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AR-EVA Conglomerate

"Sir, and what in politics? Does Chineess keep themself strongly?"
The Weeding party, 1901

On the photo above you can spot two things. For first stigm that Professor Wilczur people has made on my hand in 1995, when they colagues was preparing UN Resolution for Nuclear Disarment. This stigm, in thier intention, is no different from stamp that another of his colagues was doing on arms of polish jews, thier opponents, in Nazi and NKVD concentration camps. While a concept of nuclear disarment, is just an illustration, an reference, of thier constant calls to our disintegration and revision of the history, as thier constant efforts to measure the heaven. 5771 years old heaven. Thanks God, at this time they has meet an unpassable obstacle in presence of our Holy Father Jean Paul II and the Bible.

The other thing that you can spot on the photo, is the Black Hole, some astronomical sign that maybe has been left by the Creator, as the illustration of something, that Adolf Hitler has named 'a role' that 'the most evil world enemy of all times have played for perhaps a thousand years'. To be honest through 5771 years and the role is just the role of highest Judge. The God, YHWH. In the orderal that has been together with the jewish race established in the Holy Thora. Therefore, making it an essence of jewishness. Something, that people like Professor Wilczur are trying to make to depart from me. Thus, are trying to depart jewishness from the jews, for ever. As it has been wroten in Jeremiach 31:36. That is the reason why such people are meating just an death, when they pickup such a quest. It was, it is so through thusdands of years, for obviousl reasons...

The problem is that people like Professor Wilczur has changed this justice of God mechanismo in something that also my father needed to observe. Something that have nothing to do with original intentions, something that in his time they was calling Stalin mass purges. Mainly to try to stir us with the people. Something that he has never achieved, as the popularity of my grandfather has stayed extremly high through whole of his long live. People simply was understanding that we have litte or just none influence at what they are throwing at us.

And by the irony, at the end of Stalinism, party has decided to throw this brainless clone, Jozef Stalin himself into our Bolivar hat. What made milions of people joyfull, as happy, as Jozef when was taking up such a journey. I think that similar wish had a milions of Chiness people when today they was siging thier anthem, whit millions of hearts beating, as one. Looking at some clone that plays just like Stalin was. To Dimitri Medvedev. The world should be not free from the God but from the clones. At least if it comes to the world politics...

While Chavez during this Sunday has already experienced where such Ben Zion Soviet modeled policies and advisors can lead him, situation is not better in his opponents camp. When i was writing this post, public opinion has been informed about yet another bolshevik youth camp of our dear Wronus Tusk that has ended tragicaly. It has reminded me yet another picture from early years of my grandfather, vice prime minister in People Republic of Poland, when military propaganda was painting him, just as they do nowdays with me. Painting him, as 'the bored german aristocrat', 'opressor of the socialist youth', so called Pionners. A Nazi aristocrat that the People Goverment of Poland in name of social justice has confiscated a palace and turned into Pionner youth camp. AREva camp on which today you can find both Democrats and Republicans Pionneiers of real socialism.

Yes, i am a Kulak, as Stalin would say in time of similar collectivisation: an Afghan aristocrat, landowner, bourgeois. Bourgeois that first Nazi has destroyed and stolen almost all what has survived from partitioning time, then Stalin has nationalised what has left in the curse of falsified referendum in 1946, so called 3xyes referendum, that of course my grandfather and 2/3 of people was against. Now, i see an huge effort of re-nationalisation, and just few days ago our 'Norway police' has captured a head of govermental-curch commission, former agent of Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa that wanted to formalise this re-nationalisation of my legacy. Huge legacy, of size of Kielce, as some braver journalist has observed. Re-nationalisation that a patron of is 'mother of Church', as Benedictus XVI has called yet another bolshevik grandmutter from distant time. Keke, that is still fresh in my and people hearts.

Kulaks - Definition

Kulaks (from the Russian кулак (kulak, "fist")) is a pejorative term extensively used in Soviet political language, originally referring to relatively wealthy peasants in the Russian Empire who owned larger farms and used hired labor, as a result of the Stolypin reform introduced since 1906.

In May 1929 the Sovnarkom issued a decree that formalized the notion of "kulak household" (кулацкое хозяйство)

However, many peasants were reluctant to give up their property and form collectives. Some of them attempted to sabotage the collectives by attacking members and government officials, burning crops and destroying property. Many peasants chose to slaughter livestock, even horses, rather than to pass it into common property, which caused Sovnarkom to issue a series of decrees to prosecute "the malicious slaughtering of livestock" (хищнический убой скота).

Stalin requested harsh measures to put an end to the kulak resistance. The kulaks were to be liquidated as a class and subject to three fates: death sentence, labor settlements (not to be confused with labor camps, although the former were also managed by the GULAG), or deportation "out of regions of total collectivisation of the agriculture". Tens of thousands of alleged kulaks were summarily executed, property was confiscated to form collective farms, and many families were deported to Siberia and Soviet Central Asia.

The same fate met those labelled "kulak helpers" (подкулачник), those who sided with kulaks in their opposition to collectivisation.

A new wave of repressions, this time against "ex-kulaks", was started in 1937 after the NKVD Order no. 00447. Those deemed ex-kulaks had only two options: death sentence or labor camps.

More: Word definition

It is interesting that Stalin, as Tusk, has sent his mother Yekaterina 'Keke' Geladze straight into my grandfather hath in 1937, maybe to celebrate new Soviet constitution. It is same famous grandmother from radio Gliwitze provocation slogan: 'Grossmutter gestorben'. It is quite usual to this bastards to sell thier own mother, as we say. This time, however it is even more clear, as this iconic grandmutter was litte bit drunk by the mass wine or rather poisoned by it, as i am sneering from such a people.

People marked by sin of crucifxation of our Uncle, Jean Paul II, very deadly sin. No realy, PO Civic Platform is not at all made from the people of the Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa, as Israel, so called jewish state, does not have any serious problems in the decisions made by thier government. There is no Revisionist error there. Just look what they did with authentic mother of Church and thier own nation, meine yidishe mame. The authentic mother of curch, Black Madonna of Jasnagora that is enlighting Ostra gate, as we sign since centauries.

Pioneers tragic return

At least 12 people have been killed and about 30 injured when a coach carrying tourists back to Poland crashed in Germany.

Reports say the coach was full of young Poles heading home from a holiday in Spain.

The accident happened in heavy rain close to Schonefeld south of Berlin. According to police, the coach crashed into the support structure of a bridge as the driver tried to avoid a car joining the motorway.

Emergency services say at least seven of the injured are in a critical condition. More than 250 rescue workers and three helicopters were mobilised to evacuate the wounded and take them to hospital.

The Polish government says the Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the country’s health minister are to visit the scene.

It’s Germany’s worst road accident this year.

Source: Euronews


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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Yesterday i had saw on euronews Miss Eugeny from White House that was threatning IRGC with Kulak like rethoric. Today on same station they has emmited spot: 'German trial set to reawaken Baader-Meinhof memories' with Sara like lemming in Jaruzelski revisionist sun glasses.

As i know this animals with litte brain they will try to make reconstrution. And i am worring about some Belgian army officer that i had meet today on the street. I saw that he is followed by one of this NKVD minded pseudo islamists. I am asking to check this threat. I do not know if this officer has converted to true faith, i supose so. He has however threatning me on the streeet of Brussels in the not so distant past. So i do not know, but if he converted i am asking you to leave him. And i am reminding this pseudo islamist that if he did converted he is just like under my cloack. This one that you should know already from Hadith Al-Kisa.

"O Allah! These are my Ahlul Bayt.
They are my confidants and my supporters.

Their flesh is my flesh and their blood is my blood.

Whoever hurts them, hurts me."