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La pacte de Varsovia

Martin Luther and Pope Leo X spit lines to determine whose doctrine will rule Europe. The struggle, called Reformation continues through ages with many manifestations like French, American, Boliviar or Islamic Revolution. Through ages we was always on forefront of this revolutionary bringning enlighment to the world.

As my forefather, Adam Mxxx was struggling with Pope Pius IX and partitioning powers, nowdays i am struggling with Pope Benedictus XVI. In same process called Reformation of Catholic Church. With NATO beign like our lightsword, always. Even in time when we was living at enemy, soviet, territory...

Yesterday was hot day of preparation for Bavarian Octoberfest and the spotlight has been put on two unusual persons. First one, more visible was the Ecuadorian president that has faced the coup de etat prepared by Professor Wilczur, through the connection that they has devloped inside of local NVA party. The other one was head of the NATO, protestant from Denmark that has been called by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrow to hear that Kremlin is worried by NATO military buildup and would like to hear more about new vision of NATO, that they are going to propse in November.

Maybe they at Kremlin has just spoted the second head of Eagel on thier embelm and standards. Maybe they better understand true meaning of our red-white flag and what gives them this spirit of solidarity, this noble case? It would be just return to Slavic Russia that through hundreads of years was living in peace and cooperation with us, instead of a huge crash in Soviet style. I often see Lavrov, as Ribentrop that anytime can loose support of Jozef Stalin, i see in how hard situation they are at Kremlin. Just, as thier american colleages, if it comes to White House but also leaders of Republicans, with our Benedictin Micheal Steel , as most visible enemy that should just get a huge kick, kop in his ass from Ike like authentic Republicans that did not forgoten who has created United States and what this White Eagel means to the nation. The older of Slavic brothers, YHWH..

Well, when it comes to NATO. Masonskie NATOlin, as conesers would joke. We, my grandfather and his stryj Klemens, was proposing to form such a alliance, The Thrid Europe, even before the Great Revision. And as you can see on thier symbolics, we was and are in center of it through whole life of NATO. So i am also worried and caution of this innovative proposal of something that in thier nature is quite similar to different organisation: Warsaw Pact. Mainly if it comes to such thing, as honor and nobility. Is NATO not just going red, then? Changing into something that in spirit is no different from Bolshevik Sojuz? Going backward into the Warsaw pact, losing something that is priceless? The Honor.

Russia wary about NATO November summit invite

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia wants to know more about NATO’s vision of bilateral ties and its own future before agreeing to meet on the sidelines of a November summit, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in remarks published Thursday.

The cautious response to the invitation for talks with leaders of NATO countries in Lisbon reflects Moscow’s desire to be treated as an equal by its Cold War foe and Kremlin concerns about the Western military alliance’s growing global reach.

In an interview with the government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Lavrov said Moscow was considering the invitation extended in mid-September by NATO, which wants to boost cooperation on security issues including Afghanistan and Iran.

But he expressed reservations about holding such a meeting on the sidelines of a NATO summit during which the alliance is expected to approve a new “strategic concept.”

Russia wants “to better understand where this strategic concept is leading and what it will determine about relations with Russia and NATO’s approach to international law,” he said.

More: Reuters

For Rassmusen and whole Alliance it would be better if he would go to some Protestant Chappel instead of taking part in this year Octoberfest. He should spent this Sunday with the people, praying and signing with them thier psalms. I would personaly recomend him Psalm 23: The Protector. It is something that is also shared by Muslim Ummah or European Jewry, compeling under umbrella of Almight God. The Alliance is a secular organisation and it is good, especialy in time of Bavarian bastard at the Holy See but head of it, through his aims, activities and objectivs is making testimony of whole of Protestant faith. Right now, he and his Israeli friends has been defeted, just like Napoleon under Moscow. And it should be for him and the Alliance time to reflect on thier aim and futher steps. Because his objectiv was and seems to be just an crucifixation of Christ and Revision of the History...

I was so far not criticing Rassmusen, because if it comes to military might NATO was working quite good, if not excelent. However, after his recent Napoleonic voyage to Moscow i has understood something. If it comes just to human dignity, it is no different or even worse that Warsaw Pact was. And well, when they has just month ago organised NATO summit in Brussels, they even did not cared to invite me. While they has shooted hundreds of bullets in my defense. Why it is so, why Alliance has degenerate so much? Because they are counting only on my crucifixation. Because they are counting on Revision of History. This is main source of this inhuman opression and the status quo. And somebody, should clearly state: THERE WILL BE NO REVISION.

This person is chief of the NATO. Especialy, as for Protestant, holding this truth alive is primary objective. "The body they may kill: God’s truth abideth still", they sign in "the great­est hymn of the great­est man of the great­est per­i­od of Ger­man his­to­ry", Battle Anthem of Reformation. If they will understand this and will state that there will be no revision of the history, if they will loudly dab God fist into table. The other side will be forced of both, stop or limit the Teutonic crusade and revise the status quo. Otherwise, the European Jewry and Muslim Ummah will fall, forever. For what, such people like Adolf Hitler was fighting and was many time making thier prophesy. Thanks to God and Resistance never realising them. It is also main aim of people like Ben Zion Nethanyahu, our dear Proffessor Wilczur, that is at the end of his days and simply does not care, what will happen if this God Orderal will depart from befor me. He does not care for what will be after and if it would be possible, Ben Zion would like to change this world, this planet in big firework making even III World War. To leave it in great style, with millions of people...

PS. As many 'Islamic' videos, also this song of Sami Jusuf is poisoned with heresy, but i like it quite well. No, i, as my forefathers, i am man of honor and i will never forget Ummah involvment in my defense. You can be sure of this. We will win, we always win, that is power of true faith...

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