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Mahomet Auction

"With this date, it is a mistake. Noh, it is 18 years after the death."
"In every history book it is wroten that Witkacy has commited a suicide on 1939"

Some time ago i had promised you to show how Prophet Mahomet looked like. Well, i was thinking about a portrait that he did in 1936, with a characteristical nobility hat. Very old polish one. It is a portrait that some people has put on the auction in which the asking price has been set to record low 23 millions of Euro. Yes, while i am living like animal on the street of Brussels, they are selling portraits made by my gradnfather and the confiscated by NAZI or later NKVD or just hidden. They sell it for huge ammount of money, while it is not thier property. But it is just on margin, as our Red Skulls do much worse things...

On the portrait however you cannot figure out the face. Well, you can spot it on the street of Brussels, as it is same face, already described in Hadiths. With "the mark on his forehead and mole on his face". Same, you can spot on the faces of British Royal family. While they are just a clones of me. Some very old one but just a clones, Dajjal's, bastards. How we live? You cannot compare. Some has realy lost a mind and what they feel is the fear of the Lord and what they hear is Lion of Judah...

Imam Mahdi Physical Evidence

"He is a young man of medium statue and with beautifull face. The radiance of his face shines like a day in his hair, beard, and the blackness of his head and gives him greatness."

"There will be mark on his forehead and a mole on his face"

"There is a mark [mole] on his cheeck, remininscen of pearl, imuminating his face like a star"

In a previous post you has saw my jewish face, now you see another one. Sometimes, for some racist people it is very hard to understand that there is only one God. It was such a case of some pseudo protestant Pastor that few weeks ago wanted to burn Khoran. It is however not possible to burn Khoran and not burning Thora. Both are sent by same Almighty God.

If you burn Khorna, you will also at same time burn Thora. It is inseparatable. As is the promise that one day Messiah will make equal people of the sword (Arabs) and of maternal (Jews). Something for what 'Palestinians for more than 60 years have struggled'. Therefore, if such insane act against the God would ever success, the damage would be unrepariable and collateral to all of the faiths. As the religion in world withouth God would have none or litte sense. That is why, i am a perfect target for all this insane, just antisemtic people from whatever White House, Kremlin, Vatican or Israeli cabinet.

That is why it is so important for you, if you are one of Mahometan faith, to keep up your centaruies old traditions. In particural Dua Ahad oath and hadith Al-Kisa. Belive me, Soviet regime has already tested on themselfwhat would happen if you will 'launch' Messiash. It is simply to deeply hardcoded in the culture and people mind and hearts, to hidde the truth.

With all their military might, Soviet Union has quickly collapsed afterwards, as the regime based only on represion cannot survive and will sooner or later crash. Whatever, it will be so called 'jewish state' or 'Islamic republic'. It is better to simply be beneficinet of the miracle of Almight God and his son, so called Messiash or hidden Imam Mahdi, as Mahometans would say. It was and it is so through 5771 years with common aim of overtaking throne of Israel, set as the ultimate goal set for both Jews and Muslims, in Holy Thora and Khoran, respectivly...

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