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JP II dream

The Palace of God

During World War II, the Saxon Palace was destroyed (it was blown up by the Germans after the collapse of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944) except for the central part of the arcade, that somehow managed to survive, housing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Saxon Palace was sheduled to be rebuilded in 2010, however after the death of Jean Paul II the works has been delayed if not terminated...

The story of Pilsudzki square is just symbolic picture of my family struggle and so called 'jewish question' that has been born together with partitioning of I Commowealth of Both People, sometimes called Commonwealth of Diverse Cultures. Once symbol of our glory it has been devastated by Nazi Germany just as my nation and my family. The plans of his full restauration has been droped after the death of Jean Paul II and now the solution that has been offered by the West is no different to the solution that Adolf Hitler was offering. While i am crushed to the ground living in state of animal i do not lose a hope continuing my protest until the fall of this Teutonic storm and return to the reason. My only weapon is feather left by forefathers or rather just a keyboard of Chopein piano but the Europe and World is boiling by the lava of your hearts. Feeded by my posts and NATO videos from the streets of our city. This victory is realy on the horizon, we will win if we will not give up. It is only matter of time, as the understanding and resistance is growing everywhere...

On the start of our litte walk on this historical squre you will find monumentum of my stryj, he will be your guide to understand meanging of this place. The monumentum has been set there in 1995 but the pictures of our political circus organised by our Renegat Council that he see these days are no different in the spirit from the same that has taken place there in 1984, when Soviet Union conviced by our Israeli has decided to sent my father to the gas chamber. The mistake that they did and that has led them to the fall was just changing thier ideology and uniforms to the SS Waffen. Why you want then to repeat same mistake? Why you do not learn from the past.

And you, my dear Israeli leaders, you Beniamin Nethanyahu and you Izcak Shamir why you are doing a jokes from so called sharik family? Why you are treating me, as the dog and what you has achieved in your insane 'pure race' policy? This race will be always 'blooded', as we are from generations confronting Teutonic crusades, it is nature of judaism and what you say is no different from Adolf Hitler concept of Eugenic Master Race and World without God. You sign about 2000 years of struggle for the promised land in your anthem? The hope is not yet lost but instead of fighting to realise it fully, as encoded in Thora, you are doing everything to destroy it. No, you jokes are not fun to anybody. Why you do want to lose this hope and make such an damage to the jewish people? In particural jewish people, as I have four faces.

The jewish people see in it King David, chrisitans Jesus Christus and Muslim face of Mahomet, as in Asia they see Buddah. And all are right, 'Lord Sab-a-oth his name, from age to age this same' protestants would sign. Adding 'and he must win the battle'. Will you also forbrid this song, as you are trying to remove truth about YHWE from the people minds and hearts. Just as Nazi was trying to do with same 'jewish question', or rather 'arab question', as Shamir has named it? By what you want to replace it, is not this just die Herrenrasse, symbolised not by monument on Pilsudzki square but another one set by Nazi in Berlin in 1939? Is this authentic prometeism or just yet another perfid Nazi heresy that you are serving at so called Prometeism Temple and what we can hear from you as the solution to this question? We have to many eugenic cousins at the power. What are you doing? Where is the authenitc one, orginal sin: The Eternal Jew?

Arab question

The Jewish Question encompasses the issues and resolutions surrounding the historic unequal civil, legal and national status between minority Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jews, particularly in Europe. The first issues discussed and debated by societies, politicians and writers in western and central Europe began with the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution. These included issues of legal and economic Jewish disabilities, equality, Jewish emancipation and Jewish Enlightenment. Issues including assimilation within the Diaspora and Zionism continued into the twentieth century. The term became closely associated with periods of increased antisemitism in the 1880s, as well as the struggle to establish a Jewish state.

By far the most infamous use of this expression was by the Nazis in the early- and mid- twentieth century, culminating in the implementation of their "Final Solution to the Jewish question" during World War II.[2] [3]

Bruno Bauer - The Jewish Question

In his book The Jewish Question, published in 1843, Bauer argued that Jews can achieve political emancipation only if they relinquish their particular religious consciousness, since political emancipation requires a secular state, which he assumes does not leave any "space" for social identities such as religion. According to Bauer, such religious demands are incompatible with the idea of the "Rights of Man." True political emancipation, for Bauer, requires the abolition of religion.

Karl Marx - "On the Jewish Question"

Karl Marx replied to Bauer in his 1844 essay "On the Jewish Question". Marx contradicted Bauers view, that the nature of the Jewish religion prevent Judaism's assimilation. Instead he focused on the specific social and economic role of the Jewish group in Europe which, according to him, was lost when capitalism, the material basis for Judaism, assimilated the European societies as a whole. [6]

The Final Solution

In Nazi Germany, the term Jewish Question (in German: Judenfrage) referred to the sense that the existence of Jews in Germany posed a problem for the state. In 1933 two Nazi theorists, Dr. Johann von Leers and Dr. Achim Gercke, both proposed that the Jewish Question could be solved most humanely by resettling Jews in Madagascar or elsewhere in Africa or South America. Both intellectuals discussed the pros and cons of supporting the German Zionists as well, but von Leers asserted that establishing a Jewish homeland in British Palestine would create humanitarian and political problems for the region.[10] Upon achieving power in 1933, Hitler and the Nazi state began to implement increasingly radical measures aimed at segregating and ultimately removing the Jewish people from Germany and (eventually) all of Europe.[11]

The Haavara Agreement was signed, allowing 60,000 German Jews of the 522,000 residing in Germany in 1933 to emigrate to Palestine by 1939. The next stage was persecution of Jews and the stripping of Jews of their citizenship through the Nuremberg Laws.[12][13] Later, during World War II, it became state-sponsored internment in concentration camps[14] and finally, the systematic extermination of the Jewish people (The Holocaust),[15] which took place as the so-called Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

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When you will stand on this palace at 2 of April, my stryj will ask every of you: what you has did to realise his great dream of restoring this destroyed palace. How you has helped this Holy Spirit that he has called on his 1979 pilgrimage to change a face of this soil, at that time under Soviet Ocupation, now facing Germanisation and danger like never before. He will be doing this every year, not only at the occassion of tragic death of our Holy Father but also on other like 11 November when so called Polish Army is making thier parades there. How you has helped in this great millenium dream of Prussian Homage, that our nation and my family in particural deserves so much? Some of you, was acting against this dream ,driven by Benedictus XVI and Israeli false accusation, lies or just a crime that they has commited against him and many others that like he was loyal to Sanation to the end. This palace must be restored and returned into rightfull hands, in shape that we had left before the Second World War. It was his bigest dream and your obiligation. What you did to realise it?


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