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Zebra revue

"Major „Radosz” from NSZ-AK was not only one that was suspecting people connected with command of Świętokrzyska Brigade for colaboration with Nazi Germany."

National Armed Forces
'Tooth' against double enemy

On the streets of our Free City Brussels just on the eve of aniversary of Warsaw Uprising i had noticed new fashion trend that from one side has remainded me brown shirts that citizens of other Free City, Danzing was facing in time of youth of my grandfather. From the other side it has reminded me an accusations of Major "Radosz" Poraj-Wybraniec of colobartion of some of command of his Swietokrzyska Brigade with the Nazi Germany. Something that again has put in the spotlight Nazi perfidion. Yes, it was soldiers of NSZ that was releasing prisoners of Dahau. And in solidarity of such prisoners, some naive people has put thier shirts, this time not brown but just stripped. Stripped like ZEBRA...

Why for thier manifestation they has choosed these days? Well i hope to explain you in next post but lets look closer on the people behind this manifestation and ask again who Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet is defending through his 'Opfern' strategy of Christ Crucifixation? Same strategy that Nazi Germany was trying to enforce on my grandfater? This is very dangerous question for the people that has executed last order of Hendrih Himler and changed thier ellite SS Waffen uniform to the stripped pigames not only of Auschwitz Birkenauen but mostly Dahau concentration camp prisoners. On the clip above in 5minute authors are showing this very clearly quoting Rudolf Hess memory: 'I therefore give you my last order. Hide yourself in the Armed Forces '. Some has go even further hiding behind the people they once opressed. In the ranks of concentration camps victims. The traces of thier true orgin has been destroyed and it is sometimes hard to realise who indeed have a jewish orgin but the ideology and methodology has stayed this same. Passed from generation to generation, poisoning Middle East on both sides of segregation wall.

I was once meet Aryan looking person that has claimed to be jew. I was wondering how this could happen but now i see it perfectly clear. How then people like Beniamin Nethanyahu can deny me the right place in jewish society at same time keeping in power a people of such infamous orgin. People that long ago should be throwed out of once jewish state Israel, if not executed. How the orginal prisoners of concentration camps need to feel observing such a stance. The death ones, 6 000 000 of judes that did not even died in the fight but has been just inprisoned and executed, because of faith of thier fathers. Because of the inner knowledge of Kballah, the knowledge of creator. They are every night with me, thier jude prince on the mountain of Reich. Mountain of death ones. I do not need to ask them, it is obviously...

When i was looking at this people that maybe in good faith has put on them this Dahau stripped pigame i was thinkg about the words of our late Pope Jean Paul II. They wanted to show the 'solidarity' but was this authentic solidarity, same that once was faithing for independence of my nation. That was faithing all the time to keep us alive to see one day our return to lost pre war glory. Return of our Bulawa in the rightfull hands? The Pope, most of lutheran and orthodox one, bigest reformer of Cathlic Church has once said leaving our country from his pilgrimage: 'At that time i had hear from you in Danzing: There is no solidarity without freedom, now we should say there is no solidarity withou love'.
What kind of solidarity are you now trying to promote, also in the Estern and Western Europe? Is not this just this same poison that was spreaded by Kaczynski brothers circles to defame otherwise good movement? Same perfidion that seems to dominate your movement. Can it then be succesfull anyhow or will aim just for self-destruction? Drowing in this perfidion when people once fighing in our case, in ranks of my grandfather, or beign opressed by Nazi are compared to the 'brown shirts' that are participating in same Teutonic crusade that some are organising since centauries? It is best visible in Free City Danzing in 30ths but also during the Warsaw Uprising. If you do not belive, listen to 'Forbriden songs' of authentic upraisers. Ups, you will see again there some pianist? Is not this just my grandfather at the Chopin fortepian? Do not he sign about his romance with Melanie???

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