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Lux Torpeda

"Long period of time, time shoking by eeriness and enlighting by gallant poetry.

The aim of faith was always same, galaxy of people was same, reduced only by myriads of troop's graves.

And on the front always this same human, in grey uniform, with eyebrews wrinkled by great worry, with eagle sight looking into distant future."

According to our Israeli plans, it is over, it is after and at same time just before. They has put everything on thier North Korean card and they has lost everything. Today, they can only writhe in impotency with foam or rather sperm on thier mouths. It is just power of faith, power of Word of God that has once again crashed this brainless clowns and thier inhuman plans. However, some not spoted this, at time and today public has been informed about effects of thier 'Arbeit und Brot' strategy. Our, Ar-Eva Conglomerate has 'eaten' fresh portion of raw ore but they still does not have an end product, the voice still has not been recorded.

While, i was listening to Mr. Nethanyahu yesterday message i get it quite clear: if not our ressistance, then our 'Palestinian' pairs would already born a fruit, as 9 months has passed since he has started his 'negotiations'. Well, acctualy they would be born a horde of 5'th generation Hermanns. Yes, many of such 'Palestinian pairs' are occuping top posts in world system and are dreaming about having such 'prince', as offspring. They are still awaiting thier 'candy drops for three petiance' from Mr. Rostowski, our top economist. But the truth about what they would bear inside of thier wombs, should scare them and public opinion. Still, arbeit is going on with full power, as next weekend in Los Angeles they are going to hold thier October Fest. For 26'th time in the United States, openly in full splendor, as once in NUREMBERG...

Lux Torpeda leaves 40 dead in Ukraine

A bus packed with rush-hour commuters has crashed into a train in Ukraine, killing 40 and injuring 10.

Police say the bus driver jumped a red light as it approached a level crossing.

Witnesses say the vehicle’s engine stalled as the driver tried to change gear.

The train then dragged the bus along the track for some 30 metres before coming to a halt.

Authorities warn that some of the injured are in a critical condition and the number of victims is expected to rise.

The accident happened near the town of Marganets, around 100 kilometres from the main regional city of Dnipropetrovsk.

Source: Euronews

Today when in usual poetical manner, they has announced an effects of thier jofull works i was not surprised. Nethier by number of our 'French volontaries', nor the source. When i look at Kremlin i do this litte bit like from Sain Petersburg, my second head is for sure coking up, as it was in Soviet Union. Especially, if it comes to the economy. He should maybe first consult Putin in terms of my last will, before comming up with such insane crusade.

Maybe he will call it 'lordliness' for Vatican, but common Russians will just knock in thier frontheads, under nose will hum anthem and will point fingers, at the emblem. I will add that in our Katyn debt it is still 21 728 to go, you can feel welcomed with your NKVD like troops. However, i must add, that our facial Donek, our Litte Hermann 'Szpicbrudka' did not surprised me ethier. In our basketball with Marshall, it is 17:43, still i wonder to who?

What has however surprised me, was our NATO helicopter that has caught a fatal crash when was comming to landing in Afghanistan. I will tell you why, but tommorrow. I hope...


Captain America: Marvel Trailer from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

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