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Ну, погоди! (Nu, pagadi!)

Dimitri Medvedev or rather Dimtiri Medjevew is continuing his journey into Soviet Union and our German Chancellor, arm to arm is showing German people the hidden mechanismo of old Deutche Democratishe Republic. Is this something that Eastern block was dreaming of? Certainly, no. And same is for Russian people that once again see thier old flag on the Kremlin. As, they once again hear sounds of thier old anthem, so hated by most, as was Jozef Stalin. No, they too did not dreamed about such Russia. For me, as usual, is doubly sad, as it was great hope to have an old, slavic Russian Federation restored, not this hostile and degenerated Soviet behemot. After 300 years of difficult relations, we could once again live in 'viekowy sojuz', as they sign in thier noble anthem. Instead, we are served old fair tale from our childrenhood. Nu, pagadi or 'Wolf and rabbit', as we know it in Poland...

The Red Plague: Stalinism

The only way, comrades but millions of rude people of Soviet Union and whole world are walking on it. For them, for Soviet people, for man of work in Poland and whole world; Jozef Stalin is example, sign-post, teacher.

It is who is comrade Stalin for us. Human that saved humanity. Who has defeated fashism. Friendship with Soviet Union, help from Soviet Union, example of Soviet Union, it is source of our faith in building new life, here in Poland...

Source: PRL

Well, there is still a hope for better days. Thier recent 'sputnik' has been welcomed with all honors and i saw again Hevenly Smile on face of my grandfather. What is quite positive is that Russian side has at this ocassion transmited a message that was quite in our Sanation style. Instead of saying a fairytales they has just announced that one of thier top generals has commited suicide, shooting into head. We was also at such rare ocassions given such short messages. Our Sea Wolfes would sign: 'or on the bottom of sea, fall' I know that many in Russia are just happy to see such NKVD people in correct places and they are not hidding this. It is just in nature of our slavic nations. I know that some cynics at Kremlin would say even, that he has received a prize for his involvment in dissolvment of Soviet Union. Well, we has gained a hope but from strategic point of view, they, because of such Swedish advices, has lost a lot of territory and influence.

Former Russian spy chief commits suicide

MOSCOW: The former intelligence chief of Russia’s interior troops on Monday committed suicide by firing a shot to the head at his Moscow apartment block, officials said.

Viktor Chevrizov left his apartment at around 10am and went into the stairwell, where he fired the fatal shot with his Makarov service pistol, the investigative committee of prosecutors for the Moscow region said.

Investigators have now launched a probe into the circumstances of the suicide, a spokesman for the committee, Sergei Marchenko, told the ITAR-TASS news agency. The Interfax news agency said he had retired in 2002.

Chevrizov, 62 according to the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily’s website, has served as intelligence chief for the domestic ground forces who report to the interior ministry. There were no further clues over the cause of the suicide and Russian news agencies said the former major general had shown no sign of any morbid mood nor left a suicide note.

Source: Daily Times

If you sits now in Duma or Kremlin you should think litte bit more about such peopole. They has driven Soviet Sojuz on Mango in same style, as they are driving you nowdays. With thier disdain to everything and everybody, with thier brutality and bestiality and at priori foolishnes they has driven Soviet Union into abys. You should remeber that there is huge difference between follishnes and bravery. I know that premiere of American Furst, older of Romanov brothers, Captain America: The First Avenger has been postponed from Autum 2010 to 27 July 2011 but you can be sure that it will be again very loudly about me. They say that revision of history is possible, but it is just a lie for fools.

What is realy worring is that the author of this mad idea, Ben Zion Nethanyahu, our beloved Professor Wilczur, simply does not care about the consequences. And, as Syria Pressident has noticed today, they would affect whole world. European jewry and Islamic Ummah, to mention just two, mostly affected. Professor Wilczur is close to his death and does not care what would be after. If you follow him, you are just stupid, behaving like a lemmings, walking on brink of chasm. This movie about American First, thier premier is just like comet that is comming to hit United States and the whole planet. To shake it. What is interesting in this context; it is Merkel Tribune of Peope and Konsomol in United States that is bellowing loudlest. Maybe thay has been teached such things since litte kids and will never be able to change. Well, son of Luck Skywalker, this same that once they has lanuched, as Sputnik, has returned and some at Death Star, realy feel only the fear of the Lord. Yes, in this part of Galaxy we know much better fairtales that Ну, погоди!...

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