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Chineses boycoting clones

"Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here"

If you, like China, think that the Nobel committee is a bunch of "clowns" who are "orchestrating an anti-China fuss" you can add yourself to the growing list of 19 countries who are banning Friday's awards ceremony in Oslo, Norway. The basic reason for this boycot is what are you going to do with the original in time in wich you are going to award yet another clone? What with Witkacy...

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For me this boycot is like a spark of hope. In the darkness period of time that i was facing. The situation that our Israeli Prince's has cooked for my nation is realy worring us all. Thus such understanding that  this centauries old jewish question is also of top importance for the Muslim Ummah. Such understanding that has started to build up is very promising. and helpfull. The hope has not yet been lost, and it is hope for much better world for all of us, for all the people, whatever from East or West. Such noble intiative has made many in officials in European Union, so hostile these days, realy worried. As it has bringed true heat in people hearts and the dream for different, old fashioned EU.

However, at same time, for many of them, it is also, maybe litte bit, hidden hope for revival of true spirit of European Union and our informal Sanation movment. Revival truly in old shape and glory. Yes,  many in this country and continent are more or less loudly supporting this dream. In thier hearts, in thier souls. Same things are also happening on so called New Continent States. As there is only one God. Uniting us all, uniting in our diversity. Whatever nationality we bear, whatever is our color of skin. In this context Serbia servant move and recline from our group, is something worring us all. My grandfather could add it is true and worring sign of progressing sovietization or rather DDRisation. Personaly, I wonder if Serbs are also going change thier standard and anthem?

Beside Serbia retreat such initiatives like this Nobel boycot or recent French verdict are realy wakeing up the people. They are giving them heart and faith that at the end we will overcome this darkness and once again truth will win over the lies distributed by our Israeli prince's. Here in Belgium we all, well, most of us, see and hear same stage everyday with our 'rowdiness' knot kicking Eternal Jude and shouting at same time in his direction: 'Hitler, Hitler', 'Stalin', 'Jaruzelski' and other epitets. From mouths of Ubermenschen it sounds maybe not funny but just doleful. 

It would be better for them to keep thier mouths closed, as they are 'gross' producers in this Limbo or rather Limpo. Overcrowded by PKK and thier sister NOI, both acting under same Scientology umbrella. Limbo that is  ovreused by thier ungodly hands of Illuminati Molloch, with purpose to defame YHWH and true belivers. And he? He wait's for such sinners but in futher circles of Dante Inferno, in the middle of thier crazy route, to tell them one of the stories of 1001 nights.

This did not changed. What has changed are conditions. So far from whatever Mickiewcz Verona or Luther Wittenburg. Something that we did not noted even in hardest time of Nazi and Soviet occupation. It is nothing to be proud of, my dear compatriots from Likud and others. What you already did to Holy Family is just catching breath. Keep junketing in my palaces. While you my dear nationals. Instead of real Solomon Temple, you can marvel a cross on Pilsudzki square. Diged there like poisoned dagger into body of Jean Paul II. Our Holy Uncle...

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