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Czech Bond: Janek

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."
John 14:1-3

In my country the second turn of local elections are going to be hold tomorrow. While our pupil of General Jaruzelski, our newly avansed Malopolski Colonel and his Civic Militia is continuing to trampling our culture, trying to destroy everything that is jewish,  Aryan Diplomatic services are trying to convice Eastern Leaders to repeat same mistake that in consequences has crashed whole Soviet Union. They have some Scientologic Ubermenshen's installed at Kremlin, North Korea and Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Ministry but i doubt if they will ever success. While this 'Oedipus complex' is encoded in thier souls, as Goebels family song, most of Eastern leaders has learned this Rasputin lesson of the past. It is time for West to draw same lesson...

If you dared to watch Professor Wilczur Scientology Church L'ias video you should notice thier motto: 'Bringing total freedom to the Far East'. It is same Teutonic technic that they has used in the past with my father. It was quite successfull but what kind of freedom it has bringed, you can spot on example of my country. The 'Kingdom of YHWH' about which Kult was signing in Jarocin'89, ahead of fall of Soviet Union, has never came. Instead we are living in the true Dante's Inferno. Hower, as Dante has correctly observed, Hell exist to punish sins. And some are realy paying for it, even if sometimes they was waiting 66 years. So, my dear sinner, if you want to talk about antisemitism, you can always meet whole Family W on bullwark near Rotunda.

In the Holy Books there is huge wisdom and many good reciept to come out from hardest situations that on first look seems to be without any exit. The story of New Testamento itself is best example of effects of the crucifxation of the Son of Man. In fact, history has few times, noted such rare events, still there was always a continuation. The Rome Empire has fallen, the Bizantium Empire has fallen, Tzarist Russia has fallen and finaly powerfull Soviet Union, they are all histry now. All making same mistake. When 1984 Soviet authorities has fallen into such scheme, it was begining of the end of it.

After crucifixing my father, about what local artist Kazi Staszewski was loudly signing in Opole festival in 1986, with all thier military might, fully controled state media they was not able to stop people anger. Even revisionist extermination of true opposition, sick part of Solidarity, as General Jaruzelski would name them, and total militarisation conducted in 1988 did not helped them. Instead of expected 'silence', they has provoked people anger that they was not able to stop. So why you at the West, think they would repeat same error? And what an effect would it have for your political party, to not mention religion, cultural life and world in general? Moreover with such Last Will that i left, you can be sure that you will never be able to perform Revision.

OPOLE 86: Blood of God

Everything seems to be same,
But everything is different,
I still see blood of God
For your deed you will meet cruel punishment

I yet see blood of God
I still see blood of God
I along see blood of God
I still see blood of God

Look on your hands and faces
They are red from blood of God
Think what you did
Did you killed him for real

I yet see blood of God
I still see blood of God
I along see blood of God
I still see blood of God

As you can see Revision  is total and dangerous utopy. Think litte bit, dear leaders, your conterpars in Poland are in fact old servants of Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa. Militants that has changed thier uniforms to suits. They has learned such suicidial pattern, maybe even have it in thier DNA, and are not able to think 'out of the box'. They are people of old age, the Cold War. Following such 'Soviet advisors', such 'Kisczak inheritance' is just like making mass suicide. What is especialy true for world jewry but not only.

Milions of lifes are again on the stake. Yes, Professor Weiss is right, Netanyahu 'not only forgotten what mean to be Jewish, he is not a jew at all'. Not only as the Son of the Man but also, as the representative of top of jewish aristocracy, i can shout into his face straigh: 'Listen, you Aryan mongrel and your zombie slaves, we will not allow for repeat of Shoah".

I can roar it, like Lion of Judha, with hope that in United States somebody like John Adams will add: 'Yes, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securly stand'. Pionting his finger not on Treblinka but on Saski Palace. My dear Hermans, you has harmed us so much, already. Better change your course. Peace not War, Development not Destruction...

PS. To solve this Kult puzzle, i must add something. They did not have blood of my father on thier faces. They did not killed him. They did something even much worse, changed him into plant. Into breeding pig and on his sperm both Shah Party in Israel and Scientology IAS has been funded in 1984. With child of Kim Jong-Ill and many others eugenic clones on the standards. No, they does not have blood of my father on thier faces, they have a sperm. Sperm of God.

And I? While i growed up only with mother and our royal dog, almost did not knew my father. I still have a dream to return to Free Poland, as my Stryj did in 1918. And together with him plant tree trees on Mountain of Reich. Two previous trees, planted by my forefathers has been cutted off, long time ago.  Cutted off together with millions of my people. Citizens of II Commonwealth of Poland and among them 4 millions of Judeans. You do need to send me your 'invitations'. I will return when the time will come, my dear Millitiants...

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Today, our Stalinist Tzarist, tomorrow Wulf. We all see Merkel and i had a hope that maybe German President will be able to make some constructive talk but i just spoted some mark on his face.

My grandfather has already showed me and history has proved this not once, that it is not possible to have anything constructive from this Ubermenshenn. Even if scale of harms they did to us and our nation is so huuuuge...