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Station PORAJ

Poraj, Warsaw-Vienna Railway

"By the wounds, tears and sufferings
of all the slaves,
exiles, and pilgrims,
Deliver us, oh Lord.

For a universal war
for the freedom of the nations,
We beseech Thee, oh Lord.

For national arms and eagles,
we beseech Thee; oh, Lord

For joyfull death on the battle field
we beseech Thee, Oh, Lord.

For tomb for our bones
in our land,
we beseech Thee, Oh, Lord

For the independence, integrity
and freedom of our country
We beseech Thee, oh Lord."

Whole jewry is today immensely bringed up by yesterday revelations. At same time, in Israel, Knesset is going to keep a vote on fate of some Lebanes village. The reason of this excitment is that many see it, as some other one. Famouse, litte forgotten, technical station on old Warsaw-Vienna Railway in Congress Poland.  The lost memory of Adam Mickiewicz Messianishm has returned. And thus, some see this vote, as the old Hamlet question: 'To be or not to be'. Of course, it is not so, but we must be ready, like in old time, to welcome Tzar viceroy and his delegation. The train, to take millions, is comming from Zion. And it will be true Lux-Torpeda.

Warsaw–Vienna Railway

The Warsaw-Vienna Railway (Polish: Kolej Warszawsko-Wiedeńska) was a railway system which operated in Congress Poland, a part of the Russian Empire, from 1845 until 1912, when it was nationalized by the Russian government. The main component of its network was a line 327.6 km in length from Warsaw to the Granica (English: Border) station (today Maczki, located in a suburb of Sosnowiec) on the border with the Austrian Empire, from 1867 known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There the line reached the Austrian railway network, offering connections i.a. to Vienna (hence the name of the line). It was the first railway line built in Congress Poland and the second in the Russian Empire, after a short stretch of 27 km between Tsarskoye Selo and Saint Petersburg which opened in 1837[1]. The line used the standard European gauge (1435 mm), as opposed to all other railways in the Russian Empire which used the broad gauge (1524 mm), hence it formed a system physically separated from other Russian railways.

When today Prince William has gave his long term girlfriend engagment ring, both Poles and Jews could wonder what thier prince is doing. He was at this time on the gare, playing basketball and awaiting Moscow courier that wanted to bring him an invitation. Thanks God and some loyalist inside of Nethayahu ranks, he did not reached him.

Sometimes, they ask me, that why, when i have such Mickiewicz feather i do not delete this cancer in which Israel has changed, forever. It is same feather that my grandfather Saint Stanislaw has found  near le Pont Mirabeau, left after Bronilaw Pilsudzki. The order has acttualy departed from before the YHWH, however the firstborn son has survived. While he was living outide of Jozef Pilsudzki '12th tribe', in typical to polish conspiracy and thus Kabbalah manner. Hidden into different family with another name and identity.

The messiash was still alive and while he had a power, to litteraly wipe Israel out of the map. By one geture, simply by making signature on paper. He never did it, having same hope, as i have. The polish order has been once again dented in 1984, together with my father, Saint Janek, chemical termination. Thus I also, have such powerfull feather in my hand and they know it. Denning jewish messiah existence, for them, is like denning thier own jewishness. Thier own culture, identity and religion. Well, when i anwer them on such question, i simply still have a hope for true Polonia Restituta; also for a jewish nation.

Same resurection, that under our leadership occured in 1918 and after 123 years bringed back our lost Commonwealth. Beside this, by making such thing, I would also harm Arabs, son's of the sword. About what they often are forgetting. In the eyes of God, they are all equal. It is same semitic race. To understand this, is to understand Religious Zionism. The Royal ideology of Judah.  The orginal way in which jews wanted restore lost Kingdom of Israel. Kind of Commowealth of Both People. Some day, the both people will be able to live in mutual cooperation and understanding...

From letter's to Knesset

Once again my congralutations to Mr. Nethanyahu and his suiccidal cabinet. While i am observing how bavarian clones are fucking jewish nation into ass; i am returning to the Thora and sacramental verse Jeremiah 31:35-37. I am just reminding you, that you, if you want to be called jewish nation of Israel, you cannot deny the Messiah existence. Because if you would do such thing, according to the Word of God, you would stop to be a jews. It would mean that at some point in the history, the God Orderal has departed from before the YHWH and thus seed of Israel has cased from beign a nation, forever.

Some day, when you will come to United Nations, asking to become full member, jewish nation of Israel, they will ask you, what you did with the Messiash? I wonder what will you answer then.

Where you has lost your minds?

Litte bit vulgar letter but very true.Well, after yet another night when thier troops was bulling me from thier tower, i am also losing nerves. Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. It is part of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith, the minimum requirements of Jewish belief.Now you should understand why it is so. If they would denny his existence they would denny thier own Jewishness. What they are doing is not like giving up village, but like changing standard with King David Star on bolshevik one. With the symbol of judaism, replaced by satanic pentagram...

So, if you want to put them in dificult situation, ask them about Messiah. Professor Yeshayahou Leibowitz, different professor that professor Wilczur, has once said that anti-semitism is not a issue of jews. It is issue of gentlies. If it very true, every jew that is rejecting Messiah, de facto stops to be a jew. Is just turning into Bolshevik Zombie, that for one more time is trying to cross Bug river. Something very popular in time of our pure master race, Aryan leaders of Israel. Seems, not only by thier deeds but also through faces, that both political and military leaders of Israel, have same mark that i bear.

However, in thier case, it is not Magen david but just biblical mark of the beast. Seems that both are not a jews, at all. They are just like reflection in Witkacy mirror. Thier mother is test-tube. That is why they and their eugenic slaves and thier zomibe like followers, does not even behave like Tzarist but are just, as once POLREWKOM, shouting : "STACJA PORAJ, ZYDKI WYSIADAC". For once again, trying to 'accomplish' thier unfinished revolution of 1920...

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