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Bolivar hath

"What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision?"

Romans: 3-1

I was going to write you litte bit more about Martin Luther but the upcoming elections in Venezuela has forced me to give you one more hebrew lesson about another part of my forefathers wardrobe. In last post about Bolshevismus and Anti-Semitism, you has learned lite bit about my forefather cloath and the Islamic traditions, teachings about end of the world, so called Hadith's. This time it will be about jewish hat, in particural Simon Boliviar hat. Hat to which blinded Kremlin paw has shited so much. Just yesterday.

It is doubly sad to observe such a parody, but at same time is yet another warning to the world leaders about true nature of Kremlin bastard, that as Jozef Stalin, aspires to become Tzar of Europe. A warning mainly to the communist, that i still differate from the followers of Ben Zion Bolshevismus. Simon Boliviar is one of iconic friend, member of our family ancient lodge, what you can find out not only in his words but also through our family famous gesture. Gesture, visible on many of his portraits, on front of which Hugo Chavez is posing. Trying to build comparision between his revisionist efforts and the authentic Boliviar Revolution. Revolution in which we, as in many others, has played central role. Indirect but also directly, through one of polish colones, right arm of Simon Boliviar. In this context, recent expedition of Chavez top commander was not only insult to me, but at priori to his nation and Revolution that he claims to represent...

FARC military chief killed in combat

Colombia says the man considered to be the top military chief of the FARC rebel group has been killed in combat.

Mono Jojoy is reported to have been killed in an air strike in the region of La Macarena.

Observers say the death is a severe strike against FARC, which lost two other commanders in 2008.

Colombian media said the veteran guerrilla had more than 60 arrest warrants issued against him.

The government had also been offering a large reward for his capture.

Jojoy was accused of being responsible for holding hostages including politicians, police officers and soldiers

Source: Euronews

Today when on the street i had observed Medvedev and Professor Wilczur people walking and ploting together, i was not surprised. As you should not be surprised why my grandfather did not wanted to talk with Jozef Stalin. It is simply withouth sense to talk to eugenice bastard and same is true for Medvedev. Maybe Chavez do not worry about Medvedev war morgering policies, but you at the Middle East should, you should understand what a people they are. Medvedev is desperated, he is loosing support of Russian people, for first because they are just treating him as Soviet heritage, having his ubermensche orgin in mind.

For second because they do not want to have Soviet Union again, they remeber what kind of country Jozef Stalin has created and they see same with Dimitri Medvedev. Over old Soviet Union anthem, they preffer new one, this about forefathers, eagel; etc. When they look at this side, they see it, as it would be thier own. And it could be true, as we are slavic and should keep solidarity. My philosophy is completly different from Romanov house and while we was in power, there was practicaly no war with Russia. Through centauries we was living in complete peace and coperation, just like on your current Coat of Arms. As two headed eagel. And for most, they, people of Russian Federation want to have noble Russia, not a return of degenerated Soviet Union. They do not want to see NKVD terror again but this is what they get from Medvedev...

Therefore Medvedev is loosing his support and Vladimir Putin is gaining everyday. The solution that Dimitri have, the only solution then is to have a war. It is something tipical in this litte brains of our ubermenschen, not only at Kremlin but also at West. In this sense situation is almost identical that we had before outbreak of Great Revision, as i call II World War. Beside, ideology; common strugle, enemies and religion, that is why you in Iran or Venezuela should not treat Medvedev, as your friend. He is doing everything to sacrifice you, as once they has sacrificed my motherland. This time, maybe not to sell more weapons but just to boost his image in presidential race that awaits him in 2012. This people are simply out of thier mind and they are not your friends, nethier friends of Europe. They will sacrifice you, they will lead you to armed conflict and once again we had seen this just yesternight.


PS. Whatever you are from the East or West, learn from the past. Soviet Union has fallen because they has resigned from the ideology and the only thing that has left then was just brutal force...

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