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Nowa Huta Memorial

"To be, or not to be: that is the question"
William Shakespeare's, "Hamlet"

The situation at the East is still quite difficult, as usual for Cuban Missile Crisis's but i hope that soon they will see Tater and Rysy height on thier Wall Street index. If they still does not see feature of this face suffering on the street of Brussels. Such a cloack i inherited after my froefathers. It is called immortality and yes, "in the wheel of creation there is plenty more of them", as Adam was writing in his "Forefathers Eve"

While Mr. Ahmenidad has already announced comming of new era, he should be not happy yet, as he is doing it at least once for month. I must advice my friends in Iran that if this would be new era, it should be era without eugenic fakes in the politics, truly Messianic Age. The true belivers, must by revarded for thier authentic faith not exterminated, while deadly sin of some: forgiven and later even forgotten, as Thora teaches. Thier Sin, not Almight God.

Our Iranian Foreign Ministry is already burnt-out in the region and they should better tihnk about replacment, not falling down to Nazi assing, that is merly defensive tactic, dodge, in case of troubles. When i meet today my Iranian grandfather i showed him Shoah and some headline in polish newspapers: 'mangled by his own dogs'. He feels it, as my grandfather feelt. They also need Sanation, moral healing, especialy if it comes to so called 'Izlamic Jihad'. The problem of eugenic ubermenschen is that by thier genetic modification they lack any breaks in thier mind and while normal man will stop and will think about possible effects of his insane activities, they will not. That is why thier Nazi creators has made them. No, they are not funny, it is pure antisemism. And it hits Arabs, equaly.

At West, merly same soviet evangelisation. The NATO summit in Brussels was maybe interesting, if it comes to the justice but in any other aspects it reminds me Soviet Union. I know that our Protestant secreatery, creator is maybe to low in rank to hold direct, face to face meeting. Maybe, it is too bloody, so 'nu pagadi'. It is shame, double shame to what he has driven NATO. The red plague that has come out of Berlin Wall continue to drive this old Jidish Tango in the Soviet Union. Proving that they cannot think out-of-box. Well, they has been teached this Stalinism, so early in PRL.

While, Rausmussen promotes teutonic Theology of the Glory, the situation reminds me another fight in defense of cross. This one that we hold in Soviet Poland, in Nowa Huta at beging of 60'ths. In 80'ts our 'modernisators' has made a movie 'Oh, Karol' now we are making reactional 'Ah, Karol', not your 'Oh Karol 2' PRL remake. I am not "stub pig", as our Soviet clowns has tended to name me. My Stryj has left uniform, that we bear since centauries, at Wawel in 1935 but wait, where we are living? Do not change Anthem of European Union, rather change this red tunes. Better left this Red Plague and tri headed hydra behind Branderburg Gate. Merkel, too, if necessary. Haracz...


Field of constuction. 8th o'clock at morning. Guys are leaving thier car. Corner of Majakowski and Marks, as it was named at that time. Ordered to deleve wooden cross that was standing there. At that time, authorites was delighting in rapes.

Nowohucka crew

Yes, Nowa Huta first in Poland soviet city, fullifing guidelines, all of strategic points. In the vicinty of Cracow with his numerous intelligentsia. As the punishment for anti-bolshevik postures. Perfect soc-city, executed dream of Stalin. Builded from zero plus great conglomerat. Without temples, only concrete, steel and tin. Arbeit in steelworks and Lenin propaganda.

It was intended to grow a new human. Enlighted atheist that disown the God. However, such philosophy is too far to Lachs, so we did not waited long for the effects. Rebuked for waht the soviet authorities has taken respect of dignity, freedome of expression and religion. Citizens was lacking temple. In which, in some sense, they could hidde themself. People was preferably listening to clerics. Was praying, beliving that at end truth will win. Time of fight with mills. And bigest of all victories. Acceptation from authroities. They are giving a ground, there will be Temple in Huta.

Works has started, holliday, symbolic cross has standed. Then acceptation has been declined. Crossh has been ordered to taken back. We will remove it by force, if you will not do it. And 27 April has come. On building field STAR has come, to remove wooden cross. Ladies are buzzing, they are going to cross the plan. Handfull of people gathers, arbeiter gets into head. Cross is staying and whole fuss is starting. People are gathering. 100 people, 300, 500. Together they will win, so let it be as much as possible. At noon thousdands. SB is making photos, investigations, raids. Shields, dogs, gass, nuts, armors, water cannons. They has heard a shoots, there was deadly incidents.

Townsfolks are brining bandages, drops, wool. Taking wounded and maggoty to gates and cages. The ZOMO cars was bruning, they was throwing rocks. Beaten militiants and UB recognized. Destroyed building of district council, on streets standed barricades. Whole New Huta in one big gass cloud. People was signing patriotic and religous songs. For faith, in defense of values and symbols. None of Soviets will be teaching us. They was shouting: 'Gestapo. Moscow cones'. And they was beating. Fight was going on until early moruning hours. It was so, even it is hard to imagine it today.


I see a return to reason and religon, together with return of grandfather from Qum, not only at Middle East. The polish answer to Hamlet question, should be obviousl not only to jews but also to Mahometans and Gentlies. In this context, recent Ahemnidad statement is very bright. There are other issues, in particural my heritage, that we need to sort out, befor even be able to thinkg about use of 'nuclear power'. At first it is just about human dignity. And yes, the Almight God is uniting us all, as this noble case is and this is a reason of constant sturms conducted by various partisants and the constant calls from Red House and other eugenic invaded places. It is very visible especially when it comes to the Nation of Islam, sister organisation of Scientology Church.

Yes, it is a case of some deadly sin but also of Black and White Supermacy and rasism, by iron driven by thier masters from Bavaria and in this time, also from Israel. The words of Malcolm X, that has left Nation of Islam, after his pilgrimage to Mecca are even more clear: 'It is not a case of beign good or bad: blacks and whites. It is a case of beign good or bad, as human beigns'.Thus, at West, i still feel like in Chelm, in the boat on the river signing: 'Kinder rasa, kinder rasa, won' mixed with 'litte white house'. My dear soviet people. Repeat after Thomas Jeferson: 'God is just', and after George Washington add: 'And it is impossible to rightly govern the world without him and the Bible'.

So, why you stand anginst him, as not once Teutons was standing? In context of elections is United States, you should always resist such insane calls to remove the God, to remove the very bounds of society, whatever your leadership will do and say. And yes both is broken. Remeber, only fitness will survive upcoming elections. Americans are not stupid...


Sobibor indulgence

„Nation, that loses memory, stop to beign the Nation - it becomes only a congregation of people that temporarly are occuping given territory"
Stryj, Józef Klemens Piłsudski

Today, our Protestant Chief of NATO has come to the city to make a presentation of new role of NATO in the XXI centaury, as our cleanest's has just gathered in Free City Brussels. Of course this plenish jew was not invited, as he is just blooded, dirty waster. No, it is not antisemitism. In Poland our Heritage Commission is still trying to realise thier objective to renationalise what has been already stolen from my family. Yesterday, our Prime Minister has confessed a reason of his activities, moving our memory back to the murder of General of Polish Police, Marek Papala. 'Gestapo. Moscow bollar's', people in PRL was shouting. Thanks to our 'modernisators' at Kremlin, it is so true again. Stalinism is back on the track and the past not only of Civic Militia, but whole patriotic hydra PO-PiS-SLD is overvisble, with all they say they do and they plan. It is overvisible, as the mark on my Stryj forehead. "The Poland has not yet died until we are alive", they sign in national anthem but do they understand it?

I will make something clear, yes it was our Pope, Jean Paul II that has made decision to shoot this eugenic pursuer on his way to murder me. He did it in defence of both jewry and Muslim Ummah. As many others guest of Heaven, he was simply Din Rodef and looking for his assasiners is just like looking for Almighty God. Behind the stary connopy, you will find him, we sign in European anthem. But for them, this eugenic clone, anothery personification of Reich Marshall Hermman Georing is replacment of God. When they are praying, they pray to him, not to my forefathers - YHWH. Do you see this swstik, symbol of Nazi eugenic on this clone, General of Polish Police, cap?

And I? I am hummilitated on the street, as NATO is under rules of our Protestant that wanted to make a millions on yet another revision attempt. I am too authentic, too slavic, too orginal and too revolutionary and independent, not like clone of my father - his Bavarian replacment - General Marek Papala. Treated like stud-pig, blooded like hell, blooded as Christ on the Cross. While they, our Ubermenshen, plain impaired immitations are or was occuping top posts in the world system. This is 3 year of our Protestant heading the NATO. And for another time he is ignoring situation instead of paying the accured respect to somebody that, beside his religious role, is also grandson of creator and heart of NATO, somebody that has won I and II World War, somebody that has founded and supported, also financialy, thier faith, always.

Somebody that should not be on the street, but at desk prefferably in Saski Palace in full honors and yes, uniform. Uniform of Polish Marshall or Crown Hentchman, as we would say in times of Commonwealth of Both People. Yes, my family is very military one and was such through centauries, at least since 1410 Battle of Grunwald, bearing Great Crown Hetchman title. Would you imagine NATO treating in such way grandson of our closes ally Charles De Goulle or General Eisenhower? You, Mr. Raussmusen are making a testimoty of your faith. In my and people eyes, through your possition in NATO, you are like Protestant Pope. And what you did through your time to restore my position in the NATO? You even not dared to talk face to face, while you are right now in our city. Still counting on your millions from Vatican and the Revision. We see it, you do not keep even lowest standards and norms, while your caprals are opressing me every day and night.

With all the powers our Teutonic enemies are trying to change this city into dream of Jozef Stalin. Nowa Huta with homo sovieticus walkign down the bulwar. I do not look nethier at Red House, nethier at this cancerous Poland with eugenic leaders occuping top posts, i treat them just like Soviet or just Nazi colony. If there is hope for better days, it is not also in bolshevik Israel but straight in NATO. And what you did through your time? For what you count and how the people will remeber Protestants heading the Alliance? You did not successed with your Israeli masters dreams of revision, revision that would eat millions of people lives, as once in past. Yes, "my name is million because for millions i love and i am in agony", as Adam was writing in time of partitioning and occupation of my country. It is such weight.

If they will launch me, Raussmusen will maybe incass Vatican millions, but they will be millions of people that will be exterminated and therefore new NATO role that he wanted to intorduce today was just H1N1 vaccacination center. These people will be exterminated, because they knew, they remeber the truth of God. As some did in the past. This time you has failed and the Wall Street has feeled this lion of Judah roaring: 'looong'. Mainly thanks to two persons, Mr. Hu from China and Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution that was also roaring at some people in his goverment that under Kremlin and Fidel influence, wanted to make same mistake that in past has crashed Soviet Union. We say in Poland that true friends you meet in troubles.

In some sense we also like in Nowa Huta are fighting in defense of cross and for a Temple; very special one. They too, understand how important for better future of mankid is restoration of House of Judha, that in past was both a gateway to the East and the safe haven for them, alternative to Teutonic and thus enemy, bavarian House of Romanov. Our Red Skull want also to restore King Salomon Temple but in difference he want to replace Messiash with Dajjal, truth by Jessuit immitation.

For Mahometan it is indeed like destroying of Al Aksa mosque, something Vader falsyfi claim to be requiment of God. No, it is not and both Houses of God can peacfully coexist, while i am not sure, if they want to build it in correct place. What I am sure, is that with Revision you will fall everytime, as even Nazi together with Soviet Union and betrayals of Allies never achieved it, alough they has also tried many times during and after Cold War. Remeber my grandfather lived almost 100 years, with many of such failed attempts on the account. You say that Reformation, our moral healing is bloody but think how blood Revision will be and who are our stoormtroopers, how many milions of lifes they will claim to erase truth about God? I advice you, If you count on revision, just forget. Find the better way out for mankid, otherwise it will be long crisis about debts, debts you own me so much. And there are two ways out Nazi Shoah or Sanation restoration. The movie that Israeli has did after chemicaly terminating my father will help you see it...

Shoah - 1985

Shoah is a nine-hour film completed by Claude Lanzmann in 1985 about the Holocaust (or Shoah). Though Shoah is conventionally classified as a documentary film, director Lanzmann considers it to fall outside of that genre,[1] as, unlike most historical documentaries, the film does not feature reenactments or historical footage; instead it consists of interviews with people who were involved in various ways in the Holocaust, and visits to different places they discuss.

Source: Wikipedia

Some people fooled by our Jessuit's, ask themself how then end this suffering. It is fundamnetal question on which Buddism is based. It is just like with the swastik. Acctualy there are two on in right direction - ending suffering by my extermination, chemical or just psychical, but then millions will folow, just like during the SHOAH. The other one is left one - it is Pilsudzki 11 November way - biblical resotoration: gathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of wickedness, sin, and heresy; reward to the righteous; rebuilding of Jerusalem; restoration of the line of King David; and restoration of Temple service. This is true meaning and essence of Judaism and monoteisitic religion's in general.

That is why we need to resist to the end of this suffering. Suffering that soon is going to speak to some historical commission in Israel and will hear plenty of sacramental "Ike's". The 'hotel' idea that was featured today on frontpage of Metro Belgium, is nothing else but just direct way to Shoah. Hitler, in his Teutonic jockery, was also saying to jews that they will get new houses in Tusk Poland. Nowdays, well, one part of Ummha, Kirill followers, will maybe become Elite, but would be still Islamic one? The other part, well, it is already after, as you can read in Belgium newspaper, Busher has been inaugrated and there is no more of Almight God.

They, true belivers, they are going to 'hotels' in Tusk Poland, as once jews was going maybe even together with them. Learn from the past, drawn a lesson from First Crusade and never pay raison to Teutons. They will slain you, afterwards. So, just keep up true faith, otherwise you will change my family traditional Neuremberg bullwark into Sobibor like arbiet camp. As you will change your Sanation uniforms to Nazi or NKVD one. End of suffering will come, they always come, as Daniel Webster has noticed centauries ago. And some has realy forgotten why we fight, not only at the West but also in Islamic Republic of Iran that seems to forgotten where is difference between Baath Party and true Islam. Between true faith and blashemy.


Cuba Messiash Crisis

"Acting, therefore, in the defense of our own security and of the entire Western Hemisphere, and under the authority entrusted to me by the Constitution as endorsed by the resolution of the Congress, I have directed that the following initial steps be taken immediately:

First: To halt this offensive buildup, a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba is being initiated. All ships of any kind bound for Cuba from whatever nation and port will, if found to contain cargoes of offensive weapons, be turned back."

This year Beniamin Nethanyahu brithday was maybe one of hardest my family has survived. The birthday biba, at his Mexican ranch has bringed a number of his victims of his stiupidity to 13, in total. If not the rebbellion inside of NATO and the support of true Mahommetans, it would be over, forever. While the world would be set again into mode of total confrontation and silencing of millions. As it was many times in the past, with such Revisionist ideas of removing the truth about God from the people minds and hearts.

In the nature, it was quite similar to another such Crisis, that my grandfather has enjoyed during the Soviet Ocupation, so called Cuba Missile Crisis from 1962. Yesterday, Fidel Castro site was silent from midninght to late day. So you can imagine how serious this days are for both Eastern and Western hemisphere. With me, as usual, in the middle of the shit and the Fidel giving for once more an proofs of similar to Ben Zion Nethanyahu demency. Demency that if not limited, would lead mankind and this planet, straight on the Mars.

This ocassion for once again has gived the public opinion, especialy in the United States an image of degenaration of both Democratic and Republican leadership. While my grandfather and his litte, at this time son, Janek was set by Soviet Union under fire and then, in Teutonic revenge, to be sent in rapid mode to the gas chamber, imprisoned to be later executed or just executed, friend of my family and true American patriot, JFK on the next day, 22 October 1962 has threatned Soviet Union an retilation action and has ordered so called Cuba arms blockade.
Every ship found with the weapons would be turned back, in accordance to American Constitution, under Congress resolution and JFK Presidential Order. Whatever thier nationality is, if they are pursuer, they should be always turned back, even to the Heaven. It was something that should be obviously not only to American military and nation but in fact to every true beliver in Almitght God. As, on the ground of this Witkacy war theater, the people was fighting to keep us alive and in the language of diplomacy, the role of smuggling ships, was simply played by the pursuers, just like in time of Great Revision.

In 1962, people has been mobilised to defend us, even on the enemy territory. Under the Soviet Occupation, in totalitarian state with only one correct party. Risking thier lifes and future, was always ready to defend us from the pursuers. In this context, what so called American Oath Keepers are doing is just laughting in soviet style, from the nation, constitution and the Almighty God. And if it comes to cabinet of Beniamin Nethanyahu, we are just lacking our words. It is just an assault on jewishness and the jewish state itself. Still, having doubts who the messiash about which they are talking all the time is? Look straight into eyes of truth...

Jews, Messiah and Revision

Belief in the eventual coming of the part of the minimum requirements of Jewish belief. In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of the elements of the coming of the Moshiach: gathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of wickedness, sin, and heresy; reward to the righteous; rebuilding of Jerusalem; restoration of the line of King David; and restoration of Temple service.

To the Jew, the Messiah has a most important mission, namely to bring the world back to G-d, and make it a place of peace, justice and harmony. When Jesus failed to accomplish this, the early Christians had to radically alter the very concept of the Messiah.

Source: Wikipedia

Thanks God and such a brave character like at the occassion of last Cuban Messiah Crisis has presented both JFK and his Republican rival, General Eisenhower, our Secretary Chrushchev has resigned from futher escalation. However, in practice this blockade is still in force and is bold clarification of what is the meaning of so called Constitutional Oath. Tomorrow, the United Nation is going to meet to vote on the resolution to end economic blocakad. And this is, beside our bias to Fidel demency, something that we also wish to the Cuban nation. However, many of high level representatives are confiusing JFK arms block with the economical matter. Something that has been set on this tropical island, later. These two things are simply of completly different nature and you should not confuse it. As some, even on Cuba, do listening to our Holy Herman and thier Soviet era advisors.

With best wishesh to all people of good will,
on whatever part of the globe, they live. Good luck with the vote.
This economical embargo, should never be set...


Mahomet Auction

"With this date, it is a mistake. Noh, it is 18 years after the death."
"In every history book it is wroten that Witkacy has commited a suicide on 1939"

Some time ago i had promised you to show how Prophet Mahomet looked like. Well, i was thinking about a portrait that he did in 1936, with a characteristical nobility hat. Very old polish one. It is a portrait that some people has put on the auction in which the asking price has been set to record low 23 millions of Euro. Yes, while i am living like animal on the street of Brussels, they are selling portraits made by my gradnfather and the confiscated by NAZI or later NKVD or just hidden. They sell it for huge ammount of money, while it is not thier property. But it is just on margin, as our Red Skulls do much worse things...

On the portrait however you cannot figure out the face. Well, you can spot it on the street of Brussels, as it is same face, already described in Hadiths. With "the mark on his forehead and mole on his face". Same, you can spot on the faces of British Royal family. While they are just a clones of me. Some very old one but just a clones, Dajjal's, bastards. How we live? You cannot compare. Some has realy lost a mind and what they feel is the fear of the Lord and what they hear is Lion of Judah...

Imam Mahdi Physical Evidence

"He is a young man of medium statue and with beautifull face. The radiance of his face shines like a day in his hair, beard, and the blackness of his head and gives him greatness."

"There will be mark on his forehead and a mole on his face"

"There is a mark [mole] on his cheeck, remininscen of pearl, imuminating his face like a star"

In a previous post you has saw my jewish face, now you see another one. Sometimes, for some racist people it is very hard to understand that there is only one God. It was such a case of some pseudo protestant Pastor that few weeks ago wanted to burn Khoran. It is however not possible to burn Khoran and not burning Thora. Both are sent by same Almighty God.

If you burn Khorna, you will also at same time burn Thora. It is inseparatable. As is the promise that one day Messiah will make equal people of the sword (Arabs) and of maternal (Jews). Something for what 'Palestinians for more than 60 years have struggled'. Therefore, if such insane act against the God would ever success, the damage would be unrepariable and collateral to all of the faiths. As the religion in world withouth God would have none or litte sense. That is why, i am a perfect target for all this insane, just antisemtic people from whatever White House, Kremlin, Vatican or Israeli cabinet.

That is why it is so important for you, if you are one of Mahometan faith, to keep up your centaruies old traditions. In particural Dua Ahad oath and hadith Al-Kisa. Belive me, Soviet regime has already tested on themselfwhat would happen if you will 'launch' Messiash. It is simply to deeply hardcoded in the culture and people mind and hearts, to hidde the truth.

With all their military might, Soviet Union has quickly collapsed afterwards, as the regime based only on represion cannot survive and will sooner or later crash. Whatever, it will be so called 'jewish state' or 'Islamic republic'. It is better to simply be beneficinet of the miracle of Almight God and his son, so called Messiash or hidden Imam Mahdi, as Mahometans would say. It was and it is so through 5771 years with common aim of overtaking throne of Israel, set as the ultimate goal set for both Jews and Muslims, in Holy Thora and Khoran, respectivly...


Happy Birthday Netanyahu

"Thus says the LORD,who gives the sun for light by day
and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night,
who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar
the LORD of hosts is his name:

If this fixed order departs
from before me, declares the LORD,
then shall the offspring of Israel cease
from being a nation before me forever."

On the eve of Mr. Vader birthday our Revisionist has come into true comma. Thier objective beside all the efforts and contests has not been yet achieved. Today, when our Cardinal Ratzinger has named 24 new cardinals it was suposed that it will be just like a Osiris ejaculation of sperm from which completly new world and the Church will be formed. Well, his teacher Adolf Hitler can be realy proud of him. Even if our Holy Herman will commit suicide, as it was in the past with some of Piuses, the legacy, our 20 cardinals electors will keep current Teutonic trend in the Church for decades, if not forever.

In this sense, Benedictus XVI is just like personification of Antichrist (Dajjal) from Saint John Revelations. Anti-Christ that will seat on the Saint Paul capitol to destroy the Church from the inner. No, the God is not with them, so they need to capture him, corrupt him and grown according to thier Teutonic traditions. Or just replace him, by some of many eugenic clones, they has already obtained in the past. Would it be then still a Catholic Church? In the world withouth the God or with God replaced by the righless clones, eugenic bastards? For what this Bavarian circles call in thier insanity is no different for what Adolf Hitler was calling, prophercising end of european jewry. Yes, you can cut this 'brilant' to the perfection but from what you are trying to clean and purify it, is just jewishness...

The Book of Revelation

The Book of the Revelation to John, often referred to as the Book of Revelation or simply Revelation, is the last in the collection of documents which constitute the New Testament (the second of the two major divisions of the Bible). It is also known as the Apocalypse of John or simply the Apocalypse. These titles come from Koine Greek apokalupsis, meaning "unveiling" or "revelation", which is the first word of the book. The word "apocalypse" is also used for other works of a similar nature, and the genre is known as apocalyptic literature. Such literature is "marked by distinctive literary features, particularly prediction of future events and accounts of visionary experiences or journeys to heaven, often involving vivid symbolism."[1] The Book of Revelation is the only apocalyptic document in the New Testament canon, though there are short apocalyptic passages in various places in the Gospels and the Epistles.

Source: Wikipedia

Well, in this situation it should be something for Protestant faith to fluorishe. The reason of recreation of biblical House of Judah, that was in the past represented by Saski Palace, should be of highest importance. Instead, they too are marching arm to arm with Benedictus. Today, our streets are full of people bearing blue, read or just brown shirts. Is there however any difference between this Red Skull, Buckingham and NATO fractions? If you will look deeper you would find out that there is none. They are just like this three headed hydra from Sanation propaganda posters.

It is very visible if it comes to Protestant community, as they are this one that bears a huge debt to my family and even on the background of the catholics, they are looking, as the worst of the kind. The testimonity of faith that Lavrenty Raussmusen and his 'neue Lutheran' friends has made through 3 years of this Sibir like opression and touturs, closes mouths of everybody. As closes his vision of NATO and propsed sollution to jewish quesion.

Well, on the day when Lavrent Raussmussen has started his crazy drive, the Pope has hold a private audience with another European leader, Mr Sarkozy. By the irony most of the people observing this meeting has saw there not Sarkozy but just our head of the NATO. While he at same day was a guest in our city on the Marshall Fund meeting. How such thing is possible? Well, they even if look straight into my eyes, not are puting thier eyesight off, as thier Israeli colleagues has teached them, when they are meeting me on the street they does not see Prince Radziwill instead they see just Radziwill gold.

Well, they maybe does not see thier prince but the people of other faiths see them. And in this way our Holy Clone is double winner, as has instaled thier Teutonic poison in the heart of Catholic Church and at same time the Protestant faith is just compromitating themself in the worst possible manner. We was wondering for how much? And here is another surpise, if you would think that it is matter of billions you can be realy surprised. Yesterday announcement of Italian judge about blocking some special Vatican fund of just 23 millions euro is giving clear answer.

What is also interesting in this context, is the Benedictian answer to italian bloc. The Church has resonded that it "is a formal problem of interpretation". Well, Revisionists has already prepared clarification in 1939, clarification that i am attaching below. The heaven is also full of precedenses, that you can find browsing Wikipedia for 'Din rodef', so called 'law of pursuer'. Many of them was Israeli Prime Minister's. Including Yitzak Rabin that has been just falsify blamed and then executed in the defense of State of Israel. For something that is currently doing Beniamin Netanyahu cabinet, this time for real. I wonder why Ariel Sharon has been missed from 'din rodef' section, as he has just jumped into the hath, after crucifixing Jean Paul II. Well, he was sure that nobody cares, anymore...

Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre (also known as Kol Nidrei and Kal Nidre[1])(Aramaic: כָּל נִדְרֵי) is an Aramaic declaration recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Though not a prayer, this dry legal formula and its ceremonial accompaniment have been charged with emotional undertones since the medieval period, creating a dramatic introduction to Yom Kippur on what is often dubbed "Kol Nidrei night".[2] It is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew. Its name is taken from the opening words, meaning "all vows".

More: Wikipedia




PS. Yesternight it was real clash of gigants, again. Some of mid range NATO commanders has rebeeled, thanks this spirit of Refromation is still alive. Today, while Netnayahu was continuing his craziness naming Judaism: the Radical Islam, people of jewish state has been showed a list of his donors. 98% of donations are comming from outside of Israel, many of them from the people living on my family gold. Still wondering what he want to do with Prommised Land. Land prommissed to Messiah?

Then, listen to Raussmussen that today in Berlin was trying to open 'NAZIO umbrella'. As once in 1984, also on front of same White Eagel, symbol of God, in his Revisionist sunglasses did General Jaruzelski. After beign rejected by Bajdocja govermement, Rausmussen has told that is affraid of his officers and coleagues beause of content of this blog.

So, make your backup and spread the Word of God. We are living in XXI centaury and nothing can stop the truth. Nothing will fool a people, after such experiences of both Holocaust and Soviet dictatorship, dear Canceror and all happy Hermans. Better, put your revisionist sunglasses off, before others will do this. Just after you revision, you fools. What you will do then? You should be thankfull to 'all Chinees', that they are playing fair-play with you and are just ressisting your insanity, keeping up to thier faith and traditions, as there is only ONE GOD. And, yes he was and he is a jew, as his son or rather grandson.