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17.IX - Forefathers cloak

Stanislaw is dead! Long live Stanislaw!

Before i will wirte you a story of my one these that i has put on this Saturday on the doors of local cathedral, i will return in my story to another signifant day in my calendar. It is 17 September 1939, a day of death and resurection of my grandfather. A day that underlines some fundamental difference between Teutonism and Russian Orthodox Church, that through 1000 years was centered around the miracle of Jesus resurection. It was so, before of arival of yet another clone at Kremlin and the false teachings of archibishop Kirill.

Heretical teachings that are undermining 1000 year traditions, just as thier followers are trying to cut off one of the heads of Eagel, that you can see everyday on Coat of Arms of Russian Federation, just as you can see the Sun on the sky. Is not this return of Bolshevism, many of Russians will ask themself? And they will be right, as the Americans are, while they are observing such a tragedy, such a Bavarian heresy, corruption and the sin. Sin of Jean Paul II crucifixation, a source of corruption on which some are trying to build thier influences. No, Medvedev, you are not like Tzar, our younger brother. With all his opression, he will never do some things that you, worthless Bavarian immitation, are trying to do against us and thus against the Almighty God. If you should be compared, it would be another bastard Jozef Stalin. Tzar in difference, he had both honor and respect to our common roots and culture...

The mirracle of Orthodox Resurrection my grandfather needed to demostrated on 17 September 1939, when Soviet Army, in line with thier Revisionist operation Collection, has invaded II Commonwealth of Poland. Next day people has been told that he, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz has commited suicide, but it was not true. Just, as some Israeli artists has suggested in thier movie: Mistification. He has just changed identity and that is a reason that why on propaganda posters related to 17 IX, you can often find our Symbol hit and hurted in the neck. Stanislaw, the artist was dead, Stanislaw, politican and war leader has been born.

This manevrous has allowed him to stay alive and i think, that while together with General Anders has been interneed by Jozef Stalin, at least he has survived and was not sent to Katyn. Survived to few years later, join his colleagues and betrayals in London, as the head of Polish Goverment in Exile. However, for Professor Wilczur world has stoped at 17 September and he just want to erase the full truth. As he would like to errase our charasterical 'two moles', that are just like a cry through ages, often underlined on the icons of Jesus Christus that you can find on the walls of many Russian Orthodox Churche's.

Orthodox Ressurection

Stanislaw, The Demiurg

Witkiewicz, a.k.a. "Witkacy" (February 24, 1885 – September 18, 1939) was a Polish playwright, novelist, painter, photographer and philosopher.

Born in Warsaw, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz was the son of painter, architect and art critic Stanisław Witkiewicz. His godmother was the internationally famous actress Helena Modrzejewska.

Witkiewicz lived through the Russian Revolution in St Petersburg. He claimed that he worked out his philosophical principles during an artillery barrage, and that when the Revolution broke out he was elected political commissar of his regiment. His later works would show his fear of social revolution and foreign invasion, often couched in absurdist language.

He had begun to support himself through portrait painting and continued to do so on his return to Zakopane in Poland. He soon entered into a major creative phase, setting out his principles in New Forms in Painting and Introduction to the Theory of Pure Form in the Theatre. He associated with a group of "formist" artists in the early 1920s and wrote most of his plays during this period. Of about forty plays written by Witkiewicz between 1918 and 1925, twenty-one survive, and only Jan Maciej Karol Hellcat met with any public success during the author's lifetime. The original Polish manuscript of The Crazy Locomotive was also lost; the play, back-translated from two French versions, was not published until 1962.

After 1925, and taking the name 'Witkacy', the artist ironically re-branded the paintings which provided his economic sustenance as The S.I. Witkiewicz Portrait Painting Firm, with the motto: "The customer must always be satisfied". Several grades of portrait were offered, from the merely representational to the more expressionistic and the narcotics assisted. Many of his paintings were annotated with mnemonics listing the drugs taken while painting a particular painting, even if this happened to be only a cup of coffee. He also varied the spelling of his name, signing himself Witkac, Witkatze, Witkacjusz, Vitkacius and Vitecasse — the last being French for "breaks quickly".

In the late 1920s he turned to the novel, writing two works, Farewell to Autumn and Insatiability. The latter major work encompasses geopolitics, psychoactive drugs, and philosophy.

During the 1930s, Witkiewicz published a text on his experiences of narcotics, including peyote, and pursued his interests in philosophy. He also promoted emerging writers such as Bruno Schulz. Shortly after Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany in September 1939, he escaped with his young lover Czesława to the rural frontier town of Jeziory, in what was then eastern Poland. After hearing the news of the Soviet invasion of Poland on September 17, 1939, Witkacy committed suicide on September 18 by taking a drug overdose and trying to slit his wrists.[1] He convinced Czesława to attempt suicide with him by consuming Luminal, but she survived.

More: Wikipedia

--- 17 SEPTEMBER 1939 ---

Stanislaw, the Politican

Mikołajczyk (1901 - 1966;), Polish politician, was Prime Minister of the Polish government in exile during World War II, and later Deputy Prime Minister in postwar Poland, before the USSR took political control of Poland.

In 1941 he was appointed Minister of the Interior and became Prime Minister's Władysław Sikorski's Deputy Prime Minister.

In April 1943 the Germans had announced that they had discovered the graves of almost 22,000 Polish officers who had been murdered by the Soviets at Katyń Wood. The Soviet government said that the Germans had fabricated the discovery. The Allied governments, for diplomatic reasons, formally accepted this, but Mikołajczyk's government refused to do so, and Stalin then severed relations with the government in exile.

When Sikorski was killed in a plane crash in July 1943, Mikołajczyk was appointed as his successor[4]. "We do not wish to see only a formal democracy in Poland," he said in his broadcast to Poland on taking office, "but a social democracy which will put into practice not only political, religious and personal freedom but also social and economic freedom, the four freedoms of which Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke so finely. In any case there is and will be no place in Poland for any kind of totalitarian government in any shape or form."

During 1944 the Allied leaders, particularly Winston Churchill, tried to bring about a resumption talks between Mikołajczyk and Stalin, but these efforts broke down over several issues. One was the Katyń massacre. Another was Poland's postwar borders. Stalin insisted that the eastern territories should remain in Soviet hands. Mikołajczyk refused to compromise on this issue. Mikołajczyk also insisted that Stalin not set up a Communist government in postwar Poland.

As a result, Stalin agreed that there would be a coalition government in the Soviet seized territories of Poland. A Socialist, Edward Osóbka-Morawski, became Prime Minister of the new Provisional Government of National Unity (Tymczasowy Rząd Jedności Narodowej - TRJN), and the Communist leader Władysław Gomułka became one of two Deputy Prime Ministers. Mikołajczyk resigned as Prime Minister of the government in exile to return to Poland and become the other Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture.

Mikołajczyk immediately set about reviving the PSL, which soon became by far the largest party in Poland. He was helped, ironically, by the radical land reform pushed through with the support of the Communists, which created a new class of small farmers who became a firm political base for the PSL. The Communists knew they would never win a free election in Poland, and so they set about preventing one, despite the pledges given by Stalin at the Yalta Conference.

In June 1946 the 3xTAK referendum was held on a number of issues. The PSL decided to oppose the referendum calling for the abolition of the Senate as a test of strength against the Communists: two-thirds of voters supported Mikołajczyk, but the Communist-controlled Interior Ministry issued faked results showing the opposite result. Between then and the January 1947 general elections, the PSL was subjected to ruthless persecultion, and hundreds of its candidates were prevented from campaigning.

The elections produced a parliament with 394 seats for the Communist-controlled "Democratic Bloc" and 28 for the PSL, a result which everyone knew could only have resulted from massive electoral fraud. Mikołajczyk immediately resigned from the government, and in April, facing arrest, he left the country. Winston Churchill, upon seeing him in London, remarked: "I am surprised you made it out alive". In London the Polish government in exile regarded him as a traitor for having co-operated with the Communists. He emigrated to the United States, where he died in 1966.

More: Wikipedia
The Spiegel 46, 1948
In his book: "The rape of Poland. Pattern of Soviet agression".

The truth is that Stanislaw never again meet Winston Churchil in London and for yet another time he has changed his identity. He has been forced to move on countryside and setup family. The story of his return to United Kingdom in the truck and his later departure to United States has been fabricated, probably for security purposes, as we needed to face constant Teutonic sturms and betrayals. Whatever in II Commowelath of Poland, during the Great Revision or Soviet People Republic of Poland.

However, he has never gived up listening to motto of our Stryj: "To be defeated and not give in is to win" and through his artistic spirit and connections, he was fighting with Bolshevism in all forms and shapes, on all fronts, through whole of his life. Bringing down all of the Enemies of God and the Revolution that was started by us by Luther hands in Wittenberg. Bringing down including not only Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini bu also such powerfull enemies, like Jozef Stalin or Boleslaw Bierut. Unfortunatly, he has never returned to power, nethier has been in any form honored. While he has survived soviet occupation and has celebrated fall of Berlin Wall and symbolic return of the crown on the head of White Eagel. They has never honored him, to not mention return of our properties and even poirtraits that he has painted. As they has never returned Marshall Button, to the righfull hands. He has died in his hiddeout, not in 1966, what was yet another fabrication, but just few yeras ago, at almost 100. He has died far from political and artistic life in Beth-Khoron in the mystical Kingdom of Judah....

From my forefathers houshold, as from the family, only ruins has left but there is something that we still have. It is our spiritual cloack, something that is priceless just as the promises given by the Almighty God. Still, we see some at the Middle East that in such difficult situation thinks about destroying even this. Why you want to do such devastation to yourself, destroying such gracefull and powerfull thing, like this spiritual cloak is? In such a cloak, you can just laught into enemies faces. Indeed, true belivers, you should fear no evil, as "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind"(Tim:1-7)...

Hadith Al-Kisa

Hadith Al-Kisa (Narration of the Cloak) is the narration of an incident where the Prophet Mohammed (saw) gathered Ali, Hassan, Hussayn and Fatema (peace be upon them all) under his cloak and announced them as his Ahl (Family). It was then that the second part of verse 33:33 of the Holy Quran was revealed, known as "Ayat al-Tathir" (Verse of Purification), in which Allah states He has purified the Family of the Prophet (Ali, Hassan, Hussayn and Fatema), thus proving their infallibility.

This narration has been narrated by many people, including Umme Salma, Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari, Ayesha, and Ibne Abbas. There are also various modifications and differences between the narrations of the different people. They say, that the most authentic version of Hadith Al-Kisa, according to the Shia, is that version which has been narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari, all other versions have either been edited or are incomplete.

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