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Yisrael Vader Day

Before i will describe you living conditions that i enjoy in our Brux cella i want for yet another time express my dissapointment from the so called leader of the jewish state. The reason is quite visible on first eyesight. He is not different from his father, well apple does not fall far from the tree, as we say. On beginin i had though , that Nenzion Netanyahu 90 years ago in face of the Bolshevik invasion has just disbelived in the power of YAHWE and insted of joining our Sanation forces, betrtayed us and has decided to flee to the Holy Land. The fate wanted us to win so called Vistula miracle and defend Europe from the Bolshevik invasion. Many hopes that it will be same with our 'Germanisation commission' that will finaly change just into Watergate.

Miracle on the Vistula

The Battle of Warsaw took place in August 1920 when Bolshevik forces of the Red Army crossed the Vistula River, intent on overrunning Warsaw before continuing west to join their allies in Germany. As the battle began, the Bolsheviks anticipated a quick and decisive victory; one that would result in the total annihilation of Poland. Instead, statesman and national hero General Josef Pilsudski rallied his badly outnumbered forces, counter attacked, and drove the Bolsheviks back across the Vistula and into Russia. Subsequent victories ensured Poland’s independence and secured its eastern borders. The Warsaw victory was dramatic and totally unexpected; truly a “Miracle on the Vistula.”

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However, now looking deeper into our history and Bolshevik ideology i rather strongly belive that the reason of his father escape was not the invasion but our victory. I am convicted that he was one of the people that was involved in Wyszkow betrayal and what has forced him to flee to Holy Land was just our victory and fall of Bolshevik sponsored group. Moreover, history has soon showed that this same Baath ideology has been adapted quickly by the Adolf Hitler and soon we has heard and saw same Teutonic pattern. With what his son has showed so far it seems that this group of betrayals was indeed teachers for both Bolsheviks and Nazi, as they in thier propaganda are using same patterns that we can observe from this new judaism or even new Zionism. The same teaching of Proffessor Wilczur that he was giving to Lenin, Stalin or Hitler. The same teaching that has formed National Socialism and same operation that my grandfather was facing. It is truth about so called Revisionist Zionism that not only destroyed my fatherland but in effect has taken lifes of 4 000 000 of my people. And it started in 1920, together with Netanyahu family hope for Bolshevik goverment...

Professor Wilczur

Benzion Netanyahu (Hebrew: בנציון נתניהו; born March 25, 1910)[2][3] is an Israeli historian and Zionist activist. He was secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, "the father of Revisionist Zionism", and was a Revisionist leader of the Zionist Movement in the United States.

Benzion Netanyahu was born in Warsaw, Poland, (then part of the Russian Empire) to the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. In 1920 the family emigrated to Palestine. After living in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Safed, the family settled in Jerusalem. Benzion studied in the Midrash for teachers run by David Yellin, and later went on to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specialized in History and was especially inspired by professor Joseph Klausner. His younger brother, mathematician Elisha Netanyahu, also studied at the Hebrew University, and later became the Dean of Sciences at the Technion.

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It can be realy hard to be accepted by older population of the once jewish state, that has been sent to death camps in a drive to hide and remove the truth about YHWH and the Kabbalah. It is just like thier opressor again in the power, presenting exacly this same ideology and propaganda. I do not wonder now why my close ally Menachem Begin was so sharply criticising Nethanyahu father ideology. Famous polish novelist Zofia Naukowska has once wroten about the Shoah in her 'Medalions' book: 'People has cooked such fate for the people' i must then go even futher: 'Jews has cooked it for the jews'.

And we see it again, so clearly as this baath, with sharp divine between 'civilised German jews', as Adolf Hitler was calling them and barbarious 'polnishe judes' with our rabbins no different from kapo's. They should remeber who was defending this 4 000 000 polnishe judes that stayed loyal to YHWH and what kind of promised Israel, Adolf Hitler has made for them and such leaders. Leaders that are nothing but betrayals of thier own nation, of thier own culture, of thier own faith and identity. It is just like with this two princes and the crowns, while they serve a crown, it is not the jewish one, but just the british.


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