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NATO a'la Rausmussen

Afghanistan Graveyard of Empires

Amid Nethayahu rescource efforts and various other attempts, i am continuing our story of Afghan aristcorat from the Central Park. Yesterday, at the occassion of summarising first round of qulifications to Euro 2012, i had promised you to cast more light on the reason of recent Afghanistan crash of NATO flaged helicopter and cargo plane. Through day number of recovered bodies has increased. Well, Rausmussen is continuing his devastating quest for Marshall gold and is giving completly new insight into Protestant faith, particuraly evangelisation of Germany. Moving my memory back to the Soviet Union Afghanistan war. War that we has feelt so intense, since my first breath. With both soviet troops and izlamist of Cardinal Dziuwisz sturming us, at every major ocassion.

Cargo plane crashes in mountains near Kabul

Five charred bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a cargo plane that crashed into a mountain east of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Three other crew members are still missing, presumed dead.

The plane carrying Nato supplies took off from Bagram Air Field, the main US base in the country.


Last time whe i had seen our NATO helicopter crew was just yesterday. They has come to me in an usual for Rakzinger way when i was beging on the street for a litte money. One of them was posing on white sir, while other was behaving like his black slave. The people at this day was under something that i call Nixon embargo and was not putting anything into my hath or just with arrogance throwin litteraly pittance. I was litte bit angry on my Stryj that he had not wroten '50 euros' for this record of Pilsudzki vote. Our Hermanns are sometimes behaving like monkeys. But this pair was much more handsome throwing 50 cents. Moreover they has entered in talk with me. What i appreciate even more that this litte monetary support. Especially that often they do not come from the hearth but are just like real mockery.

They has introduced themself, as protestants. So i had payed even double attention to words of this US-UK pair, as i was treating this encounter, as presentation of candidates in the contest for next head of Lutheran church in Germany. In an contest that is fundamentaly wrong, as thier objective is to crucifix Jesus Christ and therefore end the reformation, in most shamefull way. I was speaking with our noble protestant through black man that was translating me from my scotish into french. It was quite interesting talk, however full of camuflaged scorn and one way transmission. From our noble protestant into ears of humbly servant. Somebody that you do not count, at all. Well, for our NATO crew i was just a waste that they are going to remove. At the night. Still, i was listening to them carefully trying to point an errors in thier thinking. Trying to teach them something about thier own faith. But they was merly joking from it.

The fundemental error in thier thinking was asking me if i belive in Jesus Christ. I answered, that 'if not i would simply disappear and this planet would turn into red one'. After diagnosing thier fundamental error, i asked them to look into my face, pointed my finger on mark on my eyebrew and told them that between us there is simply an abyss. Abyss that Martin Luther was calling 'another gospel'. Simply, they was not a protestants but just an Teutonic disguisers, part of forces that are sturming Lutheran Church to turn it again into something that is just opposition to spirit of Reformation. Yes, they had saw my cry encoded on my face but was simply ignoring it, as i would never exist. Something very typical for counter-reformation and revisionism.

At the end of our discussion, our protestant nobleman has wished me to 'find a good church for myself'. It was quite obviousl, for me, somebody that is studing Teutonis since youthness that they are going to crucifix me and he was maybe thinking about a brand new mosque on ground zero of NY or even so called thrid King David temple that they will build on my cadaver in typical to Teutons way. Evrything but not our Palace Saski. I was wondering then to who they will build them, to who they will pray. To eugenic clones, worthless bastards? I replied quickly that 'I thank him but our family has already build many beutifull churches'. At the end i asked him to learn from our talk and not treat it, as one way message. However, what i saw in his eyes was just an gold. When 'Messenger of God', as he in his jokery named himslef, looked at me, he has saw Golden Buddha. Maybe permament threat, maybe just a tropheum that will enrich him and his masters.

Such not so rare scenes are always a pain for me, because if my forefathers would treat Martin Luther in such a way, that this 'pozorants' are treting me, there would be never Protestant faith, nethier Protestant Reformation. If we would not support Martin Luther faith to the end, if we wold not support him politicaly, financialy and military, this, once purest from all, faith would never been created. If we would left him, if our providence would left him, even for one moment, he would be crushed and crucifixed, immediatly.

He, as i am now, was under similar Teutonic crusade and permament sturms. So, what i can say to such 'Protestants'? I am expecting that they will made similar commitment: political, military and financial that we has once made for Martin Luther. That they will support me, as now i am in troubles, and will lead to opening my country for me and my teachings. As we did during the Prussian Homage. It should be obviousl to them, as they sign: 'Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing;' It is highest time for them to repay this Prussian Homage, we has won for them.

My NATO missionary did not listened to my advice. He has come around midnight when i was lieing on my primitive bedding at the fence of villa of Prime Minister of Jewish State. I just heard bang few metters behind me, when he was comming to landing. Yes, he has been hit by 'Ghost's', by our lux-torpeda: Messiash. His firend has jumped at the day, exacly in the middle of day. At thier favorite 12'th. 12'th Imam Mahdi, as authentic Mahometans call Messiash. The calls from NATO, a proposals of journey to Terblinka followed. For me it was yet another Soviet Миль Ми-24 - Hind, that i had saw in my youngenss. Yet another wreck in never ending war for pure race. No comment, Mr. Rausmussen.


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