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Nazi Gold at Buddha foots

"Possession of another's whealth without owner permission's is not permissable."

Hadith of 12'th Imam Mehdi

For some, blinded by thier sins and greed, Word of God seems to be not enough. Then often OPEC is comming at the Wall Street turns red. Our Scientologist also on this front was counting so much on the change in the tone but instead OPEC has agreed that the recent $70 to $80 a barrel price range is ideal for producers and consumers. Giving to carefull listener a notice that we can have repeat of 1970-80 crisis and the current hope for hossa was to early. The red wall on thier screens is clearest and best message to the Western leaders, that often seem to lose themself in thier insane dreams and sphagethi served them by diplomacy and media.

Well, my god-father Jimi Carter is the best example. Before his visit in Dr. Balicki hospital was seemed by irresponsible people, as real cure for weak dollar. Could be even named a hero of America, if what he wanted to do was not just an act of both insanity and just antisemitism. So tipical combination for the current Red House adiministartion. But is thier oppossition, is Micheal Steel Benedictians, anything better? Even if they makes good deeds, they do it forced by conditions, not from the heart, nor true faith, as Republicans should do. And just after, he, as White House just calls for the Holy Sperm of Jesus Christ. Benedictin XVI innovation to liturgy.

The negotiations continue and they will even after the American elections. For me it will be thrid year on Siberia, but almost every generation we are landing in such conditions and suffering. My grandfather did for two years, to return in 1941 and his father also spent his time in exile. It is very sharp sign that our motherland is not yet independent and the crown on the eagel, crown for which generations was fighting is just an illussion. Still, we do not lose a hope that once will regain true independence and suverenity. And will rebuild a broker like influence that our Commowelath of Both People had centauries ago. Truth always win, even if it will be hidden for a moment.

While, our journey was expected even by chief of NATO to end just yesterday, we continue our Buddisth teaching about ending the suffering in the proper manner. And while today, media was full of beutification informations from Switzerland, that you will better understand watching attached video clip below, there was another one comming from Berlin. As usual, in accord to Professor Wilczur i was compared to Adolf Hitler. It is nothing unusual for this 'school of thinking' and even my gradnfather was compared to such figures.

However, what a people that did not lost common sense saw in this Berlin exhibition was our Donald Tusk and his facial friends, from all over the world, including Kaczynski. All of our Benedictin XVI cousings can celebrate thier place. And it is clear, as the sun on the sky. Should be to everybody that see what is going to happen in Las Vegas over this weekend. The fight inside Lutheran church, to restore him back on original tracks, continues. And traditional and hard stance of OPEC cartel is quite usefull for such purpose. If we does not want have 45 millions of Nazist and Izlamic heresion there, again. The other course of this story is still possible, as the other vision of role of our old continet. So, do not lose this hope for comming of Messianic Age and prepare the way for scond comming of Christ, second advent...

Unprecedented Hitler exhibition in Berlin

Why did so many people follow Hitler under the Nazis? That is the question the German Historical Museum in Berlin is trying to answer with an unprecedented exhibition entitled “Hitler and the Germans – Nation and Crime.”

More: Euronews

Well, in orginal it was designed to be a place for me, as was in Soviet time for my father. However, even dumbests see this lie, as they see my grandfather faces is the mirror. Older ones, maybe even remeber same Arab crisis that has overthrowed Richard Nixon and set the tempo of world trade until end of 70'th, when i had come on this world. When they was at this year World Foot Day watching French gas stations they was maybe signing old vintage, classic of 70's: Out of Gast.What, as you can see, my birth did not solved anything but for some Red Skull schoolars was just yet antoher reason for a war and 'abortion campaign'. I am, as he and all of my forefathers: blooded like hell, blooded like Jesus Christ on the cross. In 70'ts when people at West was spoting this classic, they had saw there my father, a real prince, Furst von Warshau, living behind the Berlin Wall.

More that 30'th years has passed and they see same prince, this time living like animal, on the street of heart of so called 'Free Europe'. Trashed to ground, treated, worse that dog, like a waste. While they are struggling with yet another arab crisis, that will maybe continue through another decade, or alternativly maybe will explode into real economical madness. And yes, i am not going to help you, this time we are no longer living under the Iron Curtein, so the stake is even bigger. And what the 'chiensse' people want to see is our old glory restored, fully.

Dear Lavrenty Rassmussen and colleagues. Would be better for you, your people and the world, if you would stop to even think about indulgencen this time even made from argentinian gold. My gold, gold of fools. And you, dear Lutherans, now people are talking a jokes about you that if somebody in your chappell would scream: "Rudy goda", you are like monkeys jumping on the nearest tree, possibly eugenic one. In catholich church it is maybe worst situation ever but in your community. Look, you behave just like Benedictus bootblack's. What a shame, Lavrenty and my beloved Merkel junior's...

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