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La Yiddishe Mama

"The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end. The breakthrough of the German revolution has again cleared the way on the German path...The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death - this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. This is a strong, great and symbolic deed - a deed which should document the following for the world to know - Here the intellectual foundation of the November Republic is sinking to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise."

Joseph Goebbels
Speech to the students in Berlin

I was going to finish you translation of our KOP anthem and write you more about Brothers of Christ but i think that Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet has magnified once again what revisionism is. When i was on Gare du Midi searching from old song from the January Uprising, the song i had mentioned at different ocassion i had discovered another releated video clip. It is called 'Meine Idishe Momme'. What has realy wondered me that after some time returning to listen it once again, i could not find it.

I did found orginal performing by Hanna SKARŻANKA or shrtcutted version in German from 1931, french or in Russian but i could not find this one that has been ilustrated by the beatifull jewish photograpies and the David Star. The same stare that i bear on my face, famous beauty mark. Later, on the evening i found it again, so you can watch it below. I do not think it was accident but i must admit i am not 100% sure. Somebody in Jewish State should check and stop such barbarian acts of vandalism and tactics. Whenever they see "this mole, the reminescence of the pearl, illuminating my face, as the star", as Muhammad Ibn Rasul al-Husseini al-Barzanij was decribing it, they are 'scared and are announcing a state of The Plague', as Camus was writing. It is solution that they was serving to same jewish question at end of thirtiess and fourties. Also without too much success in realising revision of history. Thanks God and resistance, some books, few people and memories survived even such catastrophe...

Whatever it was my halucination or it was for real, as such 'removal' are not first time (for instance i still cannot find prewar video with our embassador meeting with King ibin Saud) such thinking and strategy is same syndrome, cause and ideology that Revisionist was trying to enforce on us by the Adolf Hitler hands in times of my grandfather. To rewrite history, to replace truth about God by the fake, maybe even at that time, by the son of Ben Zion that could be then announced, as the true Messiash, while he would be nothing but Dajjal, a clone of me or my forefathers. While it is true that there are in fact many of them, it is true also that bigest one sits down in Great Britain.

I wonder if Revisionist will try now, as Nazi Germany to burn Holy Books, librairies and synagoges, as Nazi did during Kristallnacht. I had saw many of Professor Wilczur pupils that was turning thier eyes away when spoting my face, turning it in very obstinate gesture. With the hope that they will be able to remove the truth. In the way and with consequences, that maybe this time will not be so psychical and on such sacle, as once thier desire has leaded mainkind but what they are trying to enforce on jewish nation in spiritual terms is merly the same. As it is desire to rewrite history and replace truth by fake.

Through past decades, they has already produced a number of worthless clones, lawless bastards, one of them. When i look at the picture beside, i think that maybe he is one made from my Yiddishe Tate in 1984, somebody that has already named himself Messiash and signs to polish youth thier Wolfishe tunes. Maybe just waiting for my crucifixation to replace me immidietly and takeover my broadcast. So you could even not notice such replacement. He bears same mark i do, in same place that suggest close relationship but he is not true one and i do not see possibility of brothership, something i had already observed also at the case of King of England and his childs.

Where is authentic, does not even ask, better listen to King of Yiddishe Songs and think. Is Professor Wilczur sick? Yes, he is, as sick and ungodly, as are his teachings about another gospel, Martin Luther would add. We was warning you before. Before of Shoah and II World War, already. Is not biggest jew hater sitting right now at the seat of Prime Minister of Israel? Why he hates you so much, dear God choosen people, that want to crucifix jewish nation and falter jewish law? It is nor Judaism, nor Zionism, as it is not Magen David that your leaders and thier followers bears. Do not belive, then listen to thier 'great reconstruction' but beware Leo english version, this wroten in London that maybe you know and that starts from words 'My Yiddishe Mama, I need her more than ever now', is completly different. This orginal one, also know before II Revision, as the 'Polish tango in the Soviet Union' is pure, true and sad, very sad...

Mein Idishe Momme

Polish Tango in Soviet Unition
Words: Zenon Friedwald

In Ghetto lane it is great flurry today
Because Rose Kranz, this one that is selling hot broad bean
Received coverage from her son in America
So it has been spreaded through city by accident
What Icełe was writing...
Everybody is happy, joyfull, merry
Halvah they bring, Rose they kiss
And she sits like queen
Silent tears are heading on letter words
And shaky lips in silent joy
are reading words full of love

Meine Idishe Mama, here it is so bad without you
Meine Idishe Mama, i want return to you soon
It will pass year, maybe two before you will see me
Please pray for blessing and success
Ending letter i am kissing you strongly
Mame, Mame Mein

Long time has passed, not a year, not a two
And again joyfull day has come for Rose Kranz
She is his mother, such son she have
Such are grundig Sara and Berta Glanz
Again everybody has gathered and was long debating
Everybody had some good advice
Only she sits calm, looks in dignity
on letter that she just received

Mein Idische Mame, i am returning to you in six days
Mein Idische Mame, during nights i dream our house
I have money, will bought a shop, this one on cornent
So i will come, stay healthy, rest i will tell you myself
My ship is named Lincoln
Mame, Mame Mein

And this joyfull day has come, when her son was going to return
With dawn she come before doorstep, from happines silently sob
Street buzz has waked up and news-boy voice
Burst into every chinks, announcing fate of the world

Great ship's catastrophe!!! Lincoln drowed!!!
Terrible thing
Great ship's catastrophe!!! ...Gossipe will buy
Get out
She run immidietly to Berta Glanz and ask if it can be
that her son... Icełe... God.

Mein Idishe Mame, no, it is not true, she know
Mein Idishe Mame, her son not parted with her
He will come today, maybe already waits for her there,
Needs run, fast run, so he will be not alone
Her Icełe, that was writing Mame...
Mame Mein

You can always meet her on Gare
When she welcomes all incoming train
Runing after it, unwary
When you will sometimes spot her questioning sight
Do not say that Icełe has died
Not much of life has left for her
As you do not know, where she lives, what she eats
You can meet her on Gare, lamenting
that her son is late, or his letter words
is ready to repeat through whole day.

Mein Idische Mame, i am returning to you in six days
Mein Idische Mame, during nights i dream our house
I have money, will bought a shop, this one on cornent
So i will come, stay healthy, rest i will tell you myself
My ship is named Lincoln
Mame, Mame Mein

PS. If you do not have yet enough of Yiddish, take few minuts and listen to this record of Marek Weber Orchester recorded in 1933 in Berlin, Berlin that was just going to change. The record is entitled Jüdischer Tango: Ich hab' kein Heimatland', what means 'I have no Motherland - Jewish tango'. What i should add about 'opponents' of Chassids from Lelow, as Revisionist was naming themself before the Great Revision???

I do not have photos of Henya, but by accident i had found photoset of another Henya, made by familly of political correct 'escapers' that has fleed together with German jews before the Revision has been started. Her life does not different much from that time, while it should, as Poland and our Eagel has regained independence and crown in 1989. No, we was not poor people before Great Revision and, as usual, we has played central role in events that has lead to regain of 'independence'. Instead, we has been named cyanide Austrain waste' by the people that has gained thier power bearing at thier breast, a fameus icon of Solidarity: Black Madonna of Jasnagora. Moreover, we then would be maybe removed, if not our Uncle...

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