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Rota - The Oath

We won't forsake the land we came from,
We won't let our speech be buried.
We are the Polish nation, the Polish people,
From the royal line of Piast.
We won't let the foe Germanize us.

So help us God!
So help us God!

To the last blood drop in our veins
We will defend our Spirit
Till into dust and ash shall fall,
The Teutonic windstorm.
Every doorstep shall be a fortress.

So help us God!
So help us God!

The German won't spit in our face,
Nor Germanize our children,
Our host will arise in arms,
Our spirit will lead the way.
We'll set out when the golden horn calls.

So help us God!
So help us God!

We won't have Poland's name defamed,
We won't step into a grave alive.
In Poland's name, in her honor
We lift our faces proudly,
A grandson will regain his forefathers' land

So help us God!
So help us God!

Maria Konopnicka,
Kongresowka, 1908

Rota - The Oath

Rota ("The Oath") is an early 20th-century Polish poem and anthem, once proposed to be the Polish national anthem.

Rota's lyrics were written in 1908 by Maria Konopnicka. The music was composed two years later by Feliks Nowowiejski.

Konopnicka's poem came into being as a protest against the German Empire's oppression and suppression of Polish culture in German-occupied western Poland — lands that from the late 18th century after the Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to 1918 were under Prussian — and later, German — rule.

Rota was first sung publicly during a patriotic demonstration in Kraków on July 15, 1910, itself held to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Polish-Lithuanian victory over the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Grunwald. The anthem quickly became popular throughout partitioned Poland.

Until 1918 Rota served as an anthem of the Polish Scouting movement. After the nation regained independence in 1918, Rota in 1927 found itself under consideration for a time as a possible Polish national anthem.

During the German occupation of Poland in World War II, in the Zielonki suburb of Warsaw, scouts from the Polish Scouting Association and Szare Szeregi pasted posters with the text of the poems on the walls of the buildings in town. In reprisal, the Germans carried out mass executions of the inhabitants of the suburb and scout members. A monument commemorating the crime stands there today.

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