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Obtused Rozstowski thigh's

"My party i am leaving on the tree"

After my appeal and bright summary of polish elections, i was going to once again draw you picture of Tzarist Russia, to show you difference between nobility and bolshevism. However, today it was Livni from Kadima that has forced me to write this post. But before i will do this, in my Braile course, i will make litte be deepfull look at Polish political stage. For sure, the old has returned, but only partialy. Official media are stating that bigest winner was a party of my grandfather: PSL.

Well, thanks to help of local NVA they has scored similar result that our Balicki-Napieralski socialists, both 15% in relative numbers. Some of Poles has got impression that i am leading them. It is not so and on very first day, they has thanked me behaving like vultures and counting that Putin will eliminate me.

PSL delegation has come on the stage, to observe this execution, but Putin people has just marched smiling from them, behaving like our  'Czwartacy'. PSL can only dream about 75% public support that they has enjoyed during my grandfather leadership. They, since long time are using my grandfather, as toilet paper and majority of Poles see this. Certainly, they learned nothing and can only dream thier Prometeism dream. Trying to 'regain confidence' by performing crucifxation in the nation that has survived 300 years of russification, germanisation and sovietisation...

Tusk typical for previous era success propaganda did not worked and while goverement just before ellections has announced that even 48% of Poles is supporting Civic Militia the ellections has showed something different. Most of us has decided to stay in homes and Tusk platformers has scored litte over 30%. What in absolute numbers is just 15-16% of all allowed to vote.

People are realy dissapointed by our 'Kiszczak' kids and it should be clear to everybody. But they are also disillusioned by so called oposition that was 'nourishing' Tusk and his infamous colonel and joined vocal attacks on the symbol of the independence and old glory. Providing no alternative to Tusk dictatorship, no hope for rebirth of polish statehood, that they yern for, that they know from the pre war period. They saw it again sharply on next day after elections, when our 'ellite' Renegat Council has gathered in my forefathers palace "Radziwillow". For Tusk PR specialist it was  one again occassion to compare me to my father executioner, General Jaruzelski. Genral that, nota bene, is living in uncomparable to this Reich Furst conditions...

Radziwiłł palace

Its subsequent owners, the Radziwiłł family, added the extension wings in 1738-1740. In 1817 the palace was purchased by the government of the Polish Kingdom to become the seat of the Tsarist Viceroys. On February 24, 1818 the 8-year-old Frederic Chopin gave his first public concert here at a Charity Society dinner. The young virtuoso performed the Concert in e-moll by Wojciech Jirovec (Gyrowetz). After World War I the building was refurbished to cater to the needs of the newly reconstituted Polish governmental authorities, as the palace became the official seat of the Council of Ministers.

During World War II the Germans transformed the palace into a casino and hotel which in fact saved the building from being destroyed. After WWII the palace once again became the seat of the Council of Ministers. In 1955 the Warsaw Pact treaty was signed here and in 1989 the Polish Round Table Agreement. The palace has been the office of the President of Poland from 1993.

Well, they say that the meeting in my palace has been a preparations to biger one with Russian Federation. I wonder if they has also disscussed effect of such a transfer, as i has left last testamento.  I am maybe not in position to enforce my family rights to our stolen palaces, fine arts items, gold and jewellry but others are. Soon, they can have there Russian Embassady, true Namiestnikowski Palace or Benedictus curia.Yes, it is not only of spiritual heritage and 'be or not to be' of european jewry  and Mahometan faith but also material one. And yes, of course, the Saski Palace, true King Solomon Temple. YHWH headquaters destroyed by Nazi Germany on eve of return of my grandfather, in 1944...

Going back to polish elections we can observe something realy promissing. Similary to the 1985 elections people has been left without any real choice, so most of them has decided to stay in home.. However, this one that has gone voting did not choosed political parties. It was maybe first time in our history that the political hydra has been left alone and instead people has choosed independent candidates. If it comes to the city majors it was crushing on 49 majors, 31 has been choosed from independents. Only 18 are belonging to political hydra.


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