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Mr. Bolb kung-fu

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him."

Buddha quotes

When yesterday friend of North Korea leader after reading my post has called me 'pig in the mirror' i was not surprised. He has addressed his nervous insult into official of White House working on 'climate change' but every of my reader and some realy powerfull and influential figures read it daily, was aware that it was i that looks in same mirror that my grandfather was looking. If i am then a bourgeois stud-pig then how he will name my adversaries that i see in this mirror? No, i has used in the past to hear such eptitets from Bolsheviks. What was realy woring me that it has come from the Chinees side. For thier colleagues from Soviet Unition it wolud be nothing surprising if on the question: Who/What is Budha? They will simply say: sperm. Such people are realy desperate looking for Buddha compasion and they can be sure that will get it, if they will ask for.

When it comes to such comparision, I was thinking why our Chiness politican was so nervous and reacted with such agner. And the reason now is quite clear. It is an orgin not only of our Herman from White House but mainly of somebody that is going to replace Kim. It is what has made them so angry to name me a pig that reveals truth to the world. Yes, i am thinking about Kim son and others of them, Kim son that on the next day has appeared publicly. Some of thier Soviet friends had a huge hope that this moment will move whole world backward into totalirtarian state and the mankind will finaly take up on thier voyage to the Mars. I must say that i am not catty but the past has learned my something about this clones. Well, it is quite hard to refer to somebody that has been made in 1984 from the sperm of another 'stud-pig', my father. But i do not wish China to fall, as Soviet Union did and we has just spoted in which way, this Bolshevik fraction of Professor Wilczur has gained influence behind Great Wall.

When during a rein of Li Xiannian in Deutsche Demokratische Republik they has started this innovative scientology breeding program they was maybe not aware where it will lead them. However, now after a years we all can drawn a lessons from the past and never repeat same mistake. Mistake that is able not only kill but at priori overthrow rulers and crash empires. The Li Xiannian example is quite mealy-mouthed, he also at 8 April 1988 has tried to kill Black Madonna of Jasnagora and Soviets has taken a revenge for Jozef Stalin that in 1953 also landed in same jewish hath. My father sperm was not enough for North Korea, as others at West, they also has caught some complex, about which my family friend General Eisenhower was warning at the end of his second term, as President of United States. It is just Oedipus complex. In the birght sun, they, eugenics clones simply does not look good. So, to improve image they always try to remove orignial, they think.

The China has then enjoyed wise ruler and both the people and economy is fluorishing. It is still far from the social freedom that we are enjoing, at some of Western countires but at least they are not trying to go backward. They keep good direction and are one of these that in economic terms are getting a lot at current Arab crisis. Crisis that if not solved in proper manner, mainly by restoring our old glory, as we sign in Iraq, can last even decade. As it was with my father in 1970's. So the main question for Chines leader is now: is Kim Ill choice for his replacement realy good one? We know from the past where such 'improved' humans are leading thier nations. Maybe, for North Korea a war with degenerated South is an only option and for sure will alow our Herman to change focus from Iran and we will avoid dangerous outbreak in Middle-East. Dangerous for Europe and European Union, as in thier demency some are breaking all records and will dream also about III World Wars, before they will come out of this world, changing it into another Red Planet: Mars.

Gautama Buddha

Siddhārtha Gautama (Sanskrit: सिद्धार्थ गौतम; Pali: Siddhattha Gotama) was a spiritual teacher from ancient India who founded Buddhism.[1] In most Buddhist traditions, he is regarded as the Supreme Buddha (P. sammāsambuddha, S. samyaksaṃbuddha) of our age, "Buddha" meaning "awakened one" or "the enlightened one." [note 1] The time of his birth and death are uncertain: most early 20th-century historians dated his lifetime as c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE, but more recent opinion may be dating his death to between 411 and 400 BCE.


Some scholars believe that some portions of the Pali Canon and the Āgamas contain the actual substance of the historical teachings (and possibly even the words) of the Buddha.[31][32] This is not the case for the later Mahāyāna sūtras.[33] The scriptural works of Early Buddhism precede the Mahayana works chronologically, and are treated by many Western scholars as the main credible source for information regarding the actual historical teachings of Gautama Buddha. However, some scholars do not think that the texts report on historical events.[34][35][36]

Some of the fundamentals of the teachings attributed to Gautama Buddha are:

The Four Noble Truths: that suffering is an ingrained part of existence; that the origin of suffering is craving for sensuality, acquisition of identity, and annihilation; that suffering can be ended; and that following the Noble Eightfold Path is the means to accomplish this.
Noble Eightfold Path: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.
Dependent origination: the mind creates suffering as a natural product of a complex process.
Rejection of the infallibility of accepted scripture: Teachings should not be accepted unless they are borne out by our experience and are praised by the wise. See the Kalama Sutta for details.
Anicca (Sanskrit: anitya): That all things that come to be have an end.
Dukkha (Sanskrit: duḥkha): That nothing which comes to be is ultimately satisfying.
Anattā (Sanskrit: anātman): That nothing in the realm of experience can really be said to be "I" or "mine".
Nibbāna (Sanskrit: Nirvāna): It is possible for sentient beings to realize a dimension of awareness which is totally unconstructed and peaceful, and end all suffering due to the mind's interaction with the conditioned world.

More: Wikipedia

However, having such uberleader, they will downgrade thier morale and will expose themself for South propaganda. The other problem is the Bolshevik oposition and people of Proffessor Wilczur that will grow in influence, also in mainland China and will eventualy uproot Mr. Hu and his fraction. Leading China into backwardnes what will be huge lose for every Chinees man and woman. Something that i do not wish to any nation, as when it comes to the people and society, there are no borders for God and his Word, whatever thier tradition and avowal is. And, well you should be aware that it was not only DDR-North Korea alliance that has been born on so sad for the God, year 1984 in United States, low know Scientology has formed L'IAS.

The Revisionist alliance that has almost completly eated West with thier eugenic marrionetes and with comming October Fest like 26 years anniversary in Las Vegas, is trying to break even through Great Wall. Are this your friends, Mr Hu? I hope, no. I hope, you will in brightens of the sun continue to read them Word of God and signing under the nose old songs of Jeremiah Przybora. Thanks this, we are still a jews, thanks this there is still Islamic Ummah and true Protestants can sign thier Battle Anthem of Reformation. And yes, we are realy reaching stars, this way. Also thanks to help of japanes socialists, that i recommend to keep thier Hermann Goering behind Atlantic, as you would keep soviet beast, behind the Great Wall...


PS. Beware also on Simon Peress, today i saw that he also have same demency that Professor Wilczur have. Thier Kim dream has relaxed them so much that we could spot thier true face and real madness, for a moment...

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