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Prince and Pauper

"In the jewish ghetto the food ration allowed was a quarter of that available for the Germans, barely enough to allow survival. The water supply was contaminated in many ghettos. Epidemics of tuberculosis, typhoid, and lice were common."

The Ramadan continues and so are plots of our Malta Order. For me it is beatifull time of authentic solidarity between people that as i are so devastaded by the injustice and authentic Mahometans. It is two or maybe three years while i am living in such conditions, throwed on the margin of society by Israeli buldoger. As you are doing now, i am eating very rare, sometimes once per day, sometimes non at all, through years, one big Ramadam.

Do not wonder then when i eat when they are giving me warm food, but to be honest i also try to keep up our common tradition, when i am able, with respect to our common fight with common enemy, as before the ages, through the ages. And i am telling them, i will do Mecca in Warshau, just like my grandfather. For you, it is good time to remeber about us, people throwed on the margin, nobody force you to keep up by this old tradition, but you can. By the irony, it is time when some that want to be converted back to thier fathers faith are bringing me food. Beware on them and thier false gestures of good will, it is again good time to separate seeds from chaff. Yes, indeed, this man have good role, as OPEC was saying to Nixon and the World in 1973.

Before the outbreak of II World War we, polnishe judes was very openly wished a death to our Professor Wilczur, they did not listened, as Revisionist had an secret agreement with Hitler: The transfer agreement and the outcome of thier teachings will be remebered forever. Indeed he did Israel to 4 000 000 of my people. While nowdays next generation of same disase is ruling, so called jewish state, i am facing same situation and hear from them same teachings that was founding stone for National Socialism and before to Bolshevism. I see that only hope for better tomorrow is to impeach of this family, as some did with Richard Nixon after his identic 'she can' coverup. While your Israeli media are constantly lie about me and my hava naguila dance i will try to paint you a picture of real situation that is no different from the jewish ghetto in Warsaw.

Jewish ghetto in Warsaw

The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest of the ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe, located in the territory of General Government in occupied Poland during World War II.

During the next year and a half, thousands of the Polish Jews as well as some Romani people from smaller cities and the countryside were brought into the Ghetto, while diseases (especially typhus),[3] and starvation kept the inhabitants at about the same number. Average food rations in 1941 for Jews in Warsaw were limited to 186 cal, compared to 1,669 cal for gentile Poles and 2,614 cal for Germans.

Unemployment was a major problem in the ghetto. Illegal workshops were created to manufacture goods to be sold illegally on the outside and raw goods were smuggled in often by children. Hundreds of four to five year old Jewish children went across en masse to the "Aryan side", sometimes several times a day, smuggling food into the ghettos, returning with goods that often weighed more than they did. Smuggling was often the only source of subsistence for Ghetto inhabitants, who would otherwise have died of starvation. Despite the grave hardships, life in the Warsaw Ghetto was rich with educational and cultural activities, conducted by its underground organizations.

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However, i do not see any happy end with such rulers in jewish state. I see Jean Paul II cross instead of my palace that together with him we was going to open just yesterday. I see yet another cross crusade, that together with him we was facing through whole of my life. And i hear this same ideology, this same words and threats from the people that i supose has hidden in concentration camp on the eve of soviet 'liberation'. They compare dancing that we have since always to concentration camp. Ally of my grandfather, General Ike would say to them that we 'have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats, in open battle, man-to-man'. Do not even compare such dancing to concentration camps, as some of you try to do, because if you dear Netanyahu will do this, you will put yourself in role of Henrich Himler that is sending Israeli to it.

If you are going to compare such fight, such open battle, man-to-man encounters, it is rather Free City Danzing, Warsaw Uprising or just jewish ghetto and think dear Israeli why you are agressor then and what insigna and uniforms you are bearing then. We? We fight with 'the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking', Ike would underline. I hope and pray to hear many of such 'Ike' during the final siting of your Watergate. Impeach...

You, Mr Netanyahu or rather Mr. Mileikowsky has completly lost a mind comming with such accusation. You are acting against the heart of our foreafathers faith, heart of judaism that one of main pillar is Rodef. This law, the din rodef ("law of the pursuer"), is allowing according to Jewish law for extrajudicial killings. You should open the Tamlud on page 73a and read loudly: "And these are the ones whom one must save even with their lives [i.e., killing the wrongdoer]: one who pursues his fellow to kill him [rodef akhar khaveiro lehargo], and after a male or a bethrothed maiden [to rape them]; but one who pursues an animal, or desecrates the Sabbath, or commits idolatry are not saved with their lives".

What you and your zombie followers are doing not only on Sabbath is just a shame to jewish nation. Do not tell me about death tol of your artocrities, you has taken it on your account. You are bearing not David Star, magen david but just an pentagram, just like during Polish-Bolshevik war what doing your family and thier supporters. What you are promoting is not a Zionism but just Teutonism. It is heresy aimed at the heart of orginal Zionism, calculated at the destruction of the fundament of judaism an other faiths, as there is only one true God and his son, or rather in context of what you did with his father, grandson. Be warned, as Soviet Union was. Warned by YHWH and Lion of Judah.

You has destroyed everything i had. You has stolen everything i had. There is nothing left i had only myself and good people. How it is in Mileikowsky and Obama ghetto can be good ilustrated by another forbriden song entitled Warszawo ma: "Today it is my sad anniversary. Today 2 years are passing since i am hidding. Two years i was not on the street, two years i am not comming to the window, so nobody will spot me. Good pepole are helping me and without this good people i would die from hunger". The difference is that now i do not have even room and while i am hidding, i am hidding my face in the hat. Still, climat that this servants of Malta has created is same, as the dangers that i am facing. When i look at my Warsaw, i do this, as Igancy Paderweski was doing in 1939: 'through the line of trenches, throug country of our enemies. To you my voice is following brining unshaken faith in our forces, faith in impassivnes of holy rights to polish land. Faith in ultimate victory. Poland will not die!"

My Warsaw

My Warsaw, my warsaw
I am still crying, when i see you
Warsaw, my Warsaw

There in ghetto, hunger
misery and cold
and worse from hunger, from cold, nostalgia
My Warsaw, my warsaw

Look, tear in my eye
As i do not know, if i will see you tomorrow
My Warsaw

Childs of Brudno
Warsaw 1944

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