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Wojtyla at Weterplatte

Everybody, my young friends, finds for himself in his life thier own "Weterplatte". Some dimension of tasks, that he need to take up and feed. Some rightfull case for which we must fight. Some obligation from which he cannot doge. We cannot 'desert'.

Bishop Kozal, martyr from Auschwitz has said: "From lost on battlefield it is more scare a fall of the spirit in the people. Doubtful becomes aginst his will ally of the enemy".

Jan Pawel II,
Westerpllate 1987

Yesterday i had left our Gare du Midi with soul on my arm. Again, I had, like our postmans at Free City Danzing or postmans of Warsaw Uprising dangerous letter for Beniamni Nethanyahu. I was scared that you will realy hear last signals of my broadcast, some in so called jewish state was realy affraid of truth about themself, a truth about so called project New Jerusalem. Today media has informed that 5 people has died in flood, they all was trying to stop me from writing this words. It was so through whole day and again before enterning internet cafe they has sent police to arrest me. They did not stoped, thanks God. It is still free city...
What Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet has already did to the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli in general is realy horrific. He in specific partnership with Benedictus XVI is performing unusual activity that i am calling just 'Schleswig-Holstein' battleship. When i was writing last post, my computer has frozen three times on the image of my stryj monument. It is not surprising, as the truth can be realy deadly to some in jewish state. Espesialy that they has been warned few weeks ago to not drive on this route.

I hope that this was not an empty words, as Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet is the bigest threat to the survival of state of Israel in the history and the damages that he has did to the jewish nation are already great. Thanks God, there is still a hope that we will have a change and we will see Likud Kadima marraige given by me, but without Beniamin Nethanyahu, without Katz, Lieberman, Shamir and Shah party in particural. They are already overcompromised to lead the jewish nation. I hope such marraige will be given by me personaly, when it will be posible for me to return to the promised land, as prescribed in Thora, to gave them such marraige. It will be better for jewish state but also for mainkind and Middle East in general to fulify Old Testamento and return to thier true identity that they has lost some time ago.

What Beniamin Nethanyahu has did to jews is something that can be compared only to Heydrih Himler that was sending jews to the concentration camps. He was through whole year organising Volksturm with full premeditation and knowledge that he send his own people to the death. And as Hitler was saying in his 'Triumph des Willens' he was just sacrificing them, forcing to actualy betrayal jewish state and case for which generations of jews was fighting through two milleniums, just to produce number of death bodies to later deny my right to live and send me to real gas chamber: so 'new generation will follow', eugenic one. To put 'swastika' under the eagel that IDF officers bears on thier breast. And to make things worse: by doing this he is making a smoke screen for Benedictus XVI cousins, he has put IDF soldiers just into Wermaht uniforms, making a favor for people that indeed are Nazi in thier nature. They are shooting to them, to claim that they are partisants, Westerplatte soldiers, uprisers but it is not a true, it is just perfidion. At the end they want just to crucifix me, as they did at occassion of Reichstagbrand or they was trying to do with Leopolodo III that they also 'protected'.

The point is that under my uprisers umbrella most of people that defends me are doing this in true faith with authentic hope for better tomorrow but amog them they are people of Benedictus XVI and his cousins that indeed are just an SS Waffen officers. They are this famous V collumn and they conduct thier buisness activities with one purpose to obtain Eugenic Eagel. To sign together with IDF, new anthem: just 'Sieg Hail Victoria'. The defenders of truth need to realise this V collumn that at the end will turn against me. We are just cutting of this buisness activites that Beniamin Nethanyahu is commiting with Benedictus XVI. This bodies are only thier interest. It was done with premeditation and you cannot confuse them with true faith that other brave people are undertacing here. In my opinion for what Beniamin Nethanyahu has already did he should be put straight under the Tribunal of the State. In time of my forefather Rybenko we was joking that he have bleedings (40 through his life) while in time of Beniamin Nethanyahu and Benedictus XVI we need just say that they have 'cieczka u suk'. Indeed, they are on heat and you can just screm: 'O holender'!

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