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Titanic compensations

"Missionaries often overlook verse 34 and emphasize only 31:31-33 when quoting Jeremiah's declaration of a new covenant. This oversight has proved to be devastating to their understanding of this prophecy..."
The crazines of our Ubermenschens has reached a top today with announcment to pay a commpensations to 'families of victims'. It is long Free Masonry tradition that effects of thier Teutonic crusades are presented to the public in litte artistic way, as a transport catastrophes. It is a case of Smolensk flight but also lighter one likes yesterday in Moscow. What is new however, is the astronomical ammount of compensation that some of the rulers are going to pay from public money. Pay, for something that in past was just punishable. For a direct atcs of antisemitism. Nowdays, thanks to our Aryan State leaded by monsters of Herman Goering faces, you can enrich your family going on such Horst Wesel March. March that continues since frist moment of my life. No, Vladimir it is not good idea to enrich these people from public money, while i know why you has said it...
Anyway they are marching so and will be marching, through centauries. Americans, if would be still existing would say that it is 'streaming', that they know since beginning of United States, if not mankind. Whatever it will be world with or without God, this eugenic Monsters and thier followers will be using same Teutonic tactics to kill everybody that is obstacle to thier plans. Jewish Messiash is strongest one because of 6000 years of Judaism and this single Verse in Bible that in practice can wipe Israel from the map. But also others weaker has been and will be in future put, as targets in something that can be named 'Auschwitz fencing'.
They, as for instance fromer Prime Minister of Israel Menachemn Begin was, will do not have any chance for survival. Moreover, they probably will not be even aware about what is going on around them, until thier 'defenders' will kill them or change into sperm, as Nazi has used to do. In difference to Jewish Messiash they will not have any chance. Messiash indeed is like a rocky mountain. Very solid rocky mountain, that on Podhale older highlanders call Rysy. Such Bilibcal power that has been established through Thora,  is the reason why Khoran says that Mahdi, arabic name of Messiash, is the only one on whole planet, that can establish justice of God on the Earth. Because nobody else is able to survive such thing.
If you will look at what has happened in my country, if you will look on faces of thier leaders you will discover that there is nobody except Aryan politicians. You will see only faces of Herman Goering with his infamous mole, Adolf Hitler, Albert Speer or even Jozef Stalin (his mole is moved from right to left side of face) . They are all there but nobody normal. Poland after losing her essence in places like Auschwitz Birkenauen, Majdanek or Katyn is now ruled in pracitice exclusivly by thie Eugenic creatures.
Every normal homo sapiens, that has not been produced in laboratory test tube, need to cooperate, as Volksdeutch or die. Same is going to happen in Israel, once jewish state. Look on faces of Beniamin Nethanyahu, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, Mr. Cabel and Ron, major of Tel Aviv., Gabi Ashkenazi commander of IDF or his successor. They have same face of Herman Goering. Same face, methods and philosophy.
But left our pigs and lets go back to main topic of this post. To the Titanic. Well, actualy our pigs are booked on it. Sinking with all jewish nation on board...
One of basic mysteries of Titanic catstrophe that has happened almost 100 years ago was a fact that the ice mountain was inhabited. Like then some homeless jew was living on it. He was also Jewish Messiash. And his name... Well, history know him under name Witkacy. He was my grandfather and, as i was a cause of Smolensk and other similar flight he was in the center of this famous journey. He was extremly talented one. They say that he has wroten his first theatral play at age of 7 years. I did it also, at same age. With difference that instead of theater i had choosen computers. It was a program, very swedish one, named Olof Palme.
Well, to be honest it was not first one, as they has sturmed my family since i was embryon. But let go back to 1912 and our compensations. When Radziwill Palace, as i call Presidential Palace has announced that they are going to pay astronomical compensations to 'families of victims' of thier Smolensk crusade i was litte bit shoked. The ammount, that instantly this familes has named 'too low' has been proposed to 250 000 PLN. It is something like 100 000 dollars.
I ask them then why they are going to pay a compensation from public money, to somebody that in reality did not died in any catastrophe but was just going to make bigest possible crime on jewish nation or even on humanity in general? For a bigest crime against the mainknid. A crime that could have consequences for whole religious life and millions of true belivers. I ask then, for what this Horst Wessel 'marches' are going to be paid. Paid from the public money?
When in times of youth of my grandfather, in simillar maner, they was sturming him and his foster-parents. They also like in Dante Inferno has meet thier destination in the half of the way. It was called Titanic. The families of 'victims' was also demanding compensations but in difference, at least not from the public money but from private company. The ammount that they has at the end paid to them, was not millions but just 50 pounds. Or if they was still insisting for more, 100 pounds. In freemasonry slang it means: straight into muzzle.

Titanic families

The Mansion House Fund paid £50 to Juha and £50 to Maria's mother. In addition 2527.07 Fmk ($483/£100) was paid to Juha in compensation for the loss of his entire family. This sum was later divided between him and Maria's mother, who had declined a legacy but not compensation. Juha Panula protested because, according to him, he had paid all the tickets and his mother in law had paid nothing. But according to documents £100 was paid and had to be shared equally.

Source: Encyclopedia Titanica
After almost 100 years, the history has fully clarified who was this crusaders and what they was representing. The lesson that III Reich has provided is just undeniable, as undeniable, as faces of organisers of such. But families of so called victims are not interested in the truth. They are affraid of it, also because of scandal of Jean Paul II crucifixation. They will be continuing such crusade  in tunes of Horst Wessel Lied through ages. Crusade for Christ crucifixation. They will never turn against thier real opressors that has tamped them into bottle.
Why? If you will look at thier leaders faces, you will find out that it is same face. Face of Herman Goering. And for thier Aryan masters they are only cattle. And while dreaming of thier millions, they does not behave anyhow different. While Americans, if they would be still there, observing this could only say: they 'gave a proof that our flag was still there'. Pointing thier finger on Sandomir and huming thier anthem. Silently under nose, so nobody in Red House could hear it, as they sign but completly different one...


Le Juif et la France

"The atmosphere of libraries, lecture rooms and laboratories is dangerous to those who shut themselves up in them too long. It separates us from reality like a fog."
III Reich Eugenics specialist

They say in Kingdom of Bajdocja that it is maybe most misitcal blog ever writne by maybe most excentric jew that was walking on the planet. And indeed they are indeed right. For many of you reading this writings can be like walking through not so famous exposition "Le Juif et la France". It is especially true for this that claims to of jewish origin and all of their followers. This is something that some of thier leaders would like to avoid. Moreover they are terrorizing these Jews living in Promised Land to even not make quick look into our exposition. It is so enlightening, thus so terrifying their leaders...

This time our exposition has been organised by underground branch of Institute of Study for the Jewish Question without supervision of Germany goverment, so instead of lies that has been served to French people by Vichy regime, our visitors can introduce them-self to truth. It is just like reflection in the mirror of these infamous Paris exposition. By making closer look on our array, you will later without any difficulties differentiate between what is French and what for sure is not. And it is something realy worrying our French leadership. So revolutionary and innovative one, just like then, in 1941...

Le Juif et la France (1941-2011)

After visiting our exposition you will see sharply how the people in Israel has been lied by thier Aryan cabinet. The propaganda and lies that they are propagating are not different from this that Nazi III Reich was propagating and no different are goals of your Aryan rulers. No, it is not Adolf Hitler in the center of this exposition. It is his reflection in the mirror. A true Jewish Messiash.

Sign your anthems, pray in your temples. But to who, how and for what, I was asking you. While many of you was just spiting into my face, just like Benedictus is doing on every of mass he is conducting. Praying in your Churches, Chapels, Synagoges and even Mosques just for repeat of Shoah. Something that thanks to Eugenic State of Israel is so close to you, as is anihilation of jewish race. Literaly. What you should know if you ever dared to read the Thora...

Exhibit: The Jew and France 1942

The exhibit "The Jew and France" is held during several months on the boulevard Italians in 1941, and it is the most spectacular demonstration of this propaganda. The gutter press and extreme right highlighted its showing.

On September 5, 1941 the exhibit opens at the Berlitz Palate in Paris under the title “the Jew and France”. A media blitzkrieg is used in the northern zone of occupation to encourage the French to visit. Officially, the Institute of Study for the Jewish Question organizes the exhibit. Actually, it is made upon German request.

The exhibit aims to denounce the supposed great Jewish plot. The Jews have sought to take all the vital means of planning and production for the country in their hands and they have been the cause of France's decline and defeat of June 1940. With the exhibition the Germans hope, to instigate anti-semitism among Parisians.



Tusking the East

"My creatures will not come under any thatches,
because luckily there would be no thatches,
And in general there will be no fun at all,
only meanness that will equally creep everywhere"

After dimmission of our Iranian Hermman Goering i had a hope that at least East will definitivly turn out from the road of Nazi Eugenic. In the Mahomethan faith pork meat is strictly prohibited and there is indeed deep reason why it is so. However, thanks to Kremlin influence i was once again shoked by return to Bolshevic ideology, that has been so clearly iconized by another Ubermenshen Jozef Stalin. 

I see that new Iranian Foreign Minister will have realy hard work before returning this country to true faith, as even yesterday some of thier top clerics was praying another Dajjal, praising Iranians "for their success in arresting the terrorists who assassinated a renowned Iranian nuclear scientist last year". A nuclear scientis that has been taken to Doctor Sigmunt Freud. A nuclear scientist or rather scientologist that have same face, as I. As Motaki have. To who you pray then dear Iranian clerics? To Allah or Dajjal? How then you can scientist call yourself 'Islamic'? It is not Islam it is Bolshevism or rather Kaczyzm.A fundamentaly flawed ideology, what my father has already proved.

I had though for some time that the source of this heresy is exclusivly in Kremlin. At Kremlin that at this moment we have another Ubermenshen. Clone that looks like Tzar but inside, like in most of them, is encoded the soul, complexes and builded around them ideology of Jozef Stalin. I was thining that for Eastern hemisphere it will be better to cut off or marginalise Kremlin influence and instead turn to Chiness one.

Mr. Hu is one of wises Chiness Presidents that i had ever seen and many at West should learn from him. However, after recent nominations i am litte affraid of things that are happening there. There are more of them already installed and plotting behind Mr Hu backs but in particural i think about Mr. Xi Jinping from Central Military Commission that is seen by West, as successor of Mr. Hu.

For Chiness nation such a succession would be real catastrophe, as it would move them backward into era of Mao Tze Tung opression, backwardness and  darkness. With similar Revisionist ideology. Ideology that in face of at least 75 000 000 people, that are according to Catholic Church estimates, already aware of who is the YHWH and what a consequences his extermination will have.

In time of my grandfather youngess Adolf Hitler driven by similar ideology has exterminated 4 000 000 of jidish speaking persons that had such knowledge. Learned from the past,  through  my military radio broadcast i opened this Kabbalah knowledge, that was before knew only to top of Freemasonry; to the masses. Just as it was predicted in Thora. Therefore, to silence the truth you will need to take up 20 times more lifes that Nazi did. It is just unthinkable for any normal homo sapiens but for our improved Ubermenshen it is just a fun. That is why they has been created...

Such Masterrace succession would be also catasthropal from point of view of common Jhapaness, as this bloodthirsty clones, what has proven in the past, would soon create if not global then for sure regional conflict. Conflict that, looking at our modern arsenals, very quickly would take up mankind to the Mars. Again. Think. If you will look at my recent addition: Politics section in Witkacy Workshop, you will find much better patterns. I think not only about Sanation but mainly about a conflict between PPS Mlodzi (Young) and PPS Starzy (Oldies) fraction

Do not think 'ad hoc' start thinkg in long term perspective. Long term and global. Whatever you live, my dear politican. Look on my country, you will find there only old faces of III Reich leaders. Cloned ubermenshen that are real obstacle for any normal young people that is thinking about becoming politican. Look on real totalitarian state. Almost fulfilled dream of Adolf Hitler. Almost, because Christ is still alive. And meddling...

1/9/11 notice

"And I still see thier faces,
continuously looking into thier eyes -
they does not exsists - I think and dream,
i see them in the soul of theater. "

Stanislaw Wyspianski,
YHWH foster-father,
Few days after my first premiere: "Witkacy Workshop Inivitation", the domain has been removed.  Removed just like my announcments on 'jewish' culture and 'judaism' forums. However, you can still access Witkacy Workshop using old address to access Witkacy Workshop. Beside this removal, our Polish clafs like in worst time of Jozef Stalin or Adolf Hitler are literaly again massacring my tooth from thier military radio, so i will be not able to 'meddle into culture'. The truth is so dangerous for them. I am writing this words in great pain but it will not stop truth about Aryan clones from Likud and Kadima to reach the people. The truth that is so visible, as our royal mole on my face, nose and eyebrews.

Look, how Israel is fighting with Messiash. Look, who is Komorowski, Klich and Tusk and thier Reichmarshall Division. It is turth about "polish" gas chambers and "polish" concentration camps Look thier faces in my gallery, discover our polish patriots, it is preview of my next video clip Tusk's Forefathers. And you deformed mutants, continue to write your story of persecuting jewish nation.

Wipe yoursel from the map, from the history. Then slain millions to hide truth, as once your ideology did with millions of my brothers and sisters from Judha. You call yourself jews? You must be crazy, dear Aryan State. And if you ever will do this; then wait for Chinees Blue Ray. I will double your millions, as you read only Matrix. And you, my Aryan leaders, if you think that you will be able to keep jews in Bavarian darkness, you will be very disappointed. Our Prometheism is going to crush your heresy, lies and stadium pseduo-culture, once again. I hope that also with your help, my readers...