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"Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt"
Kinder Welt...

While i am staying in my boat, like my father was doing, singing our standard: 'Kinder rasa, kinder rasa, won' our Aryan Israel hydra is angry as never before. While they are through Scientology Church still organising thier 'jewish journeys', they cannot execute me. My Iranian grandfather today was shouting on whole throat to millions of Iranians: 'It is great and undeniable truth'.It is true that simply through memory they are crushing our Aryan's plans and whole system.

Otherwise, i would be clawed by our Ubermenshen like Marinus van der Lubbe, Leon Trotsky or bestialy murdered and castrated like, my syberian bastard, Rasputin. All of them put in same role of Jesus Christ. Clean and without even single drip of blood but under similar Teutonic crusade and sturms. Finaly crucifixed by thier 'defenders'.

The difference? The difference is encoded on my face, as on faces of conterparting clones. It is Magen David. I am orginal, Messiash of jewish nation. And it is something undeniable.What is realy worring, that nobody else would survive this bestial machniery. In old times it was litte bit different, but nowdays, nobody else on this planet would survive it. Whatever he would be king, president or prime minister. Without this gene he would not have any chance. This time our war machinery has meet original one and whole system can crash. So what our Israeli are doing? Through Scientology Church organising even more wagons with one simple destination. With full premeditation sending them to death. 'Warum, warum, warum?', i ask them signing, as our Sobibor boatman...

To make things even more difficult, in my country, similary to France of Mr. Petein we are observing true rash of rats. People have enough of this Bolshevik hydra and has turned thier votes for independent Rathäuser's. The question that does not allow our dear Ubermenschen leaders to sleep, is what if this Rats will organise before national elections that are going to be held next year? Whole of thier system can collapse, if they will decide to not coperate but will ressist. With such powerfull leader they can quickly overthrow them. It is similar situation that we had in France with both 'zygi' and 'rats'. The answer seems to be also same: National Revolution. And here comes surprise of Ms. Livni, our fallen women...

Révolution nationale

The Révolution nationale was the official ideological name under which the Vichy regime ("the French state") established by Marshal Philippe Pétain in July 1940 presented its program. Pétain's regime was characterized by its anti-parliamentarism and rejection of the constitutional separation of powers, personality cult, xenophobia and state anti-Semitism, promotion of traditional values and rejection of modernity, and finally corporatism and opposition to class conflict. Despite its name, the regime was more reactionary than revolutionary, opposing most changes since the 1789 French Revolution.

As soon as it had been established, Pétain's government took measures against the "undesirables": Jews, métèques (immigrants), Freemasons, Communists—inspired by Charles Maurras' conception of the "Anti-France", or "internal foreigners", which Maurras defined as the "four confederate states of Protestants, Jews, Freemasons and foreigners" — but also Gypsies, homosexuals, and, in a general way, any left-wing activist. Vichy imitated the racial policies of the Third Reich and also engaged in natalist policies aimed at reviving the "French race" (including a sport policy), although these policies never went as far as the eugenics program implemented by the Nazis.

More: Wikipedia

We all know how, thanks to our Cannadians in White House, difficult is the situation not only at right-wing but also at left. Today, when at end of day, Livni was speaking against 'Revisionist' power broking deal with Likud Aryan leadership, she did it hearing my roar from both China and Iran, so called Mr Blob Kung-fu. She was aware about the possible outcome for jewry, so taked my side. However, the problem with Livni is acctualy what she was trying to do yesterday. It is very bad, when leaders of political party are making decisions under personal deeds. Puting personal gains over the party or nation interest, as in such case. And what she was trying to do, can be only named, as 'droping nation into vagina'. I can partialy understand 'clones', we all hear what plays in thier souls, but what to say about 'normal' leaders, 'undermenschens' that plays such a way, that Livni was trying?

To understand Livin desire to have his 'litte prince', in reality yet another worthless bastard is to understand essence of National Socialism. It was very early when Adolf Hitler with his masters has developed such concept adressed to female population. Mainly female leaders or wifes of important world figures. He also was promising them such 'Ubermenschen' offspring this way gaining important allies. Livin was not alone in her dream of 'litte prince', there are others, sometimes just common people that come here with thier issues of 'Frauen Warte' and such insane desire. It was concept of 'golden pair' that you can find on Arbeit Party propaganda but also eraly Soviet ones.

Why Livni has did such a request? Maybe she belived in repeat of my father North Korean finale and possitive outcome of recent Red House mission. Maybe she had misunderstood Vladimir Putin announcment of special programme to double rare Syberian Tiger population until 2022. Fooled, she has requested my sperm, thus puting whole nation in her and her colleagues hiney and giving new image of her party and Nationale Revolution. In eyes of nation it is simply disqualification and we advice them to look for some more responsible and wise leader. If they does not want to change into Reicharbeit party, completly.

Working, to satisfy sick dreams of thier leaders. There are other good examples of involvment of Social Democrats and it is not first time when Pilsudzki is separating National Socialist from jewish Social Democrats. But you need to want to use such model, that in past has bringed liberation to whole Central Europe. Now, we see why we have such 'status quo'. With such opossition, our Nixon can easily continue his Sobibor transports. Instead of beign kicked out of the Israeli cabinet. For what through 2 years of his 'recruitment' practices,  mass abuse of God Orderal, he has fully deserved. He, not his vitcim Jesus Christ - Messiash, thier Creator and Judge...

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