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DDRisation of Germany

"Oh friends, not these tones!
Let us raise our voices in more
Pleasing and more joyful sounds!"

Ode to Joy, Anthem of European Union

Today our Canceror Merkel was celebrating 20 years of reunification of Germany. For many Germans it was a moment of reflection, yes we have reunificated Germany but in what a direction this process has come? It they will look at me and my brothers of Christ. They see it very clearly, what we are facing thanks to our Estern Chancellor is simply DDRisation. Where human dignity, respect to private property and at prioriy nobility is just crashed. Same DDR circus i, Reich Furst von Warshau am facing in my land. Both German and Poles feel this same, great dissilusions about thier leaders and the status quo. Realy our people does not take thier SB sense of humor, anymore.

Much better one today has presented Hugo Chavez, that seems to be recovering from thier Maltan-Wilczur infection. When i was browsing newses on Gare du Midi i had read: 'Dare I say that it is probable that Fidel Castro will visit Venezuela again, it’s probable. I have invited him to visit us as he is better than ever, better than ever. ... Long live Fidel! We await you, comrade, so you can give a speech here of five or six hours.' Our 'Fidel,' has come just few minutes before five, welcomed, he has been taken to hospital of my old friend Dr. Marek Balicki, an example that beign social democrat is, in difference to national socialism or bolshevism, not determined by social orgin.

The trumphets on my family coat of arms, trumphets of Jeriho has sounded loudly and my forefathers has puckered thier eyebrown, so mark on it was even more visible. What was wrong with our 'Fidel', Panie Kochanku? Some will say, simply hebrew. He has just jumped into Eye of Ra, Eye of Horus. Symbol of old aristocracy and the Freemasonry. Freemasonry that has degenerated so much that nowdays is now different from our eternal enemy, centralized and uniformed, Illuminati of Bavaria.

Well, he has come from North League, from Bavaria. I was watching, as they are taking him off and on face of my grandfather you could for a moment spot a 'Heavenly Smile', same you see on many of Islamic Flags. Some Italian tourist was wandering. But 4 000 000 of my brothers and sisters that this people has sent to gas chambers, would explain them, why they should not. Yes, indeed Pope Benedictus XVI can be upset on us, whatever it would be Umah, Protestants or European Jewry. He can even call us 'Russian Mafia' but this is the moral healing process, the Sanation that nothing is able to tame it. In same time our DDR minded jokers was celebrating in thier usual black sunglasses. I must say that i preffer Hugo sense of humor, that thier empty laught from everybody and everything...

Germany celebrates 'CUD DDR'

Germany is celebrating 20 years of reunification after decades of Cold War. This year’s event is taking place in the northern city of Bremen.

In his first major speech since becoming president in July, Christian Wulff paid tribute to the courage of those who threw off the shackles of communism.

More: Euronews

People of Germany can be realy upset on this DDR wonder that they was watching today. Just, as Poles are on Civic Militia platform. There are only three people on this planet that can proudly say that they bear Reich Furst title, all others has been already exterminated or changed into eugenic clones, 'New German aristocracy', as Adolf hitler was saying. One is I, the other is Furst von Monaco and Furst von Liechtenstein. In any meanse, maybe except rank of our guests, you cannot compare our standard of life

We, beign a top of aristocracy has survived a real gehenna in People Republic of Poland (PRL). My life has been quite nice illustrated in "Ballad of Januszek". But even compared to that time, current standard is just out of criticism. They has beaten all of our opressors, including Adolf Hitler and Jozef Stalin. Moreover, through 20 years, they did nothing to pay back or compensate us what they own to us and they has just pacifised efforts of Jean Paul II. Yes, he was dreaming that together with Melanie we will move on into Saski Palace. What would be just great step forward, for everybody. And in particuraln huge step for Protestant Reformation. Instead of this you have now Bavarian darkness and circus of eugenic clones beign world leaders with Lutheran church just on the verge of collapse.

With all the damages that Nazi Germany did to us and our country, what this eugenic mad cow is doing is just a laughting from the people. Instead of completing the rebuild of our Saski Palace and bringing back lost glory, she is building an ultra modern Gare in Sttudgart. People can be realy upset on her, esspecialy because of our involvment in the Lutheran faith that is dominant religion in modern Germany. Yes, we has gained our Reich Furst title during Prussian Homage. Homage that has efectivly converted Teutonic Germany and Emperor Albert of Prussia personaly to faith of Martin Luther, about what they often are silent, esspecialy in Lower Saxony. In that sense i am just synthesis of everything good that was in Prussian Germany...

Reich Fürst

The term refers to the head of a principality and is distinguished from the son of a monarch, which is referred to as Prinz. English uses the term Prince for both concepts.

The title Fürst (female form Fürstin, male plural Fürsten, female plural Fürstinnen) is used for the heads of princely houses of German origin. Unless he also holds a higher title, such as duke or king, he will be known either by the formula "Fürst von + [geographic origin of the dynasty]", or by the formula "Fürst zu + [name of the ruled territory]". A notable exception is the Liechtenstein family, which uses the title "...von und zu Liechtenstein".

The rank of the title-holder is not determined by the title itself, but by his degree of sovereignty, the rank of his lord, or the age of the princely dynasty (note the terms Uradel, Briefadel, altfürstliche, neufürstliche; and see German nobility).

The present-day rulers of the principality of Liechtenstein bear the title of Fürst, and the title is also used in German when referring to the ruling princes of Monaco. The hereditary rulers of the one-time principalities of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania were also all referred to in German as Fürsten before they eventually assumed the title of "King" (translated in German as König).

Furst von Monacco

Furst von Warshau

More: Wikipedia

The celebrations in Bermen or rather preparations to milleniums October Fest has continued for another day. However there was also another event held in Berlin, in contrast in quite good style, especialy fireworks part that for a moment changed Bundestag into Polish Parliament or rather just into Chernobyl nexus. Everything embellished by sound of European Union Anthem.

However, as i could experience visualy at the Gare not everybody has understood a message behind it. Maybe it was just nature of this uberhuman beigns from our People Tribune in Bremen. Maybe because they realy keep general population in backwardnes and if they could they would destroy all national translations of Thora. For instance if you will look at polish translation of Ode to Joy you will see that message of it, is different from orginal. While some warnings are missing, what i deply belive was done with premeditation. So, it was doubly sad that this time i was suposed to by crucifixed by polish member of Parliament and also by some Lutheran activist. Of course, in usual Teutonic perfidion, female one.

Catty will say that it was just a manifestation of Dutch Calvinism. However, when i look at the situation in Netherlands, i am litte bit worried, if it is not sympthom of something much more serious. One main cause of such boiling in Protestant community is the way that they has used to choose next head of Lutheran Church, after previous one almost not killed herself on the tree. If you will look to thesis of Martin Luther, such a way is just equal to destroying this community. The crucifixation of Christ is an opposite of the Luther faith and should be for every true faith. It is so called religious orthodoxy. The other cause of this infection, is FRA of Malta and deadly sin that is over them. Yes, it is thier past that is woring them so much.

On of this false 'daughters of Elysium' i had meet on the Gare. Two policemens has gently taken her back to train. On that day, if not forever, the police station has changed in true Protestant chapells. Chappels in which policemens, like pastors was making authentic evangelisations and was teaching this Lower Saxon adepts, both Lutheran theology and just Word of God. Using Bible and this blog. In time when Catholic Church has been changed into Scientological common rooms, you should not be worried and should be gracefull for such activities. This organic work is very needed in such a difficult time. I only hope that she has learned something about thier own faith and counter reformation. Well, we know much better use of NATO trucks that you has presented so far. However, Sara did not learn anything but with thier father demency, i am not surprised.

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