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PREMIERE: Witkacy Workshop Invitation

Recently i do not post so often, as before. I am handing most of the time in Witkacy Workshop developing it and producing new piecies of internet street art. Here you can find first one. Maybe it is not, as beautiful, as our Israeli artist with thier professional studios and millionares budgets, do. Well they are just my first steeps in this area. But when it comes to the content i think it is hundred time more deepfull. Please, watch it. Please, share it with your friends. Yes, Witkacy is still alive and creates. Let Witkacyify the world, together. Join Witkacy Workshop now...

Witkacy Workshop Invitation

Releae date: 31 December 2010

This short move is specific invitation to Witkacy Workshop. It is mix of old Nazi propaganda confronted with theatrical play made by my grandfather in 20’ties and 30thes of past century. Watching it you will discover that in practice nothing has changed. The criticism of Witkacy works is same, as same is their message. As actual, as was in time of his youngness.

What for Adof Hitler regime on the field of psychology was Sigmun Freud works, that in the more artistic spheres was creations of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. While Freud was doing great study of the psychology of our √úbermenschen's , Stanislaw was just perfectly painting it and insolently presenting to the public. That is why for them we was personification of their worst enemy. The Truth. The Knowledge.

While lot of time has passed, this wheel of creation has made yet another round and again we see same faces and ideology. Yes, we are again facing same Eugenic monsters that are heading our nations. Whatever we live in European Union, United States or Russian Federation they are again up on the front. In their mulch’s dance, once again pursuing thier revisionist ideas. Ideas, that so many times in past has taken not hundreds of sinners souls but millions of lives of true believers.

Almost 300 years ago Daniel Webster was appealing: "I do not know what is going to become to us, as the nation. If truth will be not diffused error will be". These days i must do same. I ask you to watch this invitation and join us in promoting polish culture. Something that so many times has proved to be best antidotum on this flood of barbarism, heresy and the enslavement of the man. You just cannot be neutral.

It is also up to you to shape direction in which this world will progress. Whatever it will be New Middle Ages or true Renaissance, the promised Messianic Age, it is also in your hands. Please, watch this Invitation and join us. Whatever skills you have, we need you. Let’s Witkacyfiy the world. Together...

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