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Nowa Huta Memorial

"To be, or not to be: that is the question"
William Shakespeare's, "Hamlet"

The situation at the East is still quite difficult, as usual for Cuban Missile Crisis's but i hope that soon they will see Tater and Rysy height on thier Wall Street index. If they still does not see feature of this face suffering on the street of Brussels. Such a cloack i inherited after my froefathers. It is called immortality and yes, "in the wheel of creation there is plenty more of them", as Adam was writing in his "Forefathers Eve"

While Mr. Ahmenidad has already announced comming of new era, he should be not happy yet, as he is doing it at least once for month. I must advice my friends in Iran that if this would be new era, it should be era without eugenic fakes in the politics, truly Messianic Age. The true belivers, must by revarded for thier authentic faith not exterminated, while deadly sin of some: forgiven and later even forgotten, as Thora teaches. Thier Sin, not Almight God.

Our Iranian Foreign Ministry is already burnt-out in the region and they should better tihnk about replacment, not falling down to Nazi assing, that is merly defensive tactic, dodge, in case of troubles. When i meet today my Iranian grandfather i showed him Shoah and some headline in polish newspapers: 'mangled by his own dogs'. He feels it, as my grandfather feelt. They also need Sanation, moral healing, especialy if it comes to so called 'Izlamic Jihad'. The problem of eugenic ubermenschen is that by thier genetic modification they lack any breaks in thier mind and while normal man will stop and will think about possible effects of his insane activities, they will not. That is why thier Nazi creators has made them. No, they are not funny, it is pure antisemism. And it hits Arabs, equaly.

At West, merly same soviet evangelisation. The NATO summit in Brussels was maybe interesting, if it comes to the justice but in any other aspects it reminds me Soviet Union. I know that our Protestant secreatery, creator is maybe to low in rank to hold direct, face to face meeting. Maybe, it is too bloody, so 'nu pagadi'. It is shame, double shame to what he has driven NATO. The red plague that has come out of Berlin Wall continue to drive this old Jidish Tango in the Soviet Union. Proving that they cannot think out-of-box. Well, they has been teached this Stalinism, so early in PRL.

While, Rausmussen promotes teutonic Theology of the Glory, the situation reminds me another fight in defense of cross. This one that we hold in Soviet Poland, in Nowa Huta at beging of 60'ths. In 80'ts our 'modernisators' has made a movie 'Oh, Karol' now we are making reactional 'Ah, Karol', not your 'Oh Karol 2' PRL remake. I am not "stub pig", as our Soviet clowns has tended to name me. My Stryj has left uniform, that we bear since centauries, at Wawel in 1935 but wait, where we are living? Do not change Anthem of European Union, rather change this red tunes. Better left this Red Plague and tri headed hydra behind Branderburg Gate. Merkel, too, if necessary. Haracz...


Field of constuction. 8th o'clock at morning. Guys are leaving thier car. Corner of Majakowski and Marks, as it was named at that time. Ordered to deleve wooden cross that was standing there. At that time, authorites was delighting in rapes.

Nowohucka crew

Yes, Nowa Huta first in Poland soviet city, fullifing guidelines, all of strategic points. In the vicinty of Cracow with his numerous intelligentsia. As the punishment for anti-bolshevik postures. Perfect soc-city, executed dream of Stalin. Builded from zero plus great conglomerat. Without temples, only concrete, steel and tin. Arbeit in steelworks and Lenin propaganda.

It was intended to grow a new human. Enlighted atheist that disown the God. However, such philosophy is too far to Lachs, so we did not waited long for the effects. Rebuked for waht the soviet authorities has taken respect of dignity, freedome of expression and religion. Citizens was lacking temple. In which, in some sense, they could hidde themself. People was preferably listening to clerics. Was praying, beliving that at end truth will win. Time of fight with mills. And bigest of all victories. Acceptation from authroities. They are giving a ground, there will be Temple in Huta.

Works has started, holliday, symbolic cross has standed. Then acceptation has been declined. Crossh has been ordered to taken back. We will remove it by force, if you will not do it. And 27 April has come. On building field STAR has come, to remove wooden cross. Ladies are buzzing, they are going to cross the plan. Handfull of people gathers, arbeiter gets into head. Cross is staying and whole fuss is starting. People are gathering. 100 people, 300, 500. Together they will win, so let it be as much as possible. At noon thousdands. SB is making photos, investigations, raids. Shields, dogs, gass, nuts, armors, water cannons. They has heard a shoots, there was deadly incidents.

Townsfolks are brining bandages, drops, wool. Taking wounded and maggoty to gates and cages. The ZOMO cars was bruning, they was throwing rocks. Beaten militiants and UB recognized. Destroyed building of district council, on streets standed barricades. Whole New Huta in one big gass cloud. People was signing patriotic and religous songs. For faith, in defense of values and symbols. None of Soviets will be teaching us. They was shouting: 'Gestapo. Moscow cones'. And they was beating. Fight was going on until early moruning hours. It was so, even it is hard to imagine it today.


I see a return to reason and religon, together with return of grandfather from Qum, not only at Middle East. The polish answer to Hamlet question, should be obviousl not only to jews but also to Mahometans and Gentlies. In this context, recent Ahemnidad statement is very bright. There are other issues, in particural my heritage, that we need to sort out, befor even be able to thinkg about use of 'nuclear power'. At first it is just about human dignity. And yes, the Almight God is uniting us all, as this noble case is and this is a reason of constant sturms conducted by various partisants and the constant calls from Red House and other eugenic invaded places. It is very visible especially when it comes to the Nation of Islam, sister organisation of Scientology Church.

Yes, it is a case of some deadly sin but also of Black and White Supermacy and rasism, by iron driven by thier masters from Bavaria and in this time, also from Israel. The words of Malcolm X, that has left Nation of Islam, after his pilgrimage to Mecca are even more clear: 'It is not a case of beign good or bad: blacks and whites. It is a case of beign good or bad, as human beigns'.Thus, at West, i still feel like in Chelm, in the boat on the river signing: 'Kinder rasa, kinder rasa, won' mixed with 'litte white house'. My dear soviet people. Repeat after Thomas Jeferson: 'God is just', and after George Washington add: 'And it is impossible to rightly govern the world without him and the Bible'.

So, why you stand anginst him, as not once Teutons was standing? In context of elections is United States, you should always resist such insane calls to remove the God, to remove the very bounds of society, whatever your leadership will do and say. And yes both is broken. Remeber, only fitness will survive upcoming elections. Americans are not stupid...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I see that you in Iran, has distanced from our yesterday 'Nationale Revolution' and that it is acctually our European Foreign Lady Ashton that has made such antisemtic presentation. But still, there is serious threat, serious leak inside of your goverment. Beware, to not fall into same trape, that they did in the past...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I see that some has started to apprecaite this gift of God. Nice to welcome Mr. al-Tikriti

PS. My father name was also million and they has taken millions with him. Justice of God has trumphed, one more time...