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Mighty KOP

After past events, 'Our Teuton recline defeated and we cannot alow him to stand'. If we will resist to the end, he will lose everything and we all, whatever in Europe or Middle East will see better, promised days. Belgium this days is just like a barricade, our litte Poland from old days (en), from the Warsaw Uprising or maybe even from time in which my grandfather needed to face similar Teutonic crusades. Well, he was in much better position having our Stryj, as the Marshal of II Commonwealth and our Palace standing proudly, offering harbour for people of any ointment and confession, still i do not lose a faith to see our total victory, as Ike would say.

In my grandfather old, almost forgoten time, one of our primary defense against Bolsheviks was K.O.P the Guards of Polish Borders and our independence. After soviet invasion this unit has been disolved but we still hear this same anthem in the air of modern Brussels. Kind of good pattern for every independent state. K.O.P was very special force that was defending us through 15 years, without even single set-back. Maybe also thanks to thier beatifull anthem that has been silenced in Katyn but first they needed to come on tanks. Thanks God the music and words had survived on single copy of record made by Syrena in 1936 (that is why some of words are missing and marked by 'x', as we are not able to decript them)...

At Polish Gates: K.O.P hymn

At gates of Poland,
I have to keep the guard
Keep vigil on my fathers soil.

Today patrol here,
trap there,
Heat or cold, or gale hooks cheek.

In day or darkness,
Straining my eyes,
Looking on borderline incursion.

My hand catches,
God's arm on enemy,
when he looms somwhere hidden.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

And if spy,
would wait even century,
will not cross border from any side.

I know every trace,
where reptile crawl,
For sure he toil for nothing.

Even by last forces,
i will fight,
Even if brigand will put bayonet in my breast.

And muffling pain,
by traces of my missiles,
x into head and bloodstained eyes.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

And always enemy,
will tumble down from feets,
When he will want to
intrude into my spirit powers.

It is not possible to crush,
My honor, reverence,
And none of forces will crash it.


Nobody will snach, nobody will take.

Enemy will not intrude,
through polish doorstep,
As it is guarded by chain of soldiers breasts.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

KOP: Border Protection Corps

Border Protection Corps (Polish: Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza, KOP) was a Polish military unit created in 1924 for defence of the eastern border against armed Soviet raids and local bandits.

On August 30 1939 the KOP was formally mobilised. General Wilhelm Orlik-Rückemann became its commander. According to the Polish plans for the forthcoming war, the KOP was to become the backbone of reserve divisions formed behind the Polish lines.

In the fight against Germans, KOP units took part among other battles in the battle of Węgierska Górka. After Soviet invasion on 17 September, Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza which had 25 battalions[1] were unable to defend the eastern border and were further ordered by Edward Rydz-Śmigły to fall back and not to engage the Soviets. This however did not prevent some clashes and small battles, including Battle of Szack (29–30 August) and Battle of Wytyczno (1 October). Most of soldiers and officers of KOP among Sanation intellectuals, artists, journalists and other opponents of Bolshevism and Revisionism has been sent to Katyn and bestialy exterminated in insane drive to rewrite history and silence the truth...

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