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Stryj on recording human voice

"The fundamentals of this alliance should not and will not change. Because they make as much sense as they have done for the past 61 years. And because they continue to be essential for the security of our citizens"

Anders Fog Rassmusen,
Brussels, 8 October, 2010

On the photo on the left made by my grandfather in time of First World War when he was broader know under 'Witkacy' name, he looks into the mirror and everywhere, at the East, North, South, West see this same face. It is mirracle of eugenic and in this matter nothing has changed in XXI century. I too, when i look at four directions of this world, i see this same face everywhere, faces of Dajjal. Many of us are ruled by such clones and it should be no longer a secret. In the media, they often presenet themself, as they would be me. Is this true? No, it is usual Teutonic behavior, so what a nature this ubermensche have? If you will look at photo on top of this post, you will understand. It just like with this two eagels, faces are same but how different thier characters are...

However, it is not only clones that are using such disguise, trying to hide thier true nature and intentions behind me and my legend. My favorite of theologians, Martin Luther was calling this usual behavior a doctrine of false apostols or 'another Gospel'. In Brasil voters has already spoted such technics during recent vote, with the real clown named Tiririca, trying to play me and through this disguisting Mickiewicz, Pilsudzki or Witkacy, my forefathers and our case. In Poland such a role is playing another clown, that recently left civic tribune, Mr. Palikot. Well, our sense of humor is quite different, as the weight of case i represent. And you, should think if this clowns are in reality just not more like this clones, our world leaders, that are trying to hide behind wall of thier public relations specialists and such cheap tricks. When i look at Tirrica or Palikot i still see Obama, Merkel, Tusk or Kaczynski. All the uberhumans have equal level, level of very bloody circus clowns. And the people are no blind, they see, understand and thus prefer our old-polish sense of humor...

Pilsudzki on recording human voice

I am standing behind some strange trumpet and i think, that my voice would separate from me and go into world withouth me, withouth his owner. Funny ideas people have.

Realy, it is hard to not laught from this strange situation in which voice of Mr. Piłsudski will find himself.

I am imagining such funny moment, when some pineapple will wind up crank, will push scraw and some trumpet will speak instead of me.


Empty laught is taking me, that my poor voice, separated from me, has became not my propert and belongs, i do not know, to who, to what: to trumpet or maybe some shalehorders society.

Most funny is however an idea, that when i will be no longer, voice of Mr. Piłsudski would be selling for three pittance; somwhere on marketplaces. Almost on phounds, like honey-cakes. On drams, just like some drops.


Jozef Klemens Pilsudzki
Marshall of II Commonwealth
05.09.1924, Warszawa

The words of Rassmusen that he has spoken during Fund of Marshall session sounded maybe good but a realtity and his intensions was much worse. The role of this fundament of NATO and famous Neurenberg health path has during course of his administration of the alliance degenerated and instead of focusing on real NAZI and Soviet era war criminals, the alliance has come on dogs, and has becamo a specialists of quick divorces and candy drops producent. During soviet ocuppation, specialist in People Army of Poland was calling such a trend Stalin hobby: parachuters. Our revisionist head of Sojuz, Lavrenti Fog Beria is not different from stalisinst opressors also if it comes to the psychical opression.

Today, as many others he has caught American postman syndrome and also wanted to take me back to Treblinka, so i will be not able to inform my dear readers about this dishonourable Danish rat evenings. It was something that my grandfather has enjoyed in Stalin Poland and something under what he has wroten his book 'Rape of Poland', in this sense you read continuation: 'Rape of Europe' and observe same process that my father called 'communisation', while life has showed it is rather 'bolshevisation'. Well, through this two years his troops, eliite of NATO from Warsaw tower was everyday and everynight raping me, many times during the day. They was and continue to use psychical beatings and bayonets everyday. Litteraly every day and night i am beaten and raped by this inhuman NATO caprals. Every day and night, since countless time. It is something that was already illustrated on the movie: the Schism. Just imagine that it is going on everyday, through months, through years.

It is how the NATO works under Lavrenti Rassmussen. And where is now this fundament of NATO? In the gutter, drowing in shit. Everyday offended and demeaned by bolsheviks and nazi american youths, by barrbarians that does not repsect anything fuelled by blind hatred. That is how Protestants are ruling the alliance. That is where they has leaded this fundamnet of the alliance. Yes, Rassmussen: Raus Jude, Raus. Get my gold from Marshall Fund, gold that your generals has stolen from Bavaria and gass us all, happy idiot. Count on revision and wait for sun to come again from behind the clouds. You has already beaten Soviet Union. Human dignity, human rights, freedom of movement or respect to private property is just empty slogans. Mainly thanks to such characters...

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