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Postponed Beatification

"We won't forsake the land we came from,
We won't let our speech be buried.
We are the Polish nation, the Polish people,
From the royal line of Piast.
We won't let the foe Germanize us."

Yesterday it was suposed to be a beatification of Jean Paul II. However just two weeks before the elections in United States it has been postponed. Some, did not noticed this and thanks to this we could observe interesting pendent. For first time reader i would like to notice that most of content of this journey is dedicated to my Uncle and the deadly sin, that some of top leaders are bearing. They has in Teutonic rite has crucifixed Karol Wojtyla, claiming sum on some of my closest allies and dedicated defender of both Jewry and Islamic Ummah, if not whole religious life at all. The beatification has been postponed on next October 2011, that will be precedeed by something that only outwardly is not releated. I think about premiere of Captain America movie. A very sharp picture of eternal fight that we are struggling of.

It is interesting that our Civic Platrom leader and his mother has a longstanding pretension to the Holy Father, also because of lost of thier Hetchman, General Marek Papala. Well, maybe for my Likud readers thing would be easier to read and see, if our polnishe leader would grow out mustache. He personaly half seriously, half in jokes is saying that this is a 'revenge'. And it is, a revenge on Pilsudzki family for 30 April 1945. However i do not know if we should laught from his jokes, especialy if we think that we are still a jews. God choosen people. Well, if it comes to John Paul II, the damage has been alredy done. And they are devastating, as he was dreaming about real boost and full restauration. As promised in the Holy Thora. No, of course, everything is alright in Likud...

I am very sorry, dear Tusk that i did not appeared on time with our Uncle, as planned. I hope that during your Nazi reign, i will not do. And even if then only to receive same order that similar puppet instalation, named Renegat Council has issued for my Stryj on 11 November 1918. The level of moral corruption that is eating my country and nation has already achieved its peak. And on the ocassion of posponed beatification, we all had saw... Herman Goering again. Yes, yet again eugenic clone, with famous mark of the beast on his face. This time, nominated on this day as the head of Division that is touturing me everyday and night. Somebody that from Cracow, in cooperation with Cardinal Dziwisz and our happy Isreali has already bestialy martyred my Uncle and my Mother. Real Likud champion and ellite 36 Polish Air Spec Division. Yes, this one that is operating military radio...

36 Luftwafe Herman Georing Division

The Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1. Hermann Göring (1st Paratroop Panzer Division Hermann Goering - abbreviated Fallschirm-Panzer-Div 1 HG) was an élite German Luftwaffe armoured division. The HG saw action in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and on the Eastern front. The division was the creation of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring and increased in size throughout the war from an Abteilung (battalion) to a Panzer corps.

When Adolf Hitler's NSDAP swept to power in Germany in 1933, World War I fighter ace Hermann Göring was appointed as Prussian Minister of the Interior. In this capacity, all Police units in Prussia came under Göring's control.

On 24 February 1933, with the intention of creating a police unit of unswerving loyalty to the NSDAP regime, Göring authorized the creation of Polizeiabteilung z.b.V. Wecke ("Police Battalion for special purposes Wecke"). The unit was named after its commander, Prussian World War I veteran and early NSDAP member Major der Schutzpolizei Walther Wecke. The abteilung was based in the Berlin-Kreuzberg neighbourhood, and quickly began to build a reputation as a ruthless and brutal Nazi enforcement unit.

More: Wikipedia

You can maybe wonder why the face of our newly appointed Wawel Dragon and this one of Hermann Georing is same, as the marks on it. Well, they are just clones of my grandfather. No, it is not accident. I am still looking into same mirror that my grandfather was doing. And the words that he has spoken before his legendary 'escape in the truck', are as actuall, as then. The situation is however much worse. All thanks to Nethanyahu efforts that is soley aiming, at the destruction of jewish race. Literaly...

Promised Land

When we come to the issue of Israel and its land, people ask the question,” What rights does Israel have to its land?” Arguments are continually brought forth concerning the rights of the Palestinians and the rights of the Israelis that seem logical to the people who present them and to the people who want to listen. But a basic question still remains in my mind as I listen to the many conflicting viewpoints concerning Israel’s right to its land: “Who has the ultimate authority to determine what rights Israel has to its land?”

The Christian answer to that question is that God alone determines the “rights” that any of us have. Something is right or wrong because of Divine decree, not human feeling or reason. The existence of God previous to the creation of the universe and mankind gives Him the right to determine our “rights.” Morality exists because God exists. Authority exists because God exists.

If you, your blind followers, think that after such thing you will go to United Nation to claim a full right to be 'a nation'. Do not be surprised when they will ask you and what our 'God choosen people' you did with the Messiah? To whom Promised Land belongs. You, my dear Israeli are just fucked into ass by Bavarians. And with idiotic smiles of joyfullnes, you ask for more. Following like lemmings straight into abbyss. Thanks to your 2% leadership...

While our star of NATO, right hand of Raussmussen, Smolensk's Colonel has just installed in Radziwillow, as before war polish nation was naming current Presidential Palace. Palace that has been taken from my family during Stalinst Nationalisation, a palac that is private property, part of my heritage.

While, I am living humilitated like a dog under the fence of our dear Prime Minister. The eugenic clone, thanks to the technology is playing a role of Almighty God, while authenitc one has been crushed to the ground. Thanks to Nethanyahu policy of Eine Hermany Arbeit and his reconstruction effort of the Great Revision. While after decades of occupation, it is technicaly possible to fully restore the God Orderal and the role of Commonwealth in the modern world. To anybody that did not lost his mind to this Bavarian madness, it is obviousl that it is something that should be restored, not destroyed by eugenic fakes. And, well, it is nothing new, as the faces we see are not. We experienced it during both the Weimar Republic and during the Soviet Occupation. With simillar arbeit and totalitarian 3 headed hydra, sturming every night and day...

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