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Eine Hermany arbeit

"You represent a great ideal. And we know that for millions of our people, arbeit will no longer be a dividing concept but one that unites all. And in particular no one will live in Germany without working for our country. There is no other work."

Adolf Hitler,
Nazi Party Congress,
Nuremberg 1934

The photo above is one of made by my grandfather in time of II Commonwealth of Poland. It is perfect one to illustrate you a words that Cancellor Merkel has spoken during yesterday congress of Chrisitan Democrats youth announcing the fall of multicultural appoarch. "This multicultural approach – saying that we simply live side by side and are happy about each other – this approach has utterly failed", said Markel. Well, her prophetic words still need to be realised. This multicultural appoarch is still alive, maybe not in best conditions but at least alive and not losing a hope to yet again win in our eternal Kulturkampf. This 'arbiet' is still divining Germany, as Adolf Hitler would add...

Yes, this Multi Cultural appoarch has not yet failed. He is still alive and is signing on whole world best parts of Handel. Some tunes, that has for once again provoked our legendary Herman's anger. They has just announced: 'Movie of prince kiddnaping is harming secuirty of british citizens',.in thier usual jokery refering to upcoming First Avenger premiere. I do not know about British citizens but for sure succession on British throne is in real troubles.

Case is serious, as hell. Not only for Britain or Germany. But also here, localy in our mystical Bajdocja Kingdom, that is just ahead of announcing failure in thier goverment forming negotiation. A negotiation that has put author of this blog in role of Christus, to be crucifixed. While the winner would become then head of next Belgian cabinet. There are so many outgoing contests, not only in Lutheran church but in all of them there is only 'one common target, one common road': Soviet way to Afghanistan. When they will be today at 5 o'clock at King Palace, the so called Protestants should be given copy of Martin Luther Theology of the Cross, so maybe they will understand about what Reformation is and what the antisemitism is. while Socialist, well, many will say that they should go on some anti cocaine therapy but at priori they should left thier White House colleagues behind the Ocean, like behind the Great Wall. The change in the objectives and tones, would be recommended.

Belgian political wedge driven deeper

Belgian political divisions have deepened still further. The French speaking parties have rejected the Flemish separatist N-VA’s coalition proposal.

The leader of the Dutch-speaking and strongest party in June’s parliamentary elections, Bart De Wever, said that means the show is over, only he said it in Latin: “Fabula acta est.”



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