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Mister Blot's Academy

This Sabbath, as usual was not easy one. In United States they has meet to once again talk about Middle East without key actors and once again Mr. Vader is convicing word that the only way for Middle East is Revision and fall to Germanization process. This time however, i am not going to write you about horror of Holocaust or Stalinism but for a moment will move you into Bajdocja Kingdom, into world of Mister Blots Academy. It will be interesting for all childrens, from whatever side of Oder or Bug. And yes, freckles will be very visible there, not by accident.

Mister Blot's Academy

Mister Blot's Academy is a childrenstory wroten in 1946 by Jana Brzechwę. It is a story of twelve years old, unruly ginger Adam Niezgódka, that has been sent to academy together with twenty three others boys. Every of them with names that starts on the letter A. Thier teacher is Mr. Kleks. Thier adversary, Philip Shaver using deception and sending robotic boy is destroying Mr. Kleks academy.

I think that if there is some childrenstory that Beniamin Nethanyahu and his family does not like, this one is on the top. Maybe even higher that Neverending story or Star Wars that not by accident bring on your mind same archetipical comparisons. It is so, because in every such childrenstory there is a seed of truth. And in this one they are plenty of it. Well, do not be surprised if when you will meet you me on the streets, you will see Mr. Kleks walking. They are realy not accidents and you will have correct reaction. On the other side is whatever Phillip Shaver or his father that in Sanation time we called Proffessor Wilczur and nowdays is just Great Electronic, that has appeared in next episode of Jan Brzechwa story.

The story of Academy is just a story of Saski Palace, that has been destroyed in 1944 just on the eve of Soviet troops enterning our capital and whole story should be looked through such a prismat. Mr Blot, as his academy was for real, as are my moles on my face. However, what is also interesting is character of Jan Brzechwa himself. He was one of Wilczur artist that was living proof that Bolshevism and National Socialism ideology of self sacrifice is same. And same is true when it comes to our littests. Whatever they was Adolf Hitler Hitlerjugend or Jozef Stalin Piooniers they was sometimes used, as living misslies. While often shoot by same people that was sending them. In prefid practice, to just to produce boodies; to shock us.

And yes i had observed same just few weeks before. In same Sleschwig Holstein mechanism that is often used for adults; so called Arbeit or Saxy, as we was saing in Poland. I need to underline that KOP does not have anything common with such a practice, sending thier teachers to psycholog is what we are recommending. The sanation way of urbanity and our values are much better for your childrens. Why then some of you choose so dark way for your littest? There is alternative, much better direction. Somwhere between this Bolshevik and Nazi childrens and schools, there was polish ones, as was Mr. Blot Academy standing on Pilsudzki square...

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