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Benedictus liturgy

"It is clear to us that the war can only end with the destruction of the Germanic peoples or the disappearance of Jewry from Europe. On September 3, I already announced in the German Reichstag (and I am careful not to make rash prophecies) that this war would not develop as the Jews imagine, namely that the European-Aryan peoples will be destroyed.

Instead, the result of this war will be the destruction of Jewry. For the first time others will not bleed alone. For the first time the genuine old Jewish law will be applied: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!"

And the more this war spreads, the more anti-Semitism will spread. This may be said to world Jewry. Anti-Semitism will be nourished in every prison camp, in every family which must be informed why they must sacrifice to the bitter end.

And the hour will come when the most evil world enemy of all times will have played out its role for perhaps a thousand years at least.

Adolf Hitler
Berlin Sportpalast,
Jan 30, 1942

Yesterday in the European Commission they has rediscovered true meaning of not so secret verse of the Old Testamento (Jer: 31:35-37) and under this influence they has warned Nicolas Sacrosy of the consequences of his 'unacceptable and a disgracefull behavior' that can be compared to NKWD Katyn Massacre or just 'Nazi sacrificing' or as we would say in modern day: 'grinder'. "No member state can expect special treatment when fundamental values and European laws are at stake", indeed if you will read both Adolf Hitler rare speech from 1942 and this verse you will understand what they has put on this stake. On the other hand you will see who is real jew hater. You can oposse and hate Israel, thier Prime Minister and thier cabinet but hate against whole race is just worst kind of antisemitism, ever. And indeed such a hate is main driving force behind organisers of this infamous crusade, the Church of Scientology that realy aims at clearing 120 000 000 milion of people from thier jewishness...

The problem that the European Commission has touched is however much more complicated, as beside security purpose, so wiedly endorsed not only by American founder fathers, Chrisitan but also by the Mahometans. It is kind of fundamental doctrine of the God and the Devil. To explain you better this complex issue i will concentrate on the fundamental difference between Jean Paul II and Benedictus XVI teachings. With the last, comming straight back to his youngness. No, for sure what Sarkozy and Mrs. Nethanyahu are doing is not good. But where then the problem lies? It is both: scale, aim and target groups of thier infamous activities, that many will correctly compare to NKWD Katyn forest massacre or just to SS Charlemagne unit and thier recruitment office.

While i need to underscore once again, that there are many unitis operating in our Free City, this one is very, very special and it brings a gross of troubles for us, at same time defaming others. Still, soldiers are only soldiers, they must execute thier orders and the problem with this unit lies excluslivly in the commandment and recruitment method. Something that i call Benedictus liturgy. It is hard to call this activities true faith or Judgment of God. They are just mass executions and once again i am asking to stop thier recruitment practicies. It is something very evil what you do. While it is true, at same time that your 'recruits' was greedy, fueled by hatred and just stupid. But they are just most vulenabre one, as they was people already marginalised and poor. Stop exploiting them...

March of Robots

Today master of this world became
Who discovered magic of this three words
It is power, energy, reinforcement
Direct current to our heads
Stop! Turn off your heart - turn on computer...

Dutiful robots know signal
Steel medulla enveloped by wire
without cipher of body
D N A, D N A, D N A

Yes. Withouth feeling, without demur.
push button of steering.
And siting in heat, siting from afar
wait, as laser will burn enemy,
and when you will left shellter at morning,
you will see new, beutifull world,
that was cleaned accurately
from life
for many long years.
D N A, D N A, D N A

Great Electronic Speech

Achtung. I am turning record of your memory. For 24 seconds. I am giving a program of bequest. Everything that is humane is breaking. It is imperfect. Thinking is racking. Imagination is enemy of percisious acting.

I am free because for me is thinking another brain. I will try to always correctly respond on impulses and i will myself delete from memory: compassion, love, anger. I am confirming record of program.


I welcome all winners on the commandment platform of inventors island. Island that since today is becoming a capital of our Empire...


You can also listen and watch litte bit modified versions of this march in English and Russian (translated orginal). In fact this marches are no different in thier message of sacrificing anthems of Adolf Hitler. Moreover if you will pick up invitation of Scientology Church and will come on screening of thier recent movie La Dianétique : évolution d'une science you will see sharply, this same ideology and promotion of antisemitism, as sharply you will see face of Great Electronic on the front of thier invitation. It is so, because they aim for this same, a golden pair you can spot on video that is ilustration of Adolf Hitler rare speech, impregnated by my geneticly 'improved' sperm. Yes, the goal of this scientology liturgy, that because of the Beast at Vatican has also dominated Catholic Church, as the face, is same. Literaly destruction of jewish race and dreamed triumph of Germanic Aryan Ubermenchens, thus world without God. Yet another Dajjal, as authentic Mahometans would say.

Well, Adolf could only dream about having such 'team' in such places, as they are nowdays. In such context, calling such a heresy aimed directly aginst God, an religion is just a mistake. While for Catholic Church the way out of such dangerous situation has been already described by Saint John, the Belgian and Dutch authorities should feel rightfully in thier quest to close Curch of Scientology, at least on thier territory. Esspecialy, that for authentic protestants, such an organisation is same eternal Teutonic enemy, about which they are signing in thier Battle Anthem of Reformation and other psalms. No, it is not the Bible that is enemy of every faithfull, it is exacly opposite. They are people and heretical teachings, that aims to destroy and undermine the word of God. In same spirit, as once Nazi and Bolshviks was trying to do it. Well, for them word of God and in particural teachings of St. John maybe is real enemy, just like on the poster published by Nazi Germany. Do you realy want to be solidar with such a beasts that everyday are trying to desacrate Thora and Koran? Or will you be solidar with Jesus Christ? Authentic solidarity, even if followers of Revisionism will call it sick, as they used to call: black a white and white a black. Will you stay true beliver and will drown into heresy? Heresy so dangerous to the world and mankind...

Scientology in Belgium

Scientology has operated in Belgium since 1972, but the organization has encountered difficulties there in recent years.

Status of Scientology in Belgium

Belgium only officially recognizes six religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Anglicanism, the Orthodox Church, Judaism and Islam,[1] and has denied Scientology's request to be included.[2]

Scientology opened an international office in 2003 near the European Union headquarters to lobby for recognition as an official religious group.[3]

2007 trial proposal

The Belgian government denied Scientology the status of religion in 1997, and began investigating its practices and finances after ex-Scientologists said they had been subjected to intimidation and extortion. Concluding the ten-year investigation, on September 4, 2007, a Belgian prosecutor recommended that 12 persons associated with Scientology and two legal entities – the Belgian Church of Scientology and Scientology's Office of Human Rights – should be prosecuted on counts of extortion, fraud, organized crime, obstruction of medical practice, illegal medical practice, invasion of privacy, conspiracy and commercial infractions like abusive contractual clauses.[4][5] An administrative court would decide if the case would go ahead and charges would be pressed.[5][4] The court's decision was expected to be announced within a few months.[5]

U.S. State Department response

Belgium and other European countries have been criticized by the U.S. State Department for ruling that Scientology was a cult or sect and enacting restrictive laws against it.[3]

In response to the proposed trial, the U.S. State Department said that if Belgian authorities "have evidence that individuals violated Belgian law, they should take appropriate legal steps consistent with Belgium’s international obligations to protect freedom of thought, conscience and religion"; however, the State Department would "oppose any effort to stigmatize an entire group based solely upon religious beliefs and would be concerned over infringement of any individual’s rights because of religious affiliation."[6][3]

Church of Scientology response

The Associated Press reported an official statement released by the Church of Scientology on September 4, 2007:

"For the last 10 years, the prosecutor has been using the media, trying to damage the reputation of the Church of Scientology and not being able to put a case in court," Scientology said. "As a consequence, this created a climate of intolerance and discrimination" in Belgium.[3]

The Church added that the prosecutor's recommendations suggested Scientology was guilty even before a court could hear the charges, making it "difficult for the Church of Scientology to recover and properly defend (itself) before the court."[3]

More: Wikipedia

In same racial, antisemitic ideology they, most notably a family of Israeli Prime Minister are claiming that i am not pure, that i am blooded one and are dening my right to live, not only to live in dignity but to live at all. Well, in sense of this 'healthy' ideology, i am blooded not only since my first breath but even since beign embryon, as they are marching since begining of my life, litteraly. In this sense, I am 'blooded', just like Christ on the cross with Rotunda beign my throat crown, put on my head even before i was able to do anything or say anything.

In fact, such impurity is the essence of jewish race and judaism, as through the Thora they are forced to defend me untile end of the world. By reunication of YHWH, by undermining his laws, in particural Din Rodef, they are reunicating or just giving up thier jewishness. Something that so far, amid thier insane attempts did not yet successed, but if it will success, it will hit not only Jewish people. It will also affect World of Arabs, as for them i am keeper of priceless promise, given to them by Almighty God, encoded in same Jeremiash book chapter 31. You are often forggotting that Arabs are also semites and such antisemitism hits both jews and arabs. Equaly. People, my people wake up. It is same spirit and face on the front, whatever you will call this American, Islamic, Boliviar or just French Revolution. And the same message: Liberte, egalite, fraternite! And the same eternal enemy, for whatever in his Bavarian perfidion he will disguise.

And while concept of God and Satan is much more complex to describe it in one post i will try to show you basic difference between Benedict XVI and Jean Paul II. In general JPII was also using this same mechanism what he has underlined during his Westerplatte visit: "It needs, for this symbol to speak all the time. It must be a chellenge to more new people and generations of Poles". Well, for first some people that has been traped by this game, that are fueled by misunderstanding of the cause of thier loses, by racial hatred. That, as robots are living day after day only with a wish to crucifix, they need to be 'bussy' all the time, in awaiting, until they will understand what antisemitism is. From other hand, this mechanism can be sumarised in one simple of Thomas Jefferson, simply: 'God is just' and as Patric Henry has observed: 'I know no other way of judging the future but the past'. Indeed, it is best judgment that you can have, especially for the people with deadly sin, like murdering our Holy Father himself. People that on this blog, sometimes, by the respect to death ones, i mention as poisoned. Poisoned by his sacramental wine...

However, Benedictus XVI and his Israeli masters has 'improved' this centauries old mechanismo by modifing: for first scale, for second target group and for thrid the ultimate goal. The people that are recruting our volontaries, are doing this on realy mass scale, targeting populations that are often marginalised, uneducated, without access to internet and at priori poor. Offering them gold, better lifes or in case of heroin addicts, such fundamental for thier survival thing like a place on methadone programe.

It is obviously, that if somebody will come to poor Gypsy or Afghan citizen offering them lots of gold for killing some jew that they will paint, as the bigest evil on this planet, such person will try, as it does not have anything to lose. She will try, to found that at the morning she was betrayed by same people that has made such an offer. Inducing even more 'revenge seekers', usualy family members, shouting 'brot' (pol. brother) to the victim and the target of such unfair 'volsktrums'. Thier requitment proceder is simply unfair and to this family members i would rather recommend to look for real cause of thier misery. And yes, we has observed same 'innovation': arbeit und brot, in the past. Maybe 'Ode to joy', anthem of European Union will help them to understand where to look for.

But the most fundamental difference lies in answer to the question: why then they are doing such 'grinder'? And the answer, polish answer is: because, just like in the Adolf Hitler time, to later send to us bunch of thier requests for my sperm. Usualy, from same Sara: Shlezwig-Holstein team, same team that was executing them. Why? Because i am denied a right to live, because i am alive. It is such a logic that drives them. Such a logic and so called: 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth' babylonian law. Same law, that was quoted in Adolf Hitler speech. The point however is, that by doing this, by claiming Teutonic sum, they are undermining 'Din rodef' law that is a core of the Orderal set by the Almight God. So, whenever they will come to you, to claim such a law, such a revenge, such a Teutonic sum, just open Thora and read them loudly from the book of Jeremiah:

Jeremiah passage 31

Thus saith the LORD, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The LORD of hosts is his name:

If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.

Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

Jeremiah 31:35-37

Yes, it is extremly strong, it is like umbrella. That is why people like Proffessor Wilczur are trying to remove us, and by this caesing whole race. That is why they has developed the concept of Revisionism Zionism, the cause and root of both: Nazism and Bolshevism and all this evil that we experience these day. This one verse simply closes thier mouths. Whatever they will throw at us in thier insane drive, in the Majesty of God they are equal. Equal to zero.

That is why Koran says about the Messiash, Hidden Imam al-Mahdi, that he is the only person on whole globe that can establish such a justice, justice of the Almighty God. If you has forgotten, please recite together with us Rewayath: : "Benefiting from me in my absence is as benefiting from sun in it's disapperance behind the clouds and certainly I am security grantor for the people of the earth, as stars are security grantors for the people of the sky". Moreover i am promise keeper of priceless: Liberté, égalité, fraternité!!! So, instead of opposing me and my mission from God, realisation of promissed Messianic Era and reaching Jerusalem. Better join us in our morrning Dua Ahad recitation and at least honestly wish me long life, at least 95 years. And if you go on pillgrimage to visit the House of Allah do not do this, as crusader, especialy Teutonic one. DO NOT CONFUSE MESSIANIC ERA WITH THIS UNGODLY GOLDEN HERESY!


It is reported from Imam Ja'fer Sadiq (a) that whoever recites this du'a for forty days, after morning prayers will be amongst the helpers of the 12th Imam (a). Should he/she die before the reappearance of the Imam (a), Allah will raise him/her from the grave in order for the reciter of this du'a to present him/herself to the Imam.

As the title suggests, this supplication is of allegiance (ahad) to the holy Imam (a.t.f.s). Its recitation every morning ensures the renewal of this covenant. The reciter finds himself under the leadership of Imam (a.t.f.s).

There is a fervent appeal to Allah to grant him the honour of seeing Imam (a.t.f.s). They sat that in this there is also an acknowledgement that the difficulties of this nation can be solved only by the reappearance of Imam (a.t.f.s) and that believers see it as being close while others deem it to be distant. But if so, it is reapperance in Jerusalem, without delay.

And going back to Benedictus visit in Great Britain. Tommorrow i am going straight to Cathedral to put on his doors, maybe not 95 thesis, what did Martin Luther on the doors of Wittenberg cathedral, starting Protestant Reformation. Somebody that i strongly admire, as purest of all theologians, what in his truly ecunemical teachings, JP II was also doing throught whole of his life. I will just put one these. These straight from the New Testamento , made by apostol Saint John. Some will add Paul, fleering. The revision is utopy and will be never achieved, it is bether for catholics but also protestants to just listen to words of Saint John. And even if by some catastrophe, the Sun will disapper behind the clouds, you can be sure that very quickly it will come again, it is such a nature of this world and you see it, so often on the sky. So better pray for this to never happen and think again, if Benedictus is realy Benedictain one, or just heretical clown that is making Scientology 'cinemas from churches', as they was doing in time of Professor Wilczur pupil: Jozef Stalin.

He is spiting Holy Family into faces, at every ocassion, changing Catholic masses into parody. The original aim of Benedictians is integrating black and white people, for what purpose this authentic Lion of Judah is just perfect one. Learn from Mahometans, they was already through hundreds of years beneficient of this Almighty phenomen and mastered it, beign one of our most loyal allies and creating true ellite of thier soldiers. The Teutonism is just eternal enemy of both: mahometans and jews, what they should remeber since First Crusade. And they should be enemy and infiltrators, for every true beliver, especialy after II World War, that i just call Great Revision. There is better way for mankind, so listen to Ode to Joy and just play better tunes, that this one that my family has heard for so long, a tunes that some of current world leaders are following. Following; with Jaruzelski sunglasses on thier eyes, seeing no God but just revision of history...

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