jewish origin and all of their followers. This is something that some of thier leaders would like to avoid. Moreover they are terrorizing these Jews living in Promised Land to even not make quick look into our exposition. It is so enlightening, thus so terrifying their leaders...

This time our exposition has been organised by underground branch of Institute of Study for the Jewish Question without supervision of Germany goverment, so instead of lies that has been served to French people by Vichy regime, our visitors can introduce them-self to truth. It is just like reflection in the mirror of these infamous Paris exposition. By making closer look on our array, you will later without any difficulties differentiate between what is French and what for sure is not. And it is something realy worrying our French leadership. So revolutionary and innovative one, just like then, in 1941...

Le Juif et la France (1941-2011)

After visiting our exposition you will see sharply how the people in Israel has been lied by thier Aryan cabinet. The propaganda and lies that they are propagating are not different from this that Nazi III Reich was propagating and no different are goals of your Aryan rulers. No, it is not Adolf Hitler in the center of this exposition. It is his reflection in the mirror. A true Jewish Messiash.

Sign your anthems, pray in your temples. But to who, how and for what, I was asking you. While many of you was just spiting into my face, just like Benedictus is doing on every of mass he is conducting. Praying in your Churches, Chapels, Synagoges and even Mosques just for repeat of Shoah. Something that thanks to Eugenic State of Israel is so close to you, as is anihilation of jewish race. Literaly. What you should know if you ever dared to read the Thora...

Exhibit: The Jew and France 1942

The exhibit "The Jew and France" is held during several months on the boulevard Italians in 1941, and it is the most spectacular demonstration of this propaganda. The gutter press and extreme right highlighted its showing.

On September 5, 1941 the exhibit opens at the Berlitz Palate in Paris under the title “the Jew and France”. A media blitzkrieg is used in the northern zone of occupation to encourage the French to visit. Officially, the Institute of Study for the Jewish Question organizes the exhibit. Actually, it is made upon German request.

The exhibit aims to denounce the supposed great Jewish plot. The Jews have sought to take all the vital means of planning and production for the country in their hands and they have been the cause of France's decline and defeat of June 1940. With the exhibition the Germans hope, to instigate anti-semitism among Parisians.



Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

On day before visit of Mr. Hu in capitol of polish pork, Ehud Barak has fleed from the battlefield to announce formation of new political party: INDEPENDENCE. What kind of Independence it is you can see on this old picture:

I wonder then if i will see next day and if you will not wakeup in the world withouth God where in synagoges, church, chapels and minarets you could listen to pla pla pla and together with others dance Kaczuchy. It is indeed Revelotion of Saint Join...

I guess, that Barak after his Dragon Exit will be replaced by some of Labor 'rebels', like Eitan Cabel with his characterical Goering mole.

Maybe it is end of the world, maybe it will be finish of POLREWKOM and my family old friends Mrs. Milejkowscy. It is complete degeneration of once jewish state and you in Israel should be completly aware of consequence. It will be just France Race, finalisation of SHOAH.

And you my dear Bolsheviks, if you think that it would be not Al Aksa deal, that you will pay raison and everythign will be like it was. Soon you will realize that with Teutons it is always same...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

The Independence has stayed in Ministry of Defense and other Labor pork's (yes, Barak is also Eugenic) finaly did not come on board.

The situation is still unknow but i saw sparks of hope. Well, the hope is still not lost.

For labor that because of Barak manever has lost on importance it is definitivly maybe most important time. It is something that already mr. Herzog has noted. If they will continue thier hard stance they will keep thier strong supoport. Not only in Israel but also in Ireland.

For what Nethanyahu is counting is to install one of his Eugeincs Mr. Ron, major of Tel Aviv or Mr. Cabel. It is something that they should avoid.

In the ministry of defense, by the luck it is no longer eugenic Barack but his right hand. How he will play having pork as chief, it is still uknown...

But it is something else that is woring me, today on Kremlin they has showed this litte detail on the face of Fogh Rassmussen. I checekd it and now i understand why they are playing such a way. Having eugenic boss of NATO explains everything.

Yes, dear Protestants you has been eated by Jessuit clones. Almost...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I do not know why Mr. Hu has put such tie; but this Red House photo does not look good.

Night was realy heavy, as with every such visit. Kind of erthquke everywhere. I can only hope that it was Mr. Xi. Thanks Vladi for keeping hand on the pulse.

In meantime Arab media has published wonderfull shot of one of our Ysraeli Ubermenschen with Hermman Goering mole so visible.

But does not think that on opposite side in Iran it is anything better. Just look on Ali Liarijani. Yes, pork. Excuse me, Ubermenschen from Shah collection.

Viva la Revolution. Revolution Nationale...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Wow. In Israel they has selected new head of IDF. After our eugenic Gabi it will be again eugenic Gabi. Sorry, mutant Yoav Galant.

However, they say that maybe they will block his nomination. They has gave the reason, as 'land grab'. It is true, the promised land has been overtaken by not only Gentlies but just Aryan Ubermenshens...

New Israeli military chief's appointment in peril
(AP) – 1 hour ago

JERUSALEM (AP) — A government watchdog investigation into an alleged land grab by Israel's incoming military chief could threaten the appointment of the decorated general, a justice official said Monday.

More: AP

We remeber this Aryans Ubermenschen from places like Auschwitz Birkenauen.

Now, same products of Nazi Eugeny, of same faces and souls, are not only ruling 12 millions of jews but are doing everything to destroy nation of Israel. Look, this Eugenic state. 12 millions of fools ruled by our Master race. People that are not even a jews...

There is also interesting message from Dimitri Medvedev. Seems that after Lavrow intervention they are giving up thier offensive. It is good to hear it, as we are already overtroubled by the Western hydra.

Moscow rules out international probe into Magnitsky case

A UN investigation into the death in prison of corporate lawyer Sergei Magnitsky is impossible under Russian law, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.


PS. Look on the faces of this family members. Yes, fully Ubermenschen...