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Crow will not defeat Eagle

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible"
George Washington
September 17, 1796

The generations was fighting to see a crown returned to the Eagel. While they need overturn in thier graves observing the status quo, we are continuing our adventure with Bolshevism, an revisioninst school of though established by our dear Professor Wilczur and friends. The 9/11 day, quite similar in thier nature to polish Smolensk, should be for americans a day of reflection about both antisemitism and how far both leaders of Republicans (mainly Jhon McCain and Micheal Steel) and Democrats has come out from the orginal ideas and teaching of american founding fathers and American Revolution. Is not this just Bolshevism what both parties are trying to enforce? If you follow fashion trends, you will discover that pink is now passe and this most initiatet, in thier solidarity gesture bring golden clothes. Just like this golden star on one of my favorite sanation posters....

Professor Wilczur son has today avoided reporters, hidding himself behind usual 'no comment' and continuing his plots. But the 9/11 occassion has bringed three more important arrivals. One for sure will help to bring back more french way of thinking to litte bit overgermanised Vichy cinema. The other was famous PRL era composer Mr. Kukulski, another of B'nai B'rith artist. But the other one is even more interesting, as it has come from Ms. Merkel homeland. In Poland, after fall of something that they was calling comunism, we had a so called lustration. Lustration that in practice has touched not this that was real bolshevik minded opressors and thier secret cooperants but the people that beside Kremlin pressure was defending us, a core of Sanation, even in such difficult time when not once they needed to stand bravely against thier own authorities.

In Germany it is even worse, as the secret cooperatives of STASI and thier agents infiltrating opposition has never been even tried to lustrate and are still occuping top posts in Eastern block. They are often people, produced in Proffessor Wilczur way, washed through pseudo internment, like iconic rotmistrz Pilecki, from more distant past. I will not hide that i am very happy that Bärbel Bohley has proved such cooperation and has joined Algirdas Brazauskas, opressor and executioner of my father. And for people in Social Democrats and even communists at East, i once again learn from the past, such people are not your friends. Better to clean yourself from this Bolsheviks, before they will misslead you or will betrayal you and your parties. They are not your friends, they are just infiltrators. Revisionism is blind lane and they has proven this not once, claiming lifes of millions. At the West but also at East...

Crow will not defeat Eagle

On 13 December of memorable year,
crow has hatched from red egg
Moscals counseled and has thinked out
And martial law has announced in Poland

They taked over workplaces and offices
And are pushing Poles to unavoidable lisery
People are rioting, they take up fight
And with time all this crow's will be hunted

Hey, all polish people, along keep heads up
Together we will crush this prison walls

Crow sits on offshot
Shooted up and ruckling
Do not climb there, kids
She will fall down for sure

Kra, kra, kra

Crow is flying, looks on East
but is almost dead
Crow is flying whithout tail
Look, look will be death soon

And while crow is loudly crawing
Tantalizing ravens and eagle owls
Case is prejudged already

In the revisionist madness, in the effort to remove the truth about 'who is who' and rewrite history, many current members of Solidarity seems to forgotten about what they was fighting. The symbol of Solidarity was since begining Black Madonna of Jasna Gora and the litte icon of her with her children was always visible on thier breast. United, together we was doing impossible. When on 13 December 1982 General Jarozelski has announced Martial Law he has told the people that he is going 'to take weight of heavy responsibility' and indeed he wanted to take us, my family from the history, together with people that could be opponents, that could remeber the truth about God, mixed with thier collaborants to produce better papers for them, in usual to Wilczur way. That was original purpose of Martial Art, quite nice symbolised by taking famous 'Teleranek', a program for childrens, off from the public tv. Many of young people still remebers this day, in which instead of thier favorite program General Jaruzelski has appeared in his usual sunglasses. They often ask thier parents, why there was not Teleranek? Here is the answer...

However, they has never realised thier revision. We had survived such thing like Martial Law announced by the only correct and allowed party KC PZPR, with all thier might, beign kind of hostages on the enemy territory. We was not in the country that was member of NATO or European Union and the only legal party has decided to remove us. We did impossible, we survived such thing, thanks to the 'sick part of solidarity', as General Jaruzelski would tell. Thier plans has been broken by Jean Paul II and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin or rather Mietek Biegun, that has asked Ronal Regan for intervention. Intervention that has completly broken our revisionist plans.

We survived impossible, and our resistance or true besiege was quite nice symbolised by the strike at Gdansk stockyard. But who was sturming us? No, it was not KC PZPR, they was too smart for such thing. It was this 'healthy part of Solidarity', as General Jaruzelski has named Proffesor Wilczur friends in his 13 December speech. By doing this, they has partialy broken image of Solidarity, poisoning it and in fact they has made a big favor to the KC PZPR. Maybe, if they would behave differently, Poland would see independence bringed by my father and grandfather, instead of colaborant Walesa. Much faster. Well, maybe it was an problem for this 'healthy solidarity'.


PS. Today, our fashion dictators has changed 'gold' for 'green' and you could observe yet another wave of people of healthy solidarity dressed in green cloths. What is interesting is that many of them was Livin supporters. The social democrats in Europe are realy eaten by the people of STASI background, maybe it was the reason why Livin has fallen so low and instead of crushing Wilczur in Knesset has choosed to hit me on another 13th, thus licking Nethanyahu boots. My congratulations to all of our Green Crow's. Let sign together, as in old times motto of 'sick' solidarity: 'Crow will not defeat Eagel', even green crow, Livin and Sara. And why they has choosed green? To defame Green Party that has grow in Germany to over 22%. No, this Kiszczak's you see on the street are not from Green Party, they put this color to defame them but at same time has once again reminded us about thier past and ideology. Interogation by Belveder continues, as continues our shipyard strike...

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