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Did God allowed for Hollocaust?

"Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!

The nations are no longer willing to die on the battlefield so that this unstable international race may profiteer from a war or satisfy its Old Testament vengeance. The Jewish watchword "Workers of the world unite" will be conquered by a higher realization, namely "Workers of all classes and of all nations, recognize your common enemy!"

Adolf Hitler
30 January 1939

Today is anniversary of begining of Great Revision and at that occassion i wanted to clarify some heavy accusations that schoolars of Proffessor Wilczur are spreading. It is again mix of theology and history, but before i will do this i want once again put your sight on the famous mole i and others of my family bears. On the photo on top of this post you see again my grandfather. At that time he was bearing another name that he has taken during the Revision, but mole or rather moles are same, as you can spot on my face. You maybe will shout now, just like some puppil in recent Israeli movie 'Mistification': 'But in all books of history they has wroten that Witkacy commited suicide on 17 September 1939'. Well he did not, he has hidden but some has used this against us. Never allowing truth, truth about God, to reach broader public, while waiting for a moment of punch that will forever push us into void. Us: The Jewish Race...

Today, at occassion on this infamous day, during his visit Scientology Prime Minister Beniamin Nethanyahu and Jhon McPatton once again was trying to sent me to Treblinka, shouting at same time thier usual: 'Hitler, Hitler'. You can be litte bit surprised, but Professor Wilczur was doing same towards my father and grandfather, what you can see on his photo below. They was comparing our Holy Defense to activities of Adolf Hitler. While in same time, together with him and Jozef Stalin was cooking thier great revision. Revision that has taken lifes of 4 000 000 of polish jews, thier 'opponents'. Mostly jidish speaking people that had partial or full knowledge about Kabbalah. People that in difference to them has stayed loyal to Thora and our hundreds years old struggle for independence.

Now, after Shoah, so called Hollocaust or Hollo cost, as some say, they are again trying to compare me to Hitler and our battlefield like encounters and defense to imprisioning, toutring and executing peopole. While they has completly forgotten who has payed this Hollo cost and against who Israel stands. Whose teaching has lead my people into Hitler arms, do not you see it again? It is we that has paid this price already, this cost, hollo cost and now we are getting 'interest' from this. Why then it is jewish state that is paying it so often? The answer is simple. We has found 13th Tribe of Israel: House of Scientology, Dahau house. Yes, it is most serious error in history and yes in thier usual Teutonic pride and drive to 'reconstruction' and finishing of Revision, at the occassion of 1 Septmeber they has reconstructed, but yet another Danzing funeral. Burial that we had, by irony, observed in same September days of Hitler agression on Free City Danzing. In fact, thier losess are much higher, what makes our ghetto happy but often they are not reporting them at all. Is it something to be proud? For jews, for sure not, as for Mahometans are shamefull thier heretics. Din rodef, you fools of Zion. Haram, slaves of Dajjal.

Israelis shot by Hamas militants buried

The four Israeli settlers killed in an ambush on Tuesday near Hebron in the West Bank have been buried.

The attack was claimed by the military wing of the Islamist group Hamas from its Gaza powerbase, and condemned by Fatah, the Palestinian Authority in charge of the West Bank, and which is in Washington for the first direct peace talks with Israel in nearly two years.

The attack may have been designed to try to bury the talks before they started, but Israel’s President Shimon Peres said that will not be allowed to happen.

He told reporters: “Peace can be attained only by negotiations and terror is aimed at interrupting the peace efforts. None of us has the slightest intention in mind to submit to this threat.”

More: Euronews

But let back to the accussation that schoolars of Proffessor Wilczur are propagating. It can sound like a joke but his people are saying that 'God allow the Holocaust', moreover they are expalining you why he did, so. They do this to misslead public opinion and induce hatred against us. The truth is obviousl and quite opposite. It was Professsor Wilczur revisionists that has lead both Hitler and Stalin to idea of Great Revision. My grandfather was always opposing it. So why it has occured?

The answer is quite simple. They say that in 1939 polish army was conviced that can beat Nazi forces and maybe it would be true, if United States would not declare neutrality. Maybe it would be true, if France and United Kingdom would not use empty words declaring a war against Nazi Germany but would realy conduct military operations. Hitler and Georing was scared when they has heard such a declarations but soon thier politicans has been paralised by our dear Revisionist and we has been given backslash by the Soviet Union. Still, we did not gived up but this phase of war was de facto over. The war was continued from exile and at end it was we that scored victory. Military one, as the War and our struggle for independence for us did not ended at 9 May 1945...

My gradnfather hidden in disguise, preparing a mistification of his suicide. Soon, together with General Anders he has been sent on Sibir, but when in 1941 Nazi Germany has attacked Soviet Union he was allowed to left with Wladek Anders. Stalin probably was even not aware about who is my father, if would be he would sent him together with rest of KOP to Katyn. Staszek had for first time appeared in United States, as vice Prime Minister in exile, under another name, to form Polish Govermentand lead the liberation, also through this Voice of Truth, that i speak these days. True liberation, as Allies was saying in difference of liberation that Adolf Hitler was bringing. Stalin and Hitler was realy surprised, as they has though that they has destroyed us already. When grandfather of Simon Peres was praying at the platform, he was praying to us. And Almighty God had come, to liberat them, alought for many it was too late. Well, we did everything that was in power, whatever in September 1939 or later to not fall short of your forefathers prayers. What was doing some of jews that has fleed to Palestine? They was preparing this Great Revision...

Still, Shoah could be avoided, for first if you would listen to our warnings about Revisioninst teachings. For second, if somebody would not poison my Stryj: Jozef Klemens Pilsudzki in 1935. After this event, God has lose on his influence in our Palace and another fraction, Persian-Swedish one, has grabbed power. Worst in case of Jozef poisoning was that the Hitler delegation that has come to honor him could be more that happy having clean hands, as was Nazi Japan shouting famous Thora, Thora, Thora. Rydz Smigly that has taken commandment, in eyes of Klemens was talented one but very shortshight, what he has proven later and instead of escaping to London, deciding to return to Tusk grandfather Poland straight into hands of Proffessor Wilczur. Well, at least he had not betrayed us in this most difficult time, as others did. Including Wladyslaw Sikorski and other friends of Roman Dmowski.

One of bigest mistakes Rydz Smigly did was different however. We was not stupid and we has put everything on the cavalry with one purpose. To make a quick shot and with support of Yidish community, Lutherans, Social-Democrats and even Marxists to move Olimpic Games from Berlin to Barcelona and put an end to Adolf Hitler rules. Death of Jozef Pilsudzki has broken this plan and instead of using our political and military potential for such antiterrorist operation, headquarters rested on laurs. Paralysed, as our Western partners by same Revisionist circle. Later they has made such quick shot, but in different direction taking over Zaolzie. Something that maybe has increased morale but at same time complicated our relations even further.

It was too late anyway, Hitler had growed in millitary strenght and Pilsudzki plan was no longer an option. But never say that God allowed for Hollocaust, we did everything that was in our power to avoid it. And if you look for faulty you will find them not only in Berlin and Moscow, but at priori in Tel Aviv with thier sick concept of revision of history. Something that will always fall and something that can only lead to great conflict. What history has proved not only at the occassion of II World War, always with Kadosh Mishpakha in the center. So, if you want to understand essence of antisemitism, just watch this video clip that ilustrates it so nice. But do not be surprised if you will find that nowdays it is emmiting from Israeli Prime Minister office, they call it Revisionist Zionism but it was just litte part of jewish world. The problem is that this demolishing trend is dominatin jewish state and thus the world, with old enemies and thier clones, on the first plan again...


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