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LAWA: Truth about God

On Monday Scientology are gathering here, like they was doing decades ago, to liberate us from the truth and the God. This Proffessor Wilczur tribe with thier core 'homo novis' pawns are realy powerfull nowdays. With representants not only at Wilhelmstrasse but also at Vatican, Buckhingham or White House once again they plan to sign ther thier old anthems again. We hope it will never happen. This truth about God is really terriffing, as it is exposing a core of heresy, error that is nowdays mainstream in once jewish state.

In Israel only few are laughting. They are going back to Thora to once again study it and rediscover true meaning of Messiash: Kadosh Yeshua (Holy Jesus) and how fundamentaly Revisionist Zionism is flawed. Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri is again on mouths of everybody, as he has revealed them my true name. The memory of many is going even futher to the meeting that they has hold at begining of 90's, in time when they has loudly confirmed that Messiah is not a myth but just a real person and it was printed already in the press, at that time.


Listen to me, God, and you, Nature!
Here is music that is worthy of you, songs that are worthy of you.
I am master!
Master, I stretch out my hands!
I stretch them to the sky, I place my fingers on the stars.
They are my musical glasses, my armonica.
Now swiftly, now slowly
My spirit turns the stars.
Millions on millions of tones resound,
It is I who called them forth, I know them all;
I combine them, I separate them, I reunite them,
I weave them into rainbows, into chords, into strophes,
I scatter them in sounds and in ribbons of fire.


Not from Eden's tree have I drawn this power-
From the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil-
Not from books or tales that are told,
Not from the solution of problems,
Or the practice of magic.
Creator I was born:
I have drawn my powers from the source
From which you drew yours:
You did not search for your powers - you have them;
You do not fear to lose them and neither do I!

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