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Zieberka a'la Italiano

"As long as in the heart, within,
A Jewish soul still yearns"

"כל עוד בלבב פנימה
נפש יהודי הומיה"

Beniamin Nethanyahu and his red plauge is not stopping his suicidal atemps and as usala is meeting with traditional resistance and diversion. Also on the day of CDU meeting he has made yet another attmept, another five point proposal. This time it was 'CDU family' that i had meet on the gare. So similar to this one of Joseph Goebels that has made similar suicide in time of my grandfather. Our CDU family has come on Gare, when tehy looked at me i heard in the air same song, like they signed in 1945: "Feuer... Poraj... Katz...".

This is exacly what is sgining in the souls of our eugenic clones. Whatever it would be Gabi Askenazi or Manouchehr Mottaki. In souls of this mutants, you will hear same song and same suicidal wish of death. The problem began when such Ubermenschens are standing, as leaders of our countries and nations. They should never been put in such a positions and it would be better for this world, if they will be overthrowed. Yes, they should be taken to screening of, once banned by Goebels, Testament of Dr. Mabuse, not to political cabinets or millitary war rooms...

Israel’s Netanyahu unveils U.S. plan for new talks

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed senior ministers a U.S. plan for resuming peace talks with Palestinians, including a 90-day settlement freeze, a diplomatic source told reporters Saturday.

The plan also includes a pledge not to seek any extension to the settlement freeze after the 90-day period, a vow to veto any attempts at the United Nations to force a unilateral peace deal and an agreement on supplying Israel with more war planes.


Throwing such a family into my hath could end only in one way. So, on next day, when Mr. Nethanyahu has reported his 'proposal' to members of his cabinet, they has been reported by Euronews, as five Canadian tourist found in hotel room.What is however key to understand how Nethanyahu thinks and works, is the other part of the message. The hotel has name 'Princess' and yes, of course he has called once again for my extermination and collection of sperm. Something, that from the point of view, of at least jewish nation cannot happen. 'As long as in the heart, within,A Jewish soul still yearns', they sign in thier anthem. Yes, jewish not Aryan. Mr. Nethanyahu and Askhenazi...

For him, however it is not a issue, at all. It is just a philosophy of Revisionist Zionism and what they do in fact is just reconstruction of Shoah and in eyes of jewish nation: avoval of beign driving force behind Holocaust. This is something that some of world leaders seems to not understand at all. By falling down to such philosophy; they are in fact realising agenda of the Revisionist Zionism. One, once marginal, branch of Zionist ideology...

The point of this ideology, root of both Nazism and Bolshevismus, is same, as it was before II World War: "if you cannot subude God, the God must go". And all the people that knew truth about him, exterminated. Because, they would knew that there would be no longer jews on this planet. That is why Adam in Forefather Eve's has wroten: 'my name is million because for a millions i love and i endure torment's'. Yes, If i will go, i will take millions with me. And yes, whatever they will tell you, the war is just next step. Something for what both General Paterus and Gabi Ashkenazi is waiting since months. Something that this planet will not survive...

It is such a weight. This is just like a trigger, so just fool them and never release it. If you will keep up to Islamic traditions, nothing bad will happen. If you will take up Bolshevismus way of Jozef Stalin. You will loose, everything. Better stop and turn back, as Brezhnev did in 1968 and maybe even kick off Nethanyahu people out of your govermental circles, as he did in March 68. Maybe such exhodus is something that should be repeated for them? Well, after decade Ben Zion people has returned to influence and thier revisionist modernisation has effectivly crashed Soviet Union, but at least for a moment it was peacefulness.

In this never-ending battle for memory,  Brezhnev has also later repeated such hard-liner stance later,  effectivly leading us to overthrow of Richard Nixon in 1974. Well, Richard was realtivly lucky one, if it would be Nikita Khrushchev, that has mastered handling of Revisionism, his Messianic experience would rather end on the cementery. Anyway, whatever you live at the Eastern or Western hemisphere, you should remeber that if it comes to culture, some things are not changing, whatever regime it is. Simply, our way for a revolution, is much better one that Hitler National Socialism or Stalin's Bolshevism. Somethign that we see these days; emmanating so much from both Red House and Kremlin. To not mention our Aryan Israel. With immortal:  la liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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