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Tapes of Zion fools

"They have created ideology to take over life of human. Because he have such ethnic group. Because he is jew. Because he is gypsy. Because he is Pole..."

Jean Paul II
About Europe and Europeanes, 1991

Yesterday Israel was shakedup, as I and Itzak Rabin was expexting. The roof has collapsed and Israeli Defense Forces chief has been dissmised. Of course, it did not stopped nethier Beniamin Nethayahu, nor Gabi Ashkenazi from thier daily routine. routine that because of Scientology meeting in Brussels was even more intense. The IDF has been left without chief and i guess that Gabi counts of quick avans. Well, the hope is not yet lost but our tiny mutt is doing everything to lose it. Soon, the day will come when jews will be realy thankfull to Arabs for thier defense of Mossiasch. They respect thier Holy Book and teachings much more that Israeli do with Thora and thier own identity. For now i can only appeal to IDF for keeping thier loyalty to Thora and King David.

The night, as many others was full of rapes, touturs, beating and bayonet. It is routine for this bests at Tower in Warsaw, our Eisat Groupen or rather SS Prinz Eugen. This soldiers and chiefs. I do not count how many nights was like this one. That is why when i see Sara i see Ilse Koch. It is no different and our Volksdeuthes are fully allowing on such inhuman treatment wile are at same time just occupinig a place that belongs to me. They are always sure that somebody will kill me and this Nixon tapes or rather Tapes of Zion will be removed and case will dissapear from Knesset. It is so since years but the day of Judgment is comming and Beniamin Nixon will need to prepare his second speech. For Volksdeutche Parliament that we have in General Gouverment this case does not exista at all. As i do not and you are blind. It is so also because our Benedictinian leadership that you have in country that was once called United States. Realy, it is not an accident that Benedictus has once again appeared on Euronews with his call for crucifixation, so called 'liturgy'. You are blind, you do not see mark of the beast on his eugenic face...

Moreover, after 1984 when they has forced Mietek Biegun out of office once jewish state has begun to change and forggote thier identity. While i am 100% jew and well thus my social orgina i and my Kadosh Family are center of judaism, as well other religion, Revisionist like Itzak Rabin, Beniamin Nethanyahu or Ariel Sharon has declared me a Palestinian. Well, it would be true if Palestianian would say that looking at thier emblem, but it is not true from jewish mouth, especialy when they look at the Madonna of Jasna Gora.

This thinking that is not only expressed by words but also by actions. When they was trying to send my to grave together with my mother, you could hear from mouths of Ariel Sharon: "I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian childs existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him." What you can hear therefore, my Good choosen people is nothing but just anti-semitism, as i am beign of antisemitis, if you dare to listen to our forbriden psalm, you will understand this clearly. This is the essence of so called Protocols of Zion, published in Poland in 1920, just ahead Polish Bolshevik war. How flawed Revisionism is, how dangerous when it comes to main-stream. Dangerous, at priori for jews, as the God chosen people.

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